Is Helium 10 Worth It? Complete BreakDown And Alternatives

Looking into the Helium 10 Amazon seller platform, but want to know if it’s going to be worth it?

In this post, I’ll be going over one of the more burning questions that a lot of newcomer Amazon sellers and people who want to build their business on Amazon have: Is Helium 10 worth it?

There is no way around it…if you’re not using some sort of tool in your business, you’re both leaving money on the table, and probably getting squashed by your competitors who are. In this post, I’ll be going over every Helium 10 pricing plan option, to see whether or not it’s worth it and who can benefit from each option the best.

Let’s check it out.

What Is Helium 10?

So if you’re searching for the question “Is Helium 10 Worth it”, then you’re probably aware of what the platform is and what it does.

In case you’re not very familiar, let’s quickly go over what the Helium 10 platform is.

Helium 10 is basically an all-in-one Amazon seller solution, or software as a service platform (SAAS) that allows you to get access to everything and anything you need, to become a successful Amazon marketplace seller,

Whether that si through selling your own products, or selling someone else’s products.

The platform has over 700,000 users worldwide, with the number 1 downloaded and used Amazon seller chrome extension in the market. 

When it comes to the tools, Helium 10 allows you to do anything from seeing price trends, sales trends, see amount of inventory, sales volumes, it allows you to optimize your listing for the Amazon algorithm, do keyword research through keywords or through a reverse ASIN tool.

It allows you to set up different alerts…and a bunch of other things like see and export product reviews, estimate profitability of creating and selling your own product based on the products that are already there and selling…plus much more. 

Apart from this, it has a ton of free resources like webinars, a podcast, an Amazon keyword research tool, a PPC audit tool…and more.

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Is Helium 10 Worth It?

To answer this question, I’m going to give the very common response that most people out there will give you, because I think it’s the correct one:

It depends…

First off, Helium 10 has different pricing options and plans from you to choose from, and so each plan, is going to be great for one specific type of person, but not great for another one.

The mere fact that there are different options, means that you’ll have to make a trade-off and make a decision based on what you believe will suit you the best.

So in a sense…it really does depend.

But let’s look at things a bit more in-depth…Let’s look at the different options, and let’s see if we can figure out, at which point, each of them would be “worth it”.

So when it comes to the different Helium 10 pricing plans, there are a few options:

  • The Helium 10 free account
  • The Helium 10 a la carte plan
  • The Helium 10 Platinum plan
  • The Helium 10 Diamond plan
  • The Helium 10 Elite plan.
Is Helium 10 Worth It
The a la carte option isn’t showing, but trust that it’s there…

The Helium 10 Free Account

This is of course, the most risk-free but also most limited option available to you from within the platform. 

If you’re unsure whether or not to use something like Helium 10 in the long term, then this option is probably the best one as it’ll give you access to all of the main tools (albeit for a limited usage or sometimes a limited amount of time) allowing you to gauge whether or not Helium 10 will be worth it, at your own pace.

Helium 10 a la carte 

This option is going to be most worth your money and time, if there is a specific tool within the Helium 10 platform that you absolutely need to use (and you’ve not found another better alternative for) but you don’t want to actually commit to the whole platform long-term.

This is a great option, for example if you’re doing keyword research for yourself or maybe a client of yours.

In fact, this option is awesome if you’re offering services.

You could do something like offer the “Refund Genie” service to clients, to help them get a refund on their lost inventory, you could sell a keyword research service bundle or package (I’ve bought one of these before I knew how to do keyword research myself), or you could use something like the Helium 10 “Keyword Tracker” to see product ranking for your clients.

All of this, without having to actually buy the whole Helium 10 suite. Not bad huh?

NOTE: not all of the tools are currently available with the a la carte option, so be sure to head over to the pricing options, to see which ones are available.

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Helium 10 Platinum

The Helium 10 Platinum plan is $97/month. But is it worth the price?

This is the first Helium 10 option, that I would consider to be, for more serious users and more serious Amazon sellers.

Now, I’ve been a member, and a part of softwares that have only offered 1 of these services, for the same price ($97/month)…so I know, that the Platinum plan is definitely worth the price.

But if you take into consideration the fact that you’ll be getting some of the most powerful and more robust Amazon seller tools in the market, with (virtually) unlimited use, as well as an autoresponder (sending emails does have a cost), and something as powerful and as iconic as the Scribbles listing optimizer (which you can’t get with the a la carte option)…then it kind of makes this plan worth, especially for that price.

Let’s not forget also, that at this price point and as of right now, you’ll also be getting the Freedom Ticket premium Amazon seller training course, which has a value of $997, which “would be worth” 10 months of Helium 10 Platinum, in of in itself. A nice little addition.

Also, the Helium 10 Platinum plan will obviously be something to consider (and will be worth it) as soon as (and if) you’re paying more than $97/month for any combination of the a la carte options. At that point you might as well make the switch and get every tool, because why not?

Inside the Helium 10 dashboard

Helium 10 Diamond

This plan is the one that I personally, think is not going to be worth the money, for most people.

Most Helium 10 users are probably not going to be able to justify, spending $197/month, for the “marginally” (I say this lightly) difference in tool usage between this option and the Helium 10 Platinum option.

Yes, you do get to double the use out of some of the tools like the index checker, keyword tracker and alerts, and you do bump up your email sending quota to 15,000 emails/month…but the only main difference outside of that, is the ability to have multiple users login.

For that reason, I’d say that the Helium 10 Diamond plan, is going to be worth it for you, if for some reason you run out of the monthly searching limit for some of the tools, or if you’re working with a team.

Thus, the Helium 10 Diamond plan, is probably better for bigger teams of people, and small agencies perhaps.

If you’re working on your own, I wouldn’t recommend this plan, but instead would go with the a la carte option for the tool that you need, and if you can’t…just go for the platinum plan. You can even get 10% off using our coupon code here, to make things easier.

Helium 10 Elite

Finally, the Elite plan is the most premium and most expensive version of Helium 10 that is currently available and is probably one of the better options of the bunch.

This option is going to be most useful and most worth the money, for the die-hard Amazon sellers and for people who’re all in and extremely serious about their Amazon seller business and want to take it to the next level.

Seeing as this plan, costs a hefty $397/month, there has to be something to justify the price bump.

The main difference between this option and the ones before, is the Facebook group, monthly training and in-person workshop.

This is in addition to maxing out your tool usage to the very limit, which is nice to have (but not the most important factor in my opinion).

With that said, it’s one thing to learn and do things on your own…and it’s another completely different thing to immerse yourself in the culture of people who’re doing the same as you (not to mention getting the hands-on in-person training).

Obviously, there is no price that you can put on this, since it’s up to you to make the most of it…

But all I can say is that I’ve not seen any other product of this type, offer an option as valuable as this one, where you’re getting hands-on training from people who’re actually doing this, and where the FaceBook group members you know are going to be the cream of the crop, since they’re paying customers.

Also, if you’re interested in trying out this plan because you are curious about those benefits, you can get a 50% discount on the Elite plan on the first month, by using our coupon code here. You can also choose to get a 10% discount for life instead, which does take the price down a bit, and is great if you’re thinking of going all-in with Helium 10.

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Other Alternatives

Okay so maybe you’ve gone through this post, and have not been convinced that Helium 10 is worth it for you.

Maybe you’re looking for all of the same functionalities but at a cheaper price. 

Or maybe you’re looking for something other than what Helium 10 currently offers.

But when it comes to the query “Is Helium 10 worth it”…there was clearly something missing.

Maybe you’re like me, and want to survey all of your options, before actually making a decision. Well in that case, there are some different options available to you, so there is no need to stress.

I’d have to individually go over all of the different software platforms that are alternatives to Helium 10, but rather than going through them all here, I’ll just let you know some of the ones I’ve been able to find:

ZonBase – Another great option for Amazon sellers. Pricing is a bit lower and has some other features. It still manages to have the main tools like keyword research tools and a chrome extension, which you can get with the free trial. You can also get personal coaching, although as an actual paid “on demand”service and not available outside of that. Helium 10 does have a lot more diversity when it comes to tools, but ZonBase can get the job done and doesn’t fall behind on quality at all.  

AmzScout –  In a similar fashion to Helium 10 , Amzscout has different keyword research tools, inventory spytools, reverse ASIN lookup tools, product databases and more. When it comes to pricing, it’s also a lot cheaper than Helium 10, although it’s not as complete (toolwise) and there aren’t as many options. It does have some pretty nice resources that you can use though.

JungleScout – JungleScout probably the closest thing to Helium 10 that you’ll be able to find. It has a whole bunch of tools, from product and supplier database tools, to listing builders, sales analytics, inventory manager and alerts, as well as a rank tracker, keyword research and chrome extension. Apart from this, it has a bunch of resources from blogs, webinars, case studies and guides. It’s also priced at a lower price than what the Helium 10 Platinum is, to get access to their main features and tools.

Is Helium 10 Worth It 2
Jungle Scout is a great Helium10 alternative. It has similar style tools, similar services and resources, although it’s not as complete as Helium 10.

Conclusion: Is Helium 10 Worth It?

Whether you’re using Helium 10 or not, in my opinion and in my experience, and when it comes to robust keyword research tools, spy tools, competition tools, software platforms and any other medium that can make you get a leg up on the competition when selling products on the Amazon platform…having some tool, is better than not having any tool at all.

Helium 10 is one of the best all-in-one Amazon seller solutions out there, and the most complete one, when compared to some of their competition. 

It really does go over the top in regards to tools functionalities, flexibility, free resources, pricing options, age, number of customers and reviews…it’s THE tool for Amazon product selling. 

With that said, it’s not for everyone. But it does have a pricing structure that allows for the most flexibility for everyone.

Here’s what I recommend you do to make the most out of this:

  • If you’re starting out, or you don’t want to spend any money but want to get your feet wet, you can try their free account.

  • If you’re only going to be using some of the tools, and are maybe selling a specific service that the tool can provide, the a la carte option is the best bang for your buck.

  • If you want to use more of the Helium 10 tools at the same time, are working on your own and want to have a bit more mileage on your tools, the Helium 10 Platinum option will be the best one.

  • If you’re working with a team, or if you’re using the tools a bit more than expected, the Helium 10 Diamond plan, would probably be best. 

  • If you want to go all in with Helium 10, and make use of some of the most unique and potent resources, in the form of a private users Facebook group, training and live workshops, then the Helium 10 Elite plan is the best option by far.

  • If you’re not too sure about Helium 10, and want to see all the options available to you, before you make a move, you can try any one of the Helium 10 alternatives. I recommend ZonBase, but JungleScout is the most similar one.  

In case you’re interested in getting into Helium 10 for the long term, you can get some additional discounts through our coupon codes, here or by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page. You can choose to get either a 50% discount on your first month, which will be best if you’re interested in maybe trying out the Elite plan, or a 10% discount for lifetime, which will be best if you want to use Helium 10 long term, on something like the Platinum or Elite plan.

If you want to learn more about Helium 10, we’ve created a complete review on the platform, here. We go over everything from tools, to resources, pricing options and more.

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