Is ClickFunnels Worth It? The Honest Truth…

ClickFunnels is a super powerful and super popular funnel building software, that is the “go to” software, when it comes to making sales funnels online. It’s generally regarded to be “a little pricey”…but is ClickFunnels worth it?

In this short post i’ll be going going over why i think ClickFunnels is worth it, and show you a simple example of why if you’re not using ClickFunnels in your online business, you’re potentially losing out on some of the fun.

Is ClickFunnels Free?

So First, Off: Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

I’d say ClickFunnels is 100% worth it.

In fact, i’d go as far as to say that without having a software like ClickFunnels (or any other funnel building software out there), you’ll slowly start getting be left behind.

This is why i think that will be true (well…it’s also the guys at ClickFunnels think. It’s not just me speaking here):

Customers now a days, have very short attention spans, and it’s become harder and harder to get ahold of them because of all the social media and the access to all the different platforms and information there is out there. There are a lot of distractions, plus, a ton of competition.

Long gone are the days where your potential customers landed on your website, and your phone rang immediately. Customers now have multiple options and don’t have very much patience either! If they can’t easily find what they’re looking for on your website, if it doesn’t load fast, if it looks ugly etc etc…they’ll just leave.

Take dentists, for example. 

Every lead that they get, can become a potential client who can be worth thousands of dollars. But what if they have a website that looks like this:

Is ClickFunnels Worth It

Yes, the potential customer probably came to request an appointment, and the “Request an appointment” button is right there at the botttom. 


Even if they came there only for that, there are so many OTHER things to look at. They’ve got a blog, the about us section, the section for patients…opportunities? What opportunities? Lemme check! Oh wait, gotta go now, i’ll get to scheduling an appointment later.

See what i mean?

It’s like when you go into a room…and you’ve forgotten what it is you wanted to go in that room for! 

C’mon, i know that that happened to you before. ?

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We’re losing potential customers, just by having a website that doesn’t have a clear “call to action” on it. Websites aren’t built for making customers take any specific action. That’s the problem. They’re the store front, but they don’t do a good job of selling (specially with all the distractions).

What is the solution to this? 

The solution to this problem, is creating a page, that has only 2 options for the visitor: They take a specific action you wish for them to take, or they leave your site. Plain and simple.

So instead, what they could do is create a separate landing page, where they simply collected the email address (or phone number) of the potential client. This way they can contact the potential customer over time…maybe even call them on the phone in the following minutes so that an actual person can help close them on the schedule!

What Is ClickFunnels 4
Customers wandering around your site, vs going through a ClickFunnels funnel

This is just a very simple case in which i think a funnel, would absolutely be worth it.  Mind you, this is the number 5 organic result in Google, for Dentist in california, so i imagine it gets a little bit of traffic, but it might potentially be losing out on some customers! 

This is what ClickFunnels will allow you to do, and why it’s so crucial: It allows you to very easily and very simply create these high quality high converting, conversions oriented and scientifically tested landing pages, to “funnel” potential customers into your sales process. 

This will allow you to increase your conversions, because it’s a lot easier to make a choice between 2 options, than 20. Right? ?

This makes, signing up clients, creating appointments, selling your products or services, scheduling calls and so on…a heck of a lot easier, and you can create these style pages, for multiple products (to where you will later on be able to send paid traffic if you wish) or multiple sections of your site.

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How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

Currently, ClickFunnels costs $97/month for the starter subscription, and $297/month for the premium subscription plan. The main difference between both, is that the premium version allows for unlmited sales funnels and unlimited visitors to your pages. For more info, check out this post here.

Isn’t it a bit pricey? Well it depends.

If you can generate more leads to your business with the use of ClickFunnels, whereas without it, you’d see worse result, and those leads can easily help you pay for your ClickFunnels subscription, then it’s obviously worth it.

And so, the price make sense, to those who can easily and quickly make up for the cost (which most businesses will be able to). 

I mean, if you already have traffic coming over into your pages, you can easily switch to a funnel using a ClickFunnels 14 Day Free Trial, and see if there is any difference.

Are there ClickFunnels alternatives out there? 

Yes there are.

However, ClickFunnels is the category kings when it comes to building online sales funnels. They’ve been around since 2014, and they’ve been top dogs ever since (this is what they’re known for).

Ever since, there have been multiple similar products that have been launched in the market, that try to “kind of do the same job” as Clickfunnels…but they fall short, almost every single time.

You do not want to have to deal with “second best” and subpar service, when it comes to your online business, so i highly recommend ClickFunnels as a choice (unless you’re feeling courageous).

Rounding It Off…

ClickFunnels is an amazing sales funnel building software, that will easily help you increase your conversions, your average order value if you’re using upsells, and will help you capture the traffic that is landing on your pages, so that you can focus on the backend, and not lose as many customers as you were before.

Things online are always changing, and it’s crucial to be up to date with where things are going. And currently, funnels are the way to go, if you’re selling anything online, pretty much at all.


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