Is Groove.Cm Worth It In 2022? The Truth…

Are you interested in getting Groove.Cm, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Well, in this short article, we’ll be going over why it is that Groove.Cm is well worth the cost, and why it is you should be picking it up, if you have the chance to do so.

So without further ado, let’s look at what the Groove.Cm software will be able to provide you with. 

Is Groove.Cm Worth It

So Is Groove.Cm Worth It?

So, the question is: Is Groove.Cm worth it?

Is this all-in-one marketing platform another “fly by night” wannabe digital solution? Or is it actually worth having?

In my opinion, the short answer to this question is: Yes, Groove.Cm is 100% worth it.

But let’s talk more about exactly why it is that the software is so good, and also why it is that you should pick it up (either through the limited lifetime option, or through any one of the different plans).

Value For Money

The truth is, Groove.Cm is actually pretty cheap.

Of course, it’s not “the cheapest software out there” when the starting price point for the most basic plan, is $299/month.

But it’s cheap in the sense that everything that you’ll be able to do with the software, will cost you more, if you decided to use some of the alternatives that are out there, to try to achieve the same results.

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Let’s take the Groove.Cm platinum plan, which includes:

  • GroovePages – A funnel and website builder.
  • GrooveBlog – Blog building tool.
  • GrooveMail – An integrated top of the food chain email autoresponder with 25,000 contact limit.
  • GrooveMemeber – A membership site builder.
  • GrooveVideo – A video hosting tool.
  • GrooveAffiliate – An affiliate platform.
  • GrooveSell – A online digital product sales platform.
  • GrooveKart – A online physical store builder and processor.
  • GrooveWebinar – A webinar building platform.

As just SOME of the tools that the platform provides you with. What would these tools cost you outside of the Groove.Cm platform?

Groove.Cm on the platinum plan costs less than what you’d have to pay for all these tools, individually, in the marketplace today. Of course, if you’re going to be replacing only 1 tool, Groove.Cm won’t be worth it, most of the time. If you want to replace 2 or 3 tools, Groove.Cm will be worth changing to.
  • A funnel builder – Clickfunnels is probably the best funnel building software out there for online marketing and it costs $97/month and only actually gives you access to the funnel builder.

  • An email autoresponder – A very popular one, would be Getresponse. Now, if you were to have 25 thousand contacts of your own on this platform, it would cost you at least $145/month.

  • Membership site builders – By doing a quick Google search, I found a membership site called LearnWorlds which costs around $249/month.

  • Video hosting platform – A very popular video hosting platform, is Wisita which allow you to host videos on a platform that you control, have ad-free videos and more. The lowest premium offer costs around $99/month.

  • Affiliate Platform – The most recognized affiliate marketplaces for digital and physical products out there, like CilckBank.comCJaffiliate and JvZoo even though they are very well known, also have the downside of being fairly hard on affiliates. You’ll probably waste a lot of money in fees and can have even somewhat of a tough time with getting approved and whatnot.

  • Sales Platform – There are a lot of platforms and Softwares that allow you to sell your own products online (digital). There are marketplaces such as ClickBank and PayKickStart which will charge you seller fees (and are even pretty outdated). These can cost you potentially hundreds of dollars per month in seller fees. PayKickStart even charges you to list your products there at $29/month.

  • Physical store building tool – The most well known option in this category, is by far, which costs $299/month on the most premium plan, and also charges anywhere from 0.5% to 2% sales processing fees.

By quickly doing the math on this, you could be paying a lot more than $200/month, each and every month, to have all these features available to you.

And this is not including webinar hosting softwares like Everwebinar which can cost upwards of $500 per year.

The fact of the matter is, Groove.Cm is cheaper, faster, better, more modern and was even created by one of the co-founders of Kartra. So essentially, Groove.Cm, is an absolute steal for the money you’re paying for it. 

Of course, if you’re going to be using only one of the tools, then Groove.Cm is not worth it. But that would be up to you to decide.

No Monthly Fees. Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime

Apart from all of this, Groove.Cm also will also be allowing you to get the complete platform, for a one-time price. 

That’s right. 

For a brief amount of time after their official launch into the marketplace, Groove.Cm will be allowing its users to get the complete platform at a one time price, and not without having to pay any monthly subscriptions for it.

This means, you pay one time, and you’ll get everything. Every future update, every future tool, every future features and more. 

You can replace your autoresponder, your website builder and your funnel builder, your webinar hoster your blogging CRM…etc.   

This is something that will not be around forever, and will cease to become available after the launch is over.

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