Is GrooveFunnels A Pyramid Scheme? Here’s The Answer

So is GrooveFunnels a pyramid scheme? Is it a “good for nothing”, money-drenching Ponzi scheme?

In this brief article, I’ll be going over whether or not GrooveFunnels is a pyramid scheme, why it’s actually not, and why both should promote it, buy it if you can, and be confident that it’s here to stay.

Let’s get down to business.

So first off, and before I begin, full disclosure here:

I’m personally both a GrooveFunnels backer member, user and affiliate…so this article will be a bit biased (although the GrooveFunnels software is not “for everyone” like some other people out there might want to lead you to believe).

Listen…I think GrooveFunnels is the shit.

Plain and simple.

I’ve personally been on the look-out, for a product as good as this one (as well as an opportunity to not have to pay monthly subscriptions for all the tools that it has) for a VERY very long time.

Can you blame me? What else do you want me to say? 🤷‍♂️

Most products in this space, are total garbage. A lot of SAAS style software are launched and don’t stick around for more than 6 months…so something like GrooveFunnels is refreshing.

With that said, let’s go over the actual reason GrooveFunnels IS NOT a pyramid scheme.

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

I’m guessing that, since you’re reading this article, you’re aware of what GrooveFunnels is.

If not, I’ve created a complete GrooveFunnels review article here, as well as a review on pretty much any of the tools that are currently available for the platform, which you can also find in that article, and you can go over on your own pace.

In essence, GrooveFunnels is an all in one marketing platform, that will allow you to do create much everything you need to start your own business or side hustle online. From building fast pages, doing email marketing, creating product sales funnels, ru webinars…and so on. 

It’s a software as a service, which pretty much any one can use. From bloggers, affiliate marketers, dentists, chiropractors, coaches, teachers, small businesses, agencies…anybody who wants to create anything online.

With that said… let’s look at what a “Pyramid Scheme”, actually is:

A little quick Google search, returns to us the following definition (paraphrasing):

A pyramid scheme is a business model that rarely (if at all) involves the actual sale of products or services. Instead, it revolves around bringing in more people (aka “recruiting”) into the model, in exchange for the promise of some sort of payment (monetary incentive). 

Essentially, it’s a model, that can only be fed (moneywise) by the introduction of more people to it, where you as a prospect aren’t getting anything of value for your money, other than a promise.

A promise, that costs you money…basically.

So…if there is no product or service that you get, in exchange for your money, then that is a huge red flag, that you could be dealing with a pyramid scheme.

Here is a little checklist of things to keep in mind when it comes to fishing out pyramid schemes:

✅ Are there actual products or services involved? Do you get something in exchange for your money? We’ve mentioned this one already. In pyramid scheme models, there are no products or services.

✅ Are you paid on sales alone? This is another biggie, because a lot of people don’t actually buy the product, but want to make money with it. In pyramid schemes, you can get paid on affiliate signups (AKA recruiting) and not necessarily sales.

✅ Do products have an actual market value? Value is a bit relative. GrooveFunnels is expensive…but it’s also a LOT cheaper than getting every other tool on it’s own. There is value in that alone.

✅ Make sure to look at the website policies for a return or refund policy on every “opportunity” you come across! Actual businesses have a return polices, schemes do not.

Is GrooveFunnels A Pyramid Scheme

So Is GrooveFunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

GrooveFunnels is not a pyramid scheme, there is a product that you’ll get, in exchange for the price you pay to get it.

That essentially already disqualifies it from being a pyramid scheme.

But just to dispel the thought that it might be…you also have the refund policy, there is an actual team behind it, the founder has been around for 20 or so years


If you look at what all the tools GrooveFunnels gives you, would cost you individually in the marketplace today there is a clear value addition.

The Affiliate Issue…

I’ve been around this space for…a little over 2 and a half years, as of the writing of this article

Which feels like 2 and a half years too long to be honest…

And I can say with some certainty, that whenever the question of “is xyz a pyramid scheme?” comes up…

it’s because there has been some sort of mention of a “business opportunity” or a way “for you to make money” with “xyz” product.

I’ve seen this time and time again.

Usually…it’s somehow tied to affiliate marketing and make money online offers.

People will create programs, funnels and “business in a box” systems that are made to promote the program to people who will promote the program…and so on.

And that is where things get nasty…

A lot of affiliate marketers, for example on Youtube, will be heavily promoting GrooveFunnels by creating tutorials, walk-throughs and bonuses, to incentivize you to become a paid member of GrooveFunnels, and to be able to make money off of promoting it yourself.

This is because they’ll make money if you purchase GrooveFunnels…but also if you make any sales.

The difference here, when compared to any “get rich quick”, “pyramid scheme” out there, is that GrooveFunnels is something that people need.

So if you can solve a problem, by offering an all-in-one solution to businesses, you’ll get rewarded for it.

It’s the law of the jungle: Solve more problems, make more money.

GrooveFunnels puts the ball on your side of the court. You can make as much or as little as you like. Nothing is guaranteed, but the sky is the limit.

Is GrooveFunnels A Pyramid Scheme 2
My personal results with GrooveFunnels. Just letting people that can use it, know what it does, and that it exists. I’ve also bought it myself, and will ACTUALLY be using it


When it comes to the question “is GrooveFunnels a pyramid scheme” the obvious answer then, is no.

GrooveFunnels is an actual company, with an actual product, it doesn’t make money by “recruiting people” but by selling products and services.

You as a member, cannot make money unless you make actual sales of the product. You don’t make money by “referring people”.

If you want to make money with GrooveFunnels, you can learn more about the affiliate program here. I also have a few bonuses to help affiliates who want to sell GrooveFunnels, you can reach out to me for that as well.

Yes, you can make money with GrooveFunnels.

And yes you should totally buy GrooveFunnels for yourself.

Not only will you be getting the best freaking all-in-one marketing platform on the market right now, but you’ll also get commission bumps to 40%.

This means that if you sell a package to, say, a restaurant owner, or someone who owns an online business, regardless of what it is, you can make more money.

It’s a win win, because you’ll be incentivized to sell a great product and the customer will get a great product.

You can also sign up for a FREE GrooveFunnels account here, or by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page.


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