Is GrooveFunnels A Website Builder? Here’s The Answer

Is GrooveFunnels a website builder? In this article, we’ll briefly go over the answer to this question, as well as possible.

Believe it or not, it’s a fairly common question that gets asked, mainly because of the fact that there is actually a tool within the platform, that accomplishes this feature.

Let’s check it out.

Is GrooveFunnels A Website Builder

So Is GrooveFunnels A Website Builder?

A simple answer to this question, is no. GrooveFunnels is technically speaking, not a website builder.

And it’s a completely legit question…after all, the GrooveFunnels platform, did begin as an only the page builder (albeit with another name, which we’ll get to in a bit) and afterward branched out into all of the other tools.

Thus, GrooveFunnels is actually an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows you to do and create multiple projects and has multiple tools with which to do so.

It allows you to build membership sites, do email marketing, create webinars, host your funnels, sell your products online and a ton of other things one of which, is website building.

I’ve spoken extensively about this tool, what it is and what it can do, elsewhere on my site, and you can check out more information if you’re interested. I literally fo over everything. 😀

The website builder, however, is the tool known as GroovePages. GroovePages is a very powerful tool (of which I’ve made a complete review on this article here) and it allows you to create your own complete website pages and funnels with a very crisp and modern-looking feel to it.

Is GrooveFunnels A Website Builder 2

GroovePages. Next Generation Page Builder

GroovePages really is the next generation, when it comes to online page, website and funnel builders, and will really revolutionize the market.

The reason GroovePages is so good, is because it’s using a new JavaScript technology (vue.js) that has allowed it to leap-frog the competition and create search engine optimized and mobile-first indexing compliant pages, as opposed to some of its competitors that are using 11-year-old strategies to build their sites.

This technology is so powerful (and if you haven’t seen what these pages look like, you should take a look) that pages that had no business ranking in the search engines because of how slow the loading speeds where…now can actually get there.

You see, websites created with GroovePages, have absurdly fast loading speeds, because of the fact that they load on HTML first and don’t have to “call the servers”, which can take a long time. This shaves off multiple seconds off of the loading speeds, and massively increases rankings, with little to no work (especially if the website already has some authority).

And page loading speeds are crucial. We’re not in 2005 anymore, people expect their pages to load in a few seconds, tops (5 seconds is pretty bad). 

This is revolutionary stuff, because companies that are paying SEO services (that are charging them thousands of dollars, and are not getting them results) now, pretty much no longer have to do anything to get super fast and beautiful looking websites (which you can host for free by the way) which means that they’re overpaying.

They’re getting ripped off…so to speak.

Wanna Try GroovePages Out?

Now as of the writing of this article, GroovePages is still in beta which means that not all of the features are fully optimized.

However..there is still a way for you to both get 3 websites for free and host them for free, and create them using a free GroovePages Lite account. 

  • With a free option you get up to 3 websites that you can create with the GroovePages technology (Lite version) and that you can host FOR FREE with GrooveFunnels (which is completely unheard of, and no other competitor out there is doing). 

    If you’re interested in trying out the GroovePages Lite software for free all, you have to do is create a free account on any one of the buttons on this page or on this link here.

  • Alternatively, if you want to just straight upgrade to the GrooveFunnels lifetime plan, and get everything (GroovePages and the rest of the GrooveFunnels tool) for a one-time price, and waive all of the GrooveFunnels monthly fees and subscriptions costs…you can do so by going here.

    This is a very limited offer and is not for everyone, but if you feel the value of the platform, you’ll definitely want to hop in. I’ve personally bought the one-time price myself, and am super pleased with it.


So to end things off…is GrooveFunnels a website builder? 

No GrooveFunnels is not a website builder…But GroovePages is.

GrooveFunnels is an all-in one solution for digital marketers who want to start or grow their online businesses. It’ll allow you to do pretty much anything you need to do online, all in one single place.

GroovePages is the tool inside of the platform, that will allow you to create website pages and complete sales funnels. It’s using a very modern wireframe technology which gives it incredible loading speeds and makes it look like pretty much nothing else out there.

If you’re overpaying for SEO services, and your website still loads at some outrageous speeds, like 11 or 16 seconds…I highly suggest you try GroovePages out here, and the free hosting that it offers (I guarantee you’re overpaying for hosting too) and see if that doesn’t improve your rankings and speed up your site.

Who knows, you might end up saving tons of money on one side, and making tons more on another, with this one simple switch (which is also free to do).

Cheers 😃

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