Is ClickFunnels Free? The Sad Truth

Is ClickFunnels Free? That’s a question that comes up from time to time. Easy answer: Unfortunately it isn’t free.

However, there is at this moment in time a FREE 14 day trial available for anyone that wants to give the software ClickFunnels a go. You can access a free trial by heading over to their website though the link below, and signing up.

With the 14 day ClickFunnels free trial, you’ll be able to access the backoffice of the platform, you’ll be able to set up your funnels, giveaway funnels, import funnels…and a lot more stuff.

You’ll be able to create up to 20 funnels, create up to 100 pages, add your own domain, get access to the facebook community, funnel hacker forum, the newly added funnel flix…and a lot more, to get you up and going as fast as possible.

You can also talk to support at any point in time, in case you have any issues at all (don’t be afraid to reach out to them, they’re absurdly amazing and helpful). ?

Is ClickFunnels Free?

How Much Is ClickFunnels After The Free Trial?

If you decide to keep using the tool, after your free ClickFunnels14 day trial is over, you’ll automatically be set up on their basic monthly subscription of $97/month.

There is also another more advanced option, which is their premium subscription plan, ClickFunnels Platinum, that costs $297/month

This is a very recent addition to the ClickFunnelsuniverse, but that is basically a rebranding of the former ClickFunnels”actionetics” and “backpack” versions. ClickFunnelsPlatinum, allows for unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, and followup funnels, up to 9 domains, and a more upgraded version of Funnelflix too! If you wish to know more about ClickFunnels Platinum, you can check out our Review Here.

Is ClickFunnels Free?

Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

Peronally, i think it’s 100% worth it if you can afford it. The thing with ClickFunnels, is that it’s the best in the market, period. 

Sure, there are Alternatives to Clickfunnels but you’ll very likely end up spending more money (and most importantly time) to set these up, than to just use ClickFunnelsfrom the get go.

You can either deal with complicated plugins and other software that come close to what ClickFunnels provides, yet doesn’t have the same community quality and support behind it and set it up all on your own…or just use ClickFunnels from the start.

I’m personally not using ClickFunnels, at the moment myself. But why then would i be recommending it, or anything i’m not using at all for that matter? Well, because i suffered what i’m talking about, first hand:

I decided to “learn how to get around using ClickFunnels”, and i did…however it cost me months and months of time. Not everyone has months and months of time to give, to learn something from the ground up, like i did.

And even after learning how to “live without it”,  ClickFunnels is EVEN THEN still better. It’s just the mort robust most simple and most efficient. ✅

And so what i recommend is that if you get the best funnel builder out there from the start, so you can focus on other, more important things, and not waste time that you could be using more efficiently in growing your business.

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