Is Legendary Marketer Legit 2

Legendary Marketer Review. All You Need To Know

Heard about this program but want to get an in-depth review on it? I gotchu booboo. In this Legendary Marketer review, we’ll go over the ins and outs of the program, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

We’ll be talking about: the trainings, the products, the pricing…and pretty much everything in between, so that you can see if it’s something that you wish to be a part of, or not.

We’ve got ourselves a lot to cover, so let’s dive in! ?

Is Legendary Marketer Legit 2

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an online educational platform (and community) that focuses on teaching the skills that are needed to create or grow an online business, in one of the “Core 4” business models.

These business models, are both location independent but also allows for unlimited earning potential, also known as “freelance digital businesses” as refered to by the CEO of the company David Sharpe. 

The core 4 business models that their material is centered around are the following:

Affiliate Marketing
✅ Digital Courses
✅ Coaching and Consulting
✅ Events and Masterminds

Legendary Marketer offers their content and services, both through online courses of their own, as well as 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring, and more personalized experiences like masterminds and brand builder services, that are a bit more hands-on and “premium”.

So, in a nutshell: Legendary Marketer is just that. An online platform and community that will teach you the skills that you need to know, to create an online business or brand, in one of the 4 recommended models.

So whether you want to build an online course on piano lessons, create mastermind events of your own, learn to become an affiliate marketer or want to be a personal coach, or anything in between…legendary has the resources (and experience) to teach you highly valuable and high in demand skills

Is Legendary Marketer Legit 3

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer works similar to other online training courses: You buy your trainings, you get sent your login details through email, you sign up and go through the content. If you head over to the Legendary Marketer homepage, you can find out more information about them too.

Even though in the past their introductory program was free, it no longer is, and the bare minimum price for access is currently $7 for their 15 Day Business Builder Challenge (which if you’re starting out, is the only one i’d recommend).

I think this is a great move. Why? Because it separates people who “kinda want to make it happen”, from people who have no problem realizing…you’ll be learning from a multimillionaire.

So essentially the way the program works is, you can either buy some of their products straight from the home page, or go through the started 15 day challenge, and go from there. Afterwards, and only if you feel that you need additional help, you can buy some of their higher value upgrades, like the services and whatnot.

Is Legendary Marketer Legit

How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost?

Even though this is a complete Legendary Marketer review, i have also gone over this particular point, in one of my other articles, but short answer is: $7 to get access to their starter training.

But, is that going to be everything you need to pay? Well…yes and no.

It’s the bare minimum to get started with Legendary, and even though you’ll be steered in the right direction, throughout the 15 day challenge (Dave has already built 3 multimillion dollar business from scratch) for you to build your business online, you’ll need a website and hosting, at the very least.  

And for example…

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing, you’ll probably need a funnel/landing page builder, and an autoresponder, on top of that. Inside of the training, Dave will recommend ClickFunnels, as the landing page builder, and Aweber, as an autoresponder. I’d recommend Builderall because it’s cheaper…but those two will save you from a LOT of headaches, for sure. ?

If you want to sell your services as a coach, you might need a webinar platform, and if you want to build your online piano lessons course, you’ll need a place to store your courses…so maybe something like teachable.

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Once you’re done with the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge you might feel like you resonate with the message, you loved the motivational videos and you can see the bigger picture, you like the crew and the advisor and you’ve checked in with the FB group where you can find us (and me!)…but you might feel like you need a little more help.

In that case, you can choose to be take their more personal services like the brand builder service (which i have considered) or be part of their mastermind events, which can cost upwards of 8, 10, 16 and even $30.000 dollars.

These are obviously not for everyone…but they are the complete Legendary Marketer experience, and that is how much you’ll be expected to pay for a 2-3 day mastermind event at some exotic location, with the CEO and hundreds of other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Legendary Marketer Review

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

This question has always felt kind of weird to me, because i’m never sure what “legit” means. Personally, i think it means different things to different people.

“Legit” to you might be “Can i learn something useful with this?”, whereas it might be “Is it going to solve my problem?” to someone else.

This is not the first article, or the last, that will be written about this program, and i don’t know where you’ve gotten your information from or what you might have heard before… so, to easily answer the question without going too off track: Legendary Marketer is legit, in the sense that it is a solid business.

It sells the service of training you with the skills and resources needed to build your own online assets, which you can accomplish by either selling your own products (or services) or someone elses…But just like with everything else: If you don’t work it, it won’t work for you. ?

If you’re reading this blog post, or have frequented my blog before, you could (very likely) be one of two people:

✅ You want to start a business online, like a social media agency, consulting agency or even ecommerce site, but you want to learn the basics on how to market online…then Legendary Marketer is great, because you get the basics from someone who has already done all of that, and you can upgrade if you wish.


✅  You just want to make some money online…you don’t want to own a company or have teams and customer support and whatever, in which case you can use Legendary Marketer to learn affiliate marketing, and become an affiliate for other companies.

So Legendary is a Great Place To Start, because the team is serious, the guy behind it is super solid, and quite frankly…i don’t think there is any other program that gives you the support that Legendary gives, you certainly don’t get access to a advisor or “phone coach”.

Alternatively…you could simply use the introductory training inside the business builder, to learn about funnels, social media, traffic generation, lead generation, sales, email marketing, web design…and a bunch of other skills, that will COMPLETELY change the game for you, 100% guaranteed.

Legendary Marketer Review 2
CEO Dave Sharpe

What Are The Legendary Marketers Products?

The site sells, both physical and digital products, in the form of online trainings and courses, books and booklets as well as scripts. In addition to these, they also have services, like the brand builder, the coaching and private masterminds, which are a bit more on the premium end and are more of a hands on experience.

Some of their products, you can get access to, straight from their website, while with others (mostly the masterminds and blueprints), you’ll have to get in touch with your advisor for.

They do update their products from time to time, (in fact just recently their “Omni-Branding” formula was launched), but for the most part, their products are the following:

15 Day Business Builder Challenge ($7):

This is their “intro” product. It’s only $7, and gives you a taste of the style of training, the type of information that you’ll find, and also the ambience and atmosphere of the community.

This challenge is an action-oriented experience that will prepare you to start a business and begin earning within 15 days. The idea behind the training, is to jump-start your online endeavours as fast as possible, and on the right foot!

You’ll be taught about high income skills, the tools you’ll need, the core 4 business models, you’ll get motivational videos, you’ll be recommended some absolutely sick books (like this one) and a lot more!

Also, you’ll be prompted to fill out a quiz, and you’ll be assigned a personal business plan advisor, that you’ll be able to reach out and talk to on the phone, who will guide you, and who’ll also unlock the different days for you, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Legendary Marketer Review 3
Inside The Business Builder Challenge

This, to me, is huge. It’s become more and more important, to be able to have someone to contact and reach out to, in todays day and age, and Legendary Marketer has a complete team of phone advisors that will help you reach your goals and are there if you need help. 

Apart from this, you’ll also get access to live calls every weekday at 10 am EST, access to a private facebook group, and updates. All of this, for $7.

And oh by the way, they have a 30 day money back guarantee. A no brainer.

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Legendary Marketer Book (FREE plus shipping):

This book is written by David Sharpe himself, and even though i haven’t read it personally, after a quick search it doesn’t surprise me to see that it’s essentially him writing about the new era of business, the skills that are needed to succeed and why so few people who start online businesses actually do succeed at all.

This is something that he is obviously very passionate about, since he’s built 3 multimillion dollar companies from ground up, and it’s reflected in the different topics inside of the book: The perfect business model, Traffic generation, value ladder, hiring virtual teams, high ticket vs low ticket…etc.

As of right now, you can’t purchase the book from their website, but it is available for purchase to you inside of your Business Builder Challenge dashboard. 

Legendary Marketer Review 4

Legendary Marketers Club ($30/month):

This product is actually a subscription service, that offers mainly video training and interviews, for the most part. With this subscription, you’ll have access to all the pre recorded weekly trainings, interviews with the top Legendary Marketer affiliates, as well as new content that will be added each week.

On top of that, by being a Legendary Marketer Club member, you also get 60% commissions on sales of the Legendary Marketer products if you want to be an affiliate for the platform, community and training. You also get access to some more potential income streams and “pro affiliate training”, although their regular training is pretty good. ?

Traffic Rolodex Bundle ($247):

This product is a series of video trainings, that will teach you how to drive traffic from a whole bunch of different sources. Traffic is absolutely essential for marketing online, whichever may be your business. 

Heck, you might not even want to have a business and businesses will pay you a LOT, if you know how to efficiently drive relevant traffic to theirs, so it’s a very valuable skill to learn for sure. 

The traffic sources that will be taught inside the traffic rolodex are:

✅ Facebook and Instagram Ads
✅ Google Ads and Google Display Network
✅ Native Ads
✅ Youtube
✅ Twitter Ads

To name a few.

You can get this over at their site without needing to get the business builder, but i wouldn’t recommend it. I haven’t purchased this traffic bundle myself…but i’m not sure you’ll learn anything groundbreaking, that you can’t find by going over some youtube videos (i might be wrong though).

Legendary Marketer Review 5

Business Blueprints ($2.500 each or $2.500 for all 4 as an upgrade):

These are complete A to Z courses, from established veteran instructors in four different business models “the core 4”:

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint
Digital Course Business Blueprint
Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint
Mastermind Business Blueprint

These courses are nothing to scoff at. They’ve compiled the best trainings available on the different topics, straight out of the mouths of people who have already mastered their business model, so you’re not getting any random trainings from someone who has never done what they’re teaching.

For that reason, the pricing on these courses is fairly expensive, at $2.5k each. You can also access all of the 4 courses, as an upgrade inside the Business Builder Challenge, for the same price. 

The bundle of 4 business blueprints for $2.5K, is probably worth it, but individually i think they might be too expensive. I’ve personally paid $2.2K for a course on affiliate marketing before (and it was pretty much shit, now that i think about it), and would not recommend buying 1 single online course for over $997. 

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Legendary Marketer Brand Builder ($10.000):

The idea behind the brand builder, is to be able to tap into the Legendary Marketer team, and for them to help you come up with a brand building plan together.

This program is tailored towards people who, obviously, want to build their own online brand, and also get access to a “done for you” advertising strategy, which will be planned out to you by the team, over at Legendary.

If you want to be a consultant or a coach, are targeting higher paying clients, or if you want to grow your influence online…then a strategic plan and a custom advertising strategy, could save you a lot of mistakes and might definitely be worth it. This offer is more specific and it’s not for everyone.

Legendary Marketer LIVE Events ($16.000-$30.000):

This is where you’ll personally be taking part of their live events, where they’ll be covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks and growth tips.

Masterminds are held at unique places like mansions or venues at certain and specific locations, and are the complete “Legendary experience”. 

This is where you’ll be able to come into contact and network with the CEO of the company himself, alongside some of the other online business owners, entrepreneurs and affiliates, in a 2-3 day event.

The Legendary Marketer Products, as of right now

What I Like Most About Legendary

Legendary Marketer, is very near and dear to my heart.

When i started my online journey, in mid 2018, i came across Legendary Marketer, after driving my former online business to the ground.

At that time, i was hesitant to join the program, because it looked “kinda shady”. It turns out, Legendary Marketer at that time was a MLM (multi level marketing) type company.

Basically it was a business opportunity type system, where you’d have to sell the products to make money. The only way you were able to sell them, however, is if you bought them yourself first…off of someone who had bought them, and was now selling them…

Well, not anymore. They revamped EVERYTHING. There is no “opportunity” side of Legendary anymore.

If you want to create a guitar training digital course, you can do it with the training. If you want to do coaching and consulting for other businesses, you can, if you only want to become an affiliate (for them or for others) you can learn that. If you want to create your own mastermind events…you can.

There is no “multi-level” stuff, and the service goes beyond the program.

What it felt like in the beginning…back in 2018

Heck, you can’t even become an affiliate partner for their brand anymore, unless you pass specific criteria and filters. I’m an approved affiliate partner for Legendary Marketer, and i believe they made some HUGE changes, and they should be taken seriously and was stoked to congratulate my advisor, Elaine on them. 

Being an affiliate for them used to be free, which is partly where they got a bad rap from (…indirectly), but they value their name and what they bring to the table so much, that they changed their whole game plan, to be taken seriously and are cleaning their name from back in 2018…and i’d say not many companies are willing to go that far.

Apart from that… The video quality of the courses is excellent, the team is great, the facebook group and calls are on time and actually happen and they’re always updating and adding new things. Recently there was a free traffic training bootcamp with a flight to Legendary Headquarters, as 1rst place prize. Pretty cool! ?

What I Dislike About Legendary

Personally, i didn’t find the 15 day business builder plan to be very helpful.

The motivational stuff was amazing, and the core idea they’re trying to teach, is so real, so important, and so “evergreen”…that even if you don’t want to listen or believe Dave, i’ll assure you that you’ll end up hearing it somewhere else (as long as the source is trustworthy). It’s just a matter of time.

However, i felt it was a bit lacking…but then again, that was just how i felt (and i only went through it once).

Review by Lester Diaz. Thinks pretty much the same as i do! 😀

Because i’ve personally partnered up with the company, i actually had access to all 15 days of the challenge straight out of the bat, the “experience” of unlocking the lessons, through contacting my advisor i didn’t actually get to have…but overall i think the training was a bit too general.

The overall picture is there, like i said…but i don’t think the information portrayed within the 15 day challenge is enough if i actually want to go out and create an online piano course, for example. There are just too many “open ended questions”, that would kind of force you to upgrade, in this example, to the course blueprint which is worth $2.5K.

I think that for costing only $7, it still worth it. It’s such a low commitment, that neither party is risking too much. At the end of the day, it’s still just a “let’s get to know each other” product, and you’ll still get to decide if you’re okay with partnering up with Legendary Marketer, depending on your own experience.  

Another thing i don’t really like that much about Legendary Marketer, is that some of these products are pretty expensive. You could actually attend seminars (like for example “Unleash The Power Within” by Tony Robbins) for around $1000, but legendary is charging 30K for theirs? ?

Even the blueprints, are pretty expensive! I can only personally vouch for affiliate marketing courses, because i haven’t gotten to the “consulting and mastermind” level yet…but after seeing the different offers for affiliate marketing courses out there (and having bought some myself), i’d not buy a blueprint for more than $997, ever and so $2500 seems like a push. The bundle for the same price? Sure.

Other than that, i haven’t found too many things i don’t like about the Legendary Marketer program. Solid, high quality, with actual support…what’s not to like? 

Legendary Marketer Review Wrap Up 

There you go everyone. That was my Legendary Marketer review. I hope that it was helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

My recommendation is simply to give the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge a go. Test the waters with the company and with Dave Sharpe. See if you like the style, if you resonate with the idea and if you want to keep working with them at all.

There are some crazy good videos inside of the challenge, (in particular the mindset ones) that you’ll be glad to have checked out. And even if you don’t, there is a money back guarantee on it. ?

All the best.


Disclaimer: We are a professional review entity, who receives compensation from companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks only to the ones that are the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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