Is Groove.Cm Really Free? Here Is The Answer

Is Groove.Cm really free? And by that I mean…free free? As in 100% free?

With all the misinformation and all of the BS running rampant around the web and in the marketing industry…it’s no surprise people don’t know what to think. Especially when it comes to something as new as Groove.Cm.

In this short article, I’ll be showing you the difference between what is actually free inside of the Groove.Cm platform, what is paid, and how to get either one of them, as well as which option is the best for you, depending on your situation.

Let’s dive in.

Is Groove.Cm really free

So Is Groove.Cm Really Free?

The simple answer…

Is no.

Groove.Cm is not free.

The software company, created by GrooveDigital, came out at the beginning of 2020 (at the start only as GroovePages) and has since been growing at an absurdly rapid pace.

Groove.Cm will be a direct competitor to some of the already established companies like ClickFunnels, and Kartra (of which the CEO of Groove.Cm, Mike Filsaime, used to be a creator of).

Because of their success and rapid growth (and may I say…better, more modern AND cheaper software) they’ve been hurrying up their development, hiring coders, hiring staff, renting out offices and so on.

For this reason, there is pretty much no way the software could be 100% free.

With that said however, Groove.Cm DOES offer a free “base account”, that you can sign up to use, for free without having to even enter your credit card or make any payment of any type.

Is Groove.Cm Really Free 2
Although not 100% free, you can still get a lot of free tools, hosting and free SSL with the Free Groove.Cm account. You can register a free account here.

Why Groove.Cm Is Better 99% Of The Time

Most of these software as a service (SAAS) platforms, funnel builders, email marketing platforms, webinar builders and even page builders and the likes…often offers some sort of free “trial”

Like a 14 day free trial, or a 30 day trial. 

You essentially get to try the software out, but you’re pretty limited to what you can do. And what’s worse…the trial of course, ends.

Sometimes, you might get a “free account”, in the case of some of the website builders. You’ll get to build out your site…but you’ll not be able to add your own domain, which makes it pretty useless, because you have to end up using a subdomain of theirs instead.

In other cases, you might have created your “free account”…at which point you’ll immediately be asked to add your credit card and sign up to a plan on the spot.

Because technically these softwares, do offer their tool for free…they just want to make sure you keep using the software after the trial expires (which a lot of people forget to cancel). Which is understandable, but also pretty sneaky, 

Groove.Cm, is not like that.

Not only will they give you their tools for free (more on that in a bit), but they’ll also not ask you for your credit card ever, unless you decide buy the product.

Is GrooveFunnels Really Free 2
A page created with GroovePages. The pages look amazing!

So What Can You Actually Get For Free With Groove.Cm?

So even though Groove.Cm isn’t actually 100% free, as we were mentioning before…

They do allow you to create a free Groove.Cm base account, without having to add any payment method. Also like we had mentioned before.

This “Groove.Cm free base account”, actually gives you access to a “lite version” or “limited version” of many of the main tools of the software. Which means you’ll actually be able to use the tools in the platform, allbeit at a more limited capacity.

The tools you’ll get access to, when you create your free account, are:

  • GroovePages Lite: This is the page builder tool that allows you to create websites, pages and funnels. They look great, load fast and are compliant. The lite version allows you to create up to 10 pages per site domain.

  • GrooveSell Lite: GrooveSell allows you to create your own digital product funnels and sell your own digital products online, using their checkout system. In the lite version, you get limited payment options.

  • GrooveAffiliate: This tool allows you to manage your own affiliates for your own products, allows you to see all of the stats, commissions, clicks, affiliates and so on. This tool was given out for free since 2020 and has stayed 100% unlocked for everyone as far as I know.

  • GrooveMember Lite: This tool allows you to create your own membership sites and courses to give away, sell in the marketplace and so on. The lite version allows for only 1 course and has limited functionality.

  • GrooveMail Lite: GrooveMail is the email marketing tool that allows you to manage, store and send out emails to all of your contacts. The GrooveMail lite version, only allows for up to 500 contacts, whereas the paid version of GrooveMail, allows up to 10,000 contacts.

  • GrooveVideo Lite: This tool allows you to host videos of your own, change the skins and add specific CTA buttons (amongst other things). The lite version, allows up to 15 free videos and you get limited upload capacity too. 

  • GrooveBlog Lite: GrooveBlog is the Groove.Cm blogging platform tool. It basically allows you to create your own WordPress style blog, and integrates with other tools of the platform. The GrooveBlog lite version, only allows up to 1 blog on each of the domains.

  • GrooveKart Lite: GrooveKart is the online store builder ala Shopify. It allows you to build and manage your own online store, sales, customers, product SKUs and anything else you can think of. The GrooveKart lite version, allows up to 1 store, and 2% store processing fees

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These are, currently and as of right now, the tools that are 100% free, and that Groove.Cm gives away to any person who might be interested in using the platform either for the short term or the long term…without asking for any type of payment information.

This free account, is absolutely crazy valuable.

With it, you can:

  • Build your own blog, do SEO and generate leads.
  • Sell a physical product and generate a customer list and build a brand.
  • Build sales funnels and websites for yourself or for clients.
  • Create and sell your own video course which you can deliver through email.
  • Host your own videos on your websites without paying for it.
  • Sell somone elses product through GrooveAffiliate and their marketplace.

The list goes on and on,

and this is not even the best part…

Free Hosting

For some crazy reason…Groove.Cm decided to allow free hosting, for up to 3 custom domains.

This is crazy…and as far as I know, there is no other competitor company out there, that is doing something like this. 

❌ Squarespace doesn’t offer it.
❌ Leadpages doesn’t offer it.
❌ Wix doesn’t offer it. 
❌ Builderall and Kartra don’t do it.
❌ ClickFunnels doesn’t do it

I think you get the point.

Essentially, Groove.Cm is allowing you to use their flagship tools WITHOUT you having to use a “.Groove.Cm” subdomain (which you can also do if you want) like many of their competitors might force you to do.

This means that, not only will you be able to use the software, but in theory, you don’t have to pay for hosting at all! You can run your websites (which cost you around $12 per year or $1/month) solely off of the back of Groove.Cm hosting.

Hosting companies like Bluehost and SiteGround, can be very expensive (particularly when you’re paying 3 years of hosting upfront) and Groove.Cm throws that out of the window.

In addition to this, Groove.Cm also gives you a free SSL certificate (which other companies are charging you for) so in a sense, you’re basically losing money if you’re NOT using Groove.Cm.

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What DOES Groove.Cm Charges For?

So what does Groove.Cm actually charge for?

Because up until this point, it’s been “too good to be true”. Right?

Well, just like other companies, if you want to use more tools,you’ll want to buy them.

Simple as that.

So even though you can do A LOT with the free account…

If you want to be able to add unlimited custom domains to your hosting,

Or you want to be able to send emails to more than 500 people, 

Or you want to be able to create multiple membership sites,

Or you need to build more sites or blogs, or ecom sites,

Or you need an unlimited or upgraded version of a specific tool…then of course, you’ll want to upgrade to the Groove.Cm paid plan.

The Groove.Cm Platinum plan, gives you access to all of the tools, at the highest capacity available. It’s rather expensive, at $299/month, but when compared to every other tool in the market that gives you all of what Groove.Cm gives you…it’s a bargain.

The free plan will give you LOADS of room to play with. If you want to try it out, you can create a free account here. No credit card required.


So is Groove.Cm really free? The answer is no, Groove.Cm is not free.

BUT, it does offer a completely crazy free base account which you can get here of by clicking on any one of the different buttons on this page.

This free account, is like nothing else out there because it will give you access a bunch of their tools (lite version) plus, absolutely free hosting for up to 3 domains, a free SSL certificate…and they’ll never ask you for a credit card at the end of all of that.

This is miles and miles ahead of what the other alternatives out there are offering, just for the free plan.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can sign up and actually buy the product, at which point you will be paying, but even then you’ll be getting a lot more for a lot less, compared to the alternatives out there.

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