Is Builderall Worth It? The Truth.

You’ve maybe been wanting to switch your current website builder, maybe you’ve been willing to try out a different autoresponder or are simply adventuring out into the vastness of the internet in search for other solutions to (hopefully) those problems and many more, and might be wondering: Is Builderall worth it?

Is Builderall worth trying out? Is Builderall really worth the time. Is Builderall worth it, at all? ?

This is a difficult question to answer…simply because it really depends on you. It depends on what you need the platform for, and what you’re going to be using it for. However, Builderall has made it a bit more simple (i think), now that they’ve recently made some changes to the pricing plans.

In this article, i’ll try to make things a bit clearer, so that you can conclude if the platform is really worth getting into or not.

Is Builderall Worth It
Builderall Dashboard

First and foremost. In case you were unaware that it existed, Builderall has a free trial since it’s release to the market in late 2017. However, since the beginning of 2020, it has now extended it’s free trial, to 14 days.

Now i’ve been a Builderall user since mid 2018, and for as long as i’ve know the platform the free trial has only been for 7 days. This, of course is great news for you as a user potential new user, because you’ll now have access to a whole additional week to try the platform out (no credit card required) that just didn’t use to be there.

This is THE place to start to even start considering if the platform is worth it at all. What better way than to actually test the platform out? Ey ?

Going a bit more in detail. Builderall also has brand new Pricing Plans for 2020, which now makes it a bit more simple (or complicated…depending on where you look at it from), because some of their features and tools, unlock with the type of plan you’re getting.

And so, if you were interested in “x” tool, you might have to get “y” package, whereas in the past it would have already been included in a cheaper package…which is kind of odd. Regardless, we’ll go over the packages one by one, but you can check out the pricing plans through this link too.

The Free Plan

The free plan allows you to create your websites, using their own custom made and exclusive page builder and funnel builder, (the Cheetah editor) on a Builderall subdomain. You’ll have access to the builder, but won’t be able to add your own domains.

This means that you’ll not be able to brand your URL’s, and your site destinations will have the following structure “”, which doesn’t look the best. ?

Apart from this, the free plan doesn’t allow for SSL security on those pages, which can be an issue in some countries. I’m living in Helsinki, Finland at the moment…and half the pages that don’t have an SSL certificate, i can’t access, even if they are “secure sites”. It’s a real pain.

Also, the free account, also does NOT give you chat support, only ticketing support, and you can’t gain access to the email autoresponder.

On the flip side the free plan also comes with:

Unlimited subdomains (pages), membership area and also visitors! 
✅ The Builderall blogging app (for blog building). 
✅ Super checkout feature, affiliate checkout, upsells crossells and downsells (for the funnels).
✅ Funnel and website sharing feature (awesome to have).
A/B testers, timers and smart popups.

The free plan is a great option if you want to test out the platform and if you want to get familiar with their main website builder. If you don’t want to pay anything or want to have a disposable website builder, the free plan can also help you with that.

Plus, it makes for okay bridge pages (although the free domain might look a bit strange for visitors or sites like ad platforms) and for test funnels, and you can always upgrade to other plans afterwards.

The free plan is not a great long term choice, because it’s way too limited, will not be replacing any of the tools you might already have, anytime soon.

Is Builderall Worth It 3

The Builder Plan $19.90/month

The Builder plan, is the following plan in line, it costs $19.90 per month, and it will include every one of the features of the free plan (from now on, the features will stack onto each other, where the following plan will include features from this one, and so on, as per The Plans Page) plus the following:

✅ Up to 100 leads MailingBoss autoresponder.
✅ Up to 3 Custom Domains. (integration)
SSL certificate.
Email marketing automation, flows and timers.
✅ Fast CDN servers and Website Backup.
✅ DDOS Attack prevention.

This plan is definitely more complete than the free plan, and it’s super cheap for what you get. You’ll now be able to sync your domains to the platform, add SSL and have email marketing included.

Unfortunately, 100 leads is not very much, but this is still the cheapest version of the platform that is still highly functional, and the one i would recommend, at least in the beginning. If you’re going to be using the autoresponder more often, then you’ll want to consider upgrading, later on. 

The builder plan also comes with chat and ticket support and so do every plan, going forward.

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The Marketer Plan $29.90/month

The marketer plan, has the same features as the plans before, with the addition of the following:

✅ Additional 4900 leads MailingBoss autoresponder (up to 5000 leads).
✅ Additional 2 Custom Domains. (integration. Up to 5 domains)
✅ Builderall Telegram Automation Tool
SMS Messaging

This plan is great if you want to take email marketing a bit more seriously, since you’ll probably not be able to get much out of 100 subscribers that were available to you in the Builder plan.

Even though i think that the SMS messaging and telegram automation tools are great, the really big addition to this plan versus the other one, is clearly the amount of subscribers you can have in your MailingBoss account, compared to the $19.90/month plan.

I mean…it’s super clear.

Most autoresponders out there will cost a lot more than $29.90/month, for the storage of 5k subscribers, and so it’s clearly worth it if you have a big email list, otherwise, at this point i’d go for the Builder plan. 

So if you want to test out Builderall and have the basic funnel builder and very basic email marketing, the Builder plan is probably the best. But if you’re going to be doing email marketing, i’d suggest this Marketer plan.

Is Builderall Worth It 4

The Essential Plan $49.90/month

The Essential plan, will have the added features of the plans before it, and in addition to this, it will also have the following:

✅ Additional 10000 leads MailingBoss autoresponder (up to 15000 leads).
✅ Additional 5 Custom Domains. (integration. Up to 10 domains)
✅ Professional Website Bot
✅ Messenger ChatBot
✅ 3 Click WordPress Integration

Ironically enough, i don’t think the essential plan is…very essential to be honest. The only reason i’d choose this plan, is obviously if my lead count exceeded 5k subscribers (which a lot of people don’t, specially starter entrepreneurs). Past that point, and onto the 7, 8 and 10K subscribers, having to pay less than $50 per month for that kind of storage, is super cheap.

Unfortunately i don’t think the chatbots add too much to this plan, since you can get a pretty good chatbot alternative in Manychat and the 3 click wordpress integration, i think could have really boosted the Marketer plan, but hey, it’s still a fine option. 

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The Premium Plan $69.90/month

Lastly, the Premium plan includes all features of all the plans before it, and also:

Unlimited leads MailingBoss autoresponder.
✅ Additional 5 Custom Domains. (integration. Up to 15 domains)
Webinar Builder
VA Access
✅ Drag n Drop E-learning
Live streamer Youtube and Facebook
Directory and Magazine Builder

This final plan has unlimited leads as the most “out-standing” feature…but other than that, i don’t personally see it to be much more valuable than the last.

At this point, it really depends on your own needs. If you’re spending too much on autoresponders, and webinar builders…then the Premium plan is great, because it can make up for the costs of the webinar builder while also being getting everything else “for free”, since most webinar builders cost hundreds of dollars per month anyways.

This plan is however, not for everyone, and mostly recommended only for more advanced marketers.

Is Builderall Worth It 5

So Is Builderall Worth It?

So, to recap…is Builderall worth it? 


-The Free plan is only good to test out the flagship tool, the Cheetah builder. Other than that, it’s pretty much useless, if you’re more serious. It’s great for testing things out and creating bridge pages and the likes.

-The Builder plan is the cheapest plan that is also the most “functional”, in that you actually own your domains, can add SSL and have email marketing available through MailingBoss. It’s great for starters, that don’t rely heavily on email marketing.

-The Marketer plan is probably the most popular one, since most marketers will quickly reach 100 email subscribers. The additional tools here aren’t the most amazing, but it’s still worth the price for the email subscriber capacity alone.

-The Essential plan is great if you’ve got a bigger email list, and it includes some interesting addtional tools, but it’s main value still lies with the autoresponder storage. Getting access to the messenger automation is nice however.

-The Premium plan will porbably the least popular one (as opposed to as it was in the past), simply because the differnce between this one and the Essential plan, isn’t that big. It’s geared more towards bigger businesses, more experienced marketers and enterprises. It’s still incredibly cheap if you have over 15k email subscribers though!

Builderall Review 9


That would be it everyone! ?

Is Builderall worth it? I think it depends on what you want to do. Personally, i think the Marketer plan will be the one 99% of the people will be using. It does kind of suck that you’ll be missing out on some of the tools on that plan, but that’s the way it is for now!

As you can see, there are different plans and all of them are made for different people. Try to see which one is best for you.

You can also create a 14 day Builderall Free trial, by clicking on the button below, or any one of the ones on this page. These should take you over to a premium version of Builderall, which will give you access to all the tools, to test out for 2 weeks. 

Have a great one! 

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