Print Monkey Review by Brendan Mace. (Plus Bonus)

Hey there everyone and welcome to this Print Monkey review.

In this short article (I’ll try to make it short at least), I’ll be going over the new software and training by Brendan Mace. We’ll be going over the software (yes I’ve actually gone through it) the features, the pricing, the upgrades…and I’ll also be leaving some personal exclusive bonuses, for those who want to pick up a copy.

Let’s check it out.

Print Monkey Review

What Is Print Monkey?

Okay so first off, what is Print Monkey?

Print Monkey is an affiliate campaign-style building software, that was created by Brendan Mace, that allows you to leverage his own videos and pages, and use them to make money online with affiliate marketing.

 It’s very similar to a few of his former products that he’s created before: Smash my campaigns, The clones, and a third one that I can’t actually remember the name for, at this point in time.

But yeah, basically with Print Monkey, you’ll be able to use the affiliate bonus pages for 13 different campaigns that Brendan has created in the past, and leverage his authority, pages and bonuses to generate commissions online (we’ll go over that in a second).

The product will be launching the 11th of June, 2020 at 9am EST time, in the warrior plus platform. 

Print Monkey Review 2

What Is Inside Print Monkey? 

Inside Print Monkey, you’ll be able to see different sections:

  • Training
  • Campaigns 
  • Instant Traffic
  • Upgrade to premium
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • License Rights 
  • Support

Print Monkey Review 3


In this section, you’ll be explained how the member’s area works, what you’ll have to do to start making commissions.

You’ll also learn about the anatomy of an affiliate campaign, and you’ll be able to see some case studies too.

Very straight forward.


This is the main section of the training and where you’ll probably be spending most of your time. 

In this section you’ll be able to create your affiliate campaigns. To do this, all you have to do is:

  1. Name your campaign.
  2. Grab you affiliate link from WarriorPlus (request access to promote, if you don’t have a link) and add it to the software.
  3. Publish your campaigns

You can also view the campaign pages and bonus pages, edit them or delete them.

Print Monkey Review 4

Instant Traffic

In this section you’ll be able to use the social media sharing buttons, to share your campaigns around the web. 

This is where you’ll want to go to once you’re done with your campaigns.

Upgrade To Premium, Unlimited Traffic, License Rights…

This section will allow you to re-access the premium features of the Print Moneky software, if you didn’t take the one time offers, when you bought the product initially.

Basically, this will allow you to grab the upgrades from the product, within the member’s area, if you’re interested in doing so.


This section will allow you to email the customer support center, in case you need any help with anything.

Print Monkey Review 5

Print Monkey Pricing

Alright so now, how much does Print Monkey cost and what are the upgrades? Let’s check it out.

Front end: $12.95 on a Dime Sale

This is the “base price” for the software. With it, you’ll be getting the 30 done for you, campaigns some case studies and tutorials.

You’ll also get the instant traffic section, but you’ll not be getting specific training on how to get more traffic.

Upgrade 1: Traffic Training

This upgrade, will show you more strategies on how to get traffic to your campaigns. I’ve personally not bought this upgrade, so I’m not sure what it’ll teach you. I do know that with my bonuses, you’ll be good to go. ?

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Upgrade 2: Lifetime Campaigns

This second upgrade, will allow you to get monthly campaigns for life.

This upgrade is a one-time fee only, and there are no recurring fees whatsoever.

Basically, each month Brendan will be adding to the campaigns section, to include his last campaigns. If that makes any sense.

Unless you see yourself using Print Monkey for a long period of time, I’d not recommend you getting this upgrade. The lifetime price, for a monthly addition, is pretty nice though.

Upgrade 2 Downgrade: 14 Day Trial 

So if you like the idea of getting done for you campaigns each month, but aren’t sure about it, you can also get the 2 week trial to test it out first.

This service is a monthly subscription however…so do keep that in mind.

Upgrade 3: Easiest System Ever

This upgrade will allow you to get the system set up for you.

Personally, I haven’t gotten this upgrade myself, so I’m not sure what it’s about, but if you feel like you don’t want to do any of the work and have everything set up by someone else (once again, not sure what this entails) then you could pick this up for sure.

Print Monkey Review 6

Upgrade 4: Limitless Traffic

Limitless traffic, is an upgrade that will allow you to place either Google or Facebook pixels, on Brendan’s sales pages, for you to be able to do retargeting.

Essentially, you’ll be able to generate pre-built audiences inside of your accounts, so that you can then retarget to the audience through the different ad networks.

Note that you’ll need to invest into paid advertising, after the fact. So even though it works very well, there is still somewhat of a budget involved.

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Upgrade 5: License Rights

License rights allows you to sell Print Monkey as if it were your own product.

This is a cool upgrade, because you’ll be getting all of the sales pages, all of the content, copywriting and support done for you…and you get 100% of the money that you make.

So basically, you get a whole product of your own, that you can sell…without having to create one from scratch, which could take months and months.

One of my favorite upgrades for sure.

Print Monkey Pros And Cons

Alright, so no Print Monkey review (or any other review for that matter) would be complete without a “pros and cons” section…so let’s go over that real quick.


✅ You get the campaigns (and bonuses) done for you. Pages, videos, and the delivery of the bonuses, so that you don’t have to come up with any of that yourself.

✅ It’s an okay product to start out with if you’re new to affiliate marketing, to get your feet wet.


There are some pretty big cons with this product (that I’ll help you solve with my bonus!) that I have to mention. 

❌ You’re not promoting your own stuff. What I mean with this, is that you’re building Brendans brand for him, by promoting his videos, bonus pages and whatnot. It’s okay in the beginning, and if you don’t want to put your face out there…but you’ll want to promote yourself in the future.

❌ The traffic will…probably not be good enough. 

Print Monkey Review 7

Let me explain…

Print Monkey uses “social shares” as a strategy to get traffic.

It allows you to share the pages (the bonus pages) online, through different social media pages like Blogger, Linkedin and Facebook.

That’s fine and all…but if you don’t have any following in these social platforms…it’s very unlikely that anybody will see them(especially with platforms like FaceBook, that will actively limit reach of outbound links).

Because of this, I wouldn’t rely on the in-built traffic methods.

Fortunately…I’ve got the solution for you! ?

My Bonuses

Alright, so the main con that I found with this software, is that you’ll not really want to rely too much on the traffic side of things…which is crucial.

So for that reason, I’ve cooked up some AMAZING traffic training bonus, that is responsible for some of my own results when it to making money online with affiliate marketing.

So, if you decide to pick up Print Monkey through any one of the buttons on this page, I’ll be giving you:

  1. My traffic training video course. This is a 7 video series, in which I go over how to get massive, super fast traffic from one of the biggest sites on the planet, and that I’ve used to make multiple thousand dollars online with. I go over all the tricks, and reveal all my secrets.

  2. If social is not your thing, I’ve also added an SEO traffic training that will allow you to make multiple hundred dollars per day, with the use of a FREE high ranking property.

  3. My “Turbo Traffic Turmoil” video training. This is a compliment to the main video traffic course, in which I go over my main strategy on how I make money online. It’s a video course I created back in 2018 that sill works amazing well today.

  4. My “status-quo” FaceBook traffic PDF. In this PDF I go over how to get instant traffic and possibly make sales in less than 24 hours (I’ve done it myself a few times).

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To grab my bonuses, all you have to do is, once you purchased your copy of Print Monkey, head over to your WarriorPlus account.

Look for your purchases, inside of your account. And click on the blue “Access Affiliate Bonus” button, just below the green “Access Your Purchase” button, and you’re all set. ? 


Alright everyone, that would be the conclusion of my Print Monkey review, I hope that you got some idea of what the product is, and I hope it cleared some of the doubts you had.

Print Monkey, will definitely not make you tons of money over-night, but it’s an “okay” place to begin, especially if you’re starting out are brand new, and want to get the gist of things.

If you’re interested in getting the software, I highly suggest you get it through this page, since I’ll be offering a kickass bonus that I DO NOT offer very often.

If you have any problems actually getting the bonus, let me know in the comments below, and we’ll sort things out for you.


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  1. Hi ,
    I bought the Print Monkey on 02 Oct 2020 from Servicios & Taxis SAC. After using it for sometime and failing to make any money. On 31 Oct 2020, I sent an email to (email hidden) to request for a refund but have not receive a response or refund. I emailed a reminder today. There are just too many upsells to buy and I cannot afford to spend more money.
    Can you advise me how to request for a refund from Bendan Mace? Hope this isn’t a scam.
    Or how do I contact Bendan Mace?
    Thanks and regards

    1. Hello LC, thanks for the comment.

      It’s going to be near impossible to reach Brendan Mace in particular.

      Have you reached out to Warrior Plus for this? If my math is right, it’s already been +30 days since you bought it…but if you can’t get it resolved through W+, you should try Paypal dispute.


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