Is Helium 10 Xray Free? Here’s The Answer

The Helium 10 platform, has a lot going for it.

With the over 20 tools, the multiple different pricing options and abundance of different resources like training videos, webinars, podcasts and more…it’s a lot to internalize.

In this particular post, we’ll be going over the question “Is Helium 10 Xray free?”, that a few people have been asking. We’ll quickly go over what the tool does, and answer the question, as briefly but also as in-depth as possible.

Let’s check it out.  

Is Helium 10 Xray Free?

To answer this question right off the bat, simply put: Yes, the Helium 10 Xray is free, and is part of one of the 5 tools you’ll get available to you in the Helium 10 Chrome extension (more on that a bit later) for a total of 50 searches.

This means that, when it comes to the Helium 10 Xray tool in particular, you’ll be able to use it for a total of 50 “launches”, after which you’ll have to upgrade to the plans, to be able to keep using the tool.

This is not to say that the tool will always be free for 50 searches, since the company is continuously changing both the tool functions, the tool pricing and the tool availability (as well as allowed usage). 

But as of the writing of this article, a free version for up to 50 searches is what is available, so it’s important to take advantage of the situation regardless.

What Does Helium 10 Xray Do?

As we were mentioning  before, the Helium 10 Xray is part of the 5 tools (6 if you count the listing optimization ranking tool) that you’ll get access to and will be able to use, within the free Helium 10 Chrome extension. You can learn more about the Chrome extension in this article, here.

When it comes to the Helium 10 Chrome extension tools, these are:

  • Review Insights – Allows you to see and export all of the reviews on a specific ASIN product.
  • Profitability Calculator – Allows you to estimate the profits, if you were to sell a specific ASIN (based on price, size, shipping fees, and more).
  • ASIN Grabber – Shows you and allows you to export, all ASIN numbers, pricing, rating and reviews, of all the products on a specific Amazon page. 
  • Inventory levels – Allows you to see the available inventory for a specific product.
  • Xray – Gives you detailed information on the target ASINs.

To be more specific, what the Helium 10 Xray allows you to do, is get a bunch of information on specific ASIN products that you’ve chosen, and will allow you to get insights into how well these products are doing (for competition purposes).

Some of the data that you’ll be able to see, include the pricing of the products, the specific FBA fees associated with it, the amount of sales it has done and the revenue for it.

Apart from this, you’ll also be able to see the sales trend (in a graph) the product dimensions, the weight, the rating, the number of images the listing has, the number of reviews it has, and even when the listing was created.

This crucial information that will not only allow you to spy on your competition, but also see what product are trending, how prices are changing with time, which products are selling the best, which ones have a better rating, and so on. 

How To Get The Helium 10 Xray

Finally, if you’re interested in getting a copy of the Helium 10 Xray tool, together with the rest of the Chrome extension tools, 100% for free, all you have to do is:

  • Head over to the website
  • Download the extension (you must be using Google Chrome to have it work)
  • Open the downloaded file, and install the chrome extension onto your browser
  • Go over the quick video that the Helium 10 team created for you.
  • Start using the tool!


When it comes to the question “Is Helium 10 Xray free”, the answer is currently yes, but only for a maximum of 50 searches after which you’ll want to become a paying customer of the platform, to continue using the tools.

The Helium 10 Xray, is a super powerful tool, that can show you a bunch of valuable information on specific ASIN that you’re targeting, within the Amazon marketplace. This includes information like pricing, sales trend, revenue, number of images in the listing, date of listing…and a bunch more.

It allows you to get some valuable information that could take you months of research to figure out on your own, which gives you a leg up on the competition, not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to do things like spot hot selling products, trends and other things that your competition might not pick up on.

If you’re interested in trying out the Helium 10 Xray tool for free, you can do so with the free chrome extension.

If you want to know more about the Helium 10 platform, we’ve created a complete Helium 10 review here, that goes over absolutely everything Helium 10 related, for you to check out at your own pace.

If you want to try out the complete Helium 10 platform for free, and get access to all of the main tools to test them out, you can create a free Helium 10 account, here.

If you’re interested in getting the platform, and using it right away, you can take advantage of this very special coupon code for readers of this blog, which will allow you to shave off 10-50% off of the plans, depending on the option you choose. 

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