Project Profit Academy Review

Project Profit Academy Review

As of now and until further notice, i no longer recommend project profit academy to anyone. This post will be kept here for SEO purpouses only.

Hello there and welcome to my Project Profit Academy Review.

In this post, i´ll be going through what Project Profit Academy is, what it´s not, who it is and who it´s not for, so that you can make a better, more informed decision.

I´ll also go over some of my own results and also give out some cool bonuses, as an incentive for those who want to join today! (Just head straight to the bottom of this page to get going) 😀 

Project Profit Academy Review

Now if you’re reading this, chances are you watched Brendan’s webinar about Project Profit Academy, and wanted to know a bit more about it. After all it is quite pricy and there isn’t THAT much info out there about it.

If you end up deciding that this IS in fact for you, make sure to pick it up through this exact page because i’ll include the webinar bonuses AS WELL AS my own custom ones so that you can get more value out of it. 

Let’s get started!


What Is Project Profit Academy?

Project Profit Academy is a complete online course created by Brendan Mace (and Jono Armstrong).

It focuses on replicating a stable 10k/month online business specifically through info product creation, launch, list building and affiliate marketing promos. 

Project Profit Academy consists of three different modules:

-✅ Affiliate Academy
-✅ Launch Academy
-✅ Experts Academy

Project Profit Academy Review


  • In the Affiliate Section you’ll get an overview of the business model. The basics, the instant offer, the landing page, setting up an autoresponder, how to trade and buy traffic and where to get it from as well as how to promote products as an affiliate.

    You also get access to Brendans 250 something day email sequence which you can modify and use for yourself.

  • In the Launch Section, you’ll learn everything you need to know about product launching.

    From creating the course, to sales pages, upsells and downsells, getting affiliates to promote your products, contests and much more…check it out.
Project Profit Academy Review


  • Another really cool feature of being part of Project Profit Academy, is the opportunity to launch a product, and have Brendan, Jono and other members of the group (like me!), help to promote it.

    This is NOT guaranteed but if your course is good, it’s possible (a lot of people have already done so by the way).

  • The Experts Section consists of a few videos regarding evergreen promos, higher tickets selling and webinars.  The section also includes Jonos biggest secrets when it comes to YouTube ranking and product reviews, which is extremely valuable!
Project Profit Academy Review

Project Profit Academy “Done For You”

Now that’s the Project Profit Acadmey coaching in a nutshell. A simple “overview” of it.

But instead of just showing you HOW to do it…Brendan also creates and hosts a complete done for you Profit Funnel.

This thing, links all of his highest converting products (to which you get 100% commissions on and 50% on the 2k offers) through his email sequence. 

He send these out on your behalf, so you get paid for each sale (watch my video review further down for more details).

This is EXTREMELY powerful, spits out commissions on automatic and is already worth the price of the program alone, in my opinion.

You also get license to Brendans email swipes, access to a private exclusive Facebook Group, Weekly Mastermind Q&A Webinars, 40 lead magnets…

Just a ton of stuff altogether.


Do i have results to back this up with or am i just talking out of my rear end?

Project Profit Academy Review
Getting somewhere!

My Project Profit Academy Results

So i bought into Project Profit Academy on the 30th of November 2018.

I took the two payment plan option, because I wanted to put myself in a position where I HAD to make the remaining amount to pay for the rest…which i did.

Basically, it was a “make or break” situation (without wanting to sound so dramatic). It did help out though!

As you can see from the video, because I didn’t want to spend money on ads, I decided to use my free Facebook traffic method to blast clicks over to the profit funnel as fast as possible.

The method that i’m using is solid (i’ll launch my product out of it!) and so i made sales within my first 24 hours and eventually reached my “goal”.

Note that i got lazy after a few days…i could have gone even harder, oh well.

And here are some of the results i got for that month, by utilizing my facebook traffic method.

It was around 1,1k . There is a slight difference between the image and the video, i actually added another day (the last day i made the remaining amount). 

Now you might be thinking “well…that’s only 1k in one month. How are you EVER going to reach the 24K in three months guarantee?”

So if you didn’t already know…there is an INSANE guarantee.

The program guarantees that you’ll make 24K within your first 3 months of joining, or else, someone from the team will help you get there.


Project Profit Academy Review

Is This Doable?  


But like I said in my review video there’s three ways that I can see that somebody reaches that amount in that time frame using Project Profit Academy (none of which i did or i went ALL IN on):

  1. The first is if you to buy a LOT of traffic (clicks) into the profit funnel, after which you reinvest and scale up to that figure.
  2. The second is by creating your own “profit funnel”, with your own promotions, sending traffic, reinvesting and scaling (like Brendan teaches)
  3. The third way it is for you to create a product and launch it which will get you a buyers list to whom you can promote other products to, just like Brendan teaches.

So it’s 100% possible to do. But you’ll probably have to follow one of those to get there.

$538.95 Commision. Over 1,1k Day Using The Funnel!

Okay So…What’s Included Again?

Let’s go over what’s included in the program:

  1. Highest Converting Landing Page ($297 Value
  2. Done For You Profit Funnel($24,997 Value)
  3. Lifetime Membership To Six Figure Swipes  ($4,997 Value
  4. License to use ANY email I send out to my list ($3,997 Value
  5. ALL Of My Past & Future Products ($997 Value)
  6. Brendan Mace Coaching Training ($4,997 Value)
  7. Bonus Vault ($597 Value)
  8. LIVE Q&A Webinars ($2,997 Value)
  9. Facebook Community Group ($500/Year Value)​​​​​​​

So the value you’re getting, is pretty insane. And currently the price of the course is either a one time payment of $1,997.00 or a two payment plan option of $1,100.00

Is This Right For Me?

  • Project Profit Acadmey WILL work for you, as long as you are willing to follow simple instructions and put in a bit of work. Easy. 
  • It WILL NOT work for you if you are too skeptical, don’t want to learn or do the work or give up too easily. Also easy.

JUST like Brendan says, it’ll work great if you’re starting off, since you won’t have bad habits, and if you’re an intermediate, it’ll help sky rocket your results too.

Let me help you out by giving you some goodies 🙂 

Goodies you say?!

Ready To Begin? Let’s Spice It Up First!

For those of you who decide to pick up Project Profit Academy through this page you’ll get some additional bonuses:

1. Skype support this is direct contact with me. We can go over setting up your funnel, offers, tips, tricks… basically whatever you need. I do have limited spots for this (can’t help everyone!).

2. My free Facebook traffic training responsible for my results. These are the exact same methods that I’ve been using to get instant sales to my offers, 90% of the time and that you can replicate for yourself.

3. 150 Laser targeted clicks to your funnel or offer. This is essentially my free Facebook traffic method on steroids. I will promote for you and this is highly targeted super responsive traffic. Of course, i have to limit the amount of these I give out, and i WILL come back and edit this, whenever i see fit.

So…if  you think that this sounds like a plan, that it is worth it, that you’ll get a LOT of stuff and help along the way, as well as learn some super valuable skills that’ll last a lifetime, you can do so here:

That’s all folks!


If you have any further questions about this, or if you decided to join Project Profit Academy, but are having trouble accessing the bonuses, make sure to send me an email to: pablop-12 (at) and i’ll be sure to reply back ASAP!

I hope that you liked my Project Profit Academy Review!

All the best!


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