Rapid Profit Machine Review 2021 [By James Neville-Taylor]

Looking to learn more about the Rapid Profit Machine by James Neville-Taylor?

In this Rapid Profit Machine review, I’ll be looking at this hot new affiliate markerting product and system, to give you the ins and outs of it, what it’s all about, how it works and what my opinion of it is as well as how you can go about getting started with it asap.

Let’s check it out. ?

Rapid Profit Machine Review: What Is The Rapid Profit Machine? 

The Rapid Profit Machine, is an online digital marketing and affiliate marketing training program, created by the current Builderall #1 super affiliate James Neville-Taylor, that basically revolves around teaching you how to generate affiliate commissions online with affiliate marketing, by using his own strategies, premade funnels and recommened traffic strategies.

Amongst other things…

This system, is on the front end, completely free and done for you, and also gives you access to paid upgrades, if you’re more experienced or simply want to get results faster.

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How Does The Rapid Profit Machine Work?

The rapid profit machine system, works as follows

  • You create yourself a free Builderall platform account, which hosts your Rapid Profit Machine for you (takes literally seconds to do).
  • Next, you get access to your profit machine funnel links (there are a set of three different links to choose from).
  • Finally, you send over traffic to your pages, and have the system take care of generating profits for you.

So essentially, it’s a done for you “business in a box” style system, in which you promote itself, and generate commisions that way, through paid Builderall upgrades (Builderall being the platform where everything is built on top of).

And don’t worry, you’ll be taught how to generate traffic, for free. 

The steps to getting your Rapid Profit Machine funnel in place. You also get access to a free FB group, by the way.

But more on that in a bit…

So as far as promoting the funnel is concerned (if you’ve decided to do that) you’ll get available to you:

✅ A lead page that converst for solo ad traffic (gives you the fastest results)
✅ An interactive quiz style page for general use, and social media traffic.
✅ A Google ads compliant page, if you want to use search engine traffic to promote the funnel.

In addition to this, you’ll also get pre made emails created for you, to help you promote the funnel, which gets automaticall integrated into your builderall platform.

So after installing the RPM funnel (which you can do with 1 click) you get your email autoresponder setup, which will have a whole 30+ days of follow up, and all of the links in the emails, will have your affiliate ID in them.

This really makes things a LOT easier, and is one of the more complete done for you systems that I’ve seen in a while.

To make things even better…

By you checking out the Rapid Profit Machine program, you’ll get access to free training, which includes a general overview of affiliate marketing, the differences between paid and free traffic, the differences between search and social traffic, the impotance of list building and how to choose a product to promote.

You’ll get information on facebook organic traffic and how it works, how to generate traffic to your profile and how to create a profile funnel.

As well as some general mindset strategies like goal setting, how to stay motivated and strategies to stay consistent. 

Amongst other things…

It’s a pretty good resource to have if you’re brand new, and it comes with the training!

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How Much Does Rapid Profit Machine Cost?

To get started using the Rapid Profit Machine, it costs you $0.

You don’t have to pay anybody anything, to get started using it.

You will however, need to upgrade the platform that hosts your Rapid Profit Machine account, after the 14 days trial is over, to continue using the platform.

The good thing, is that even if you decide not to use the Rapid Profit Machine as a way to generate commissions online, you’d still have access to one of the most powerful all-in-one digital marketing platforms on the planet (Builderall) which is absolutely necessary to do anything online these days.

Also, if at any point, you’re unhappy with anything, there are refunds on most things, so not to worry.

This makes the downside very very small, and you have a whole 2 weeks to test it out, which is a long time (trust me I’ve been there before).

You can clone the entire Rapid Profit Machine system into your account, for free

Rapid Profit Machine Upgrades

In addition to the main offer, you’ll be able to upgrade and “boost” your system and earnings, with the use of the upgrades.

The Rapid Profit Machine system, currently has 4 different upgrades that you can gain access to, which are not needed at all, but can help you out.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

UpGrade 1: Rapid Profit Machine Pro

This upgrade, allows you to get 100% of the commissions, throughout the entire funnels.

It’s as if, the product was entirely yours, and you were selling it yourself…

Except you didn’t have to do any of the work to create the pages, checkout pages, copywriting, videos, fulfillment…and so on.

The cost for this upgrade, is $29.97/month and, in addition to giving you access to the 100% commission upgrades, also gives you VIP affiliate traffic training, as well as a free tracking software.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this one unless you’re interested in promoting the funnel yourself.

The monthly subscription really turns me off, and the free tracking software is probably not all that needed in the beginning. 

Most people don’t want to “track” their clicks or get into the nitty gritty.

They just want to make commissions…

For that, I’d recommend checking out the UpGrade 3, or 4 before getting the 2nd one, every day of the week. ?

Rapid Profit Machine Review 1
Upgrade 1: Allows you to get 100% commissions throughout the RPM funnel. I’d recommend it if you’re interested in promoting the funnel itself.

UpGrade 2: Traffic Secrets Sources

Getting traffic to your offers, will be the #1 problem, you’ll be facing when starting out.

The upgrade 2 offer, will give you access to James’ secret traffic sources, so that you can make use of them yourself.

This upgrade, can potentially save you TONS of time and even more TONS of money, but only costs $7 one time. 

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Without knowing which traffic source is best, you can go about testing twitter, pinterest, instagram, push notifications, SEO, Facebook, solo ads, search ads native ads, Youtube, quora, forums…and possibly end up doing too much of one thing, and too little of another.

To know exactly which traffic source to go after, and how to go about generating it…can be really valuable. This one is definitely worth it.

Rapid Profit Machine Review 2
Upgrade 2: Gives you access to some of the secret traffic sources that James uses. For $7…it’s a VERY cheap upgrade.

Upgrade 3: Taylored Income Streams Trifecta

This next upgrade, gives you access to an additional 3 income streams as well as integrated follow up email sequence that you can import into your RPM system, to increase the chances of you making commisions.

In addition to this, James will be creating retargeting campaigns, to help boost your RPM funnels.

The price for this upgrade, is $97 one time.

This upgrade, in my mind, is also very much worth it.

Having to go about creating dozens and doezens of email followups, creating the offer pages, checkout pages, videos…and so on (as well as having everything optimized) is a pain in the butt.

But having it done for you from the get go, and having it be 1 click importable… should definitely worth $97 dollars. 

Rapid Profit Machine Review 3
Upgrade 3: Three additional income streams and 30 day email sequence to up your chances of making commissions. Pretty good deal.

UpGrade 4: Turbo Charge Upgrade

Finally, upgrade 4.

Upgrade 4, will give you access to 4 different lead generation software that you can use, to generate traffic to your offers, as well as 7 VIP masterclass sessions, with 7, 8 and 9 figure online earners for the price of $297 one time.

When it comes to the lead generation software, these are chrome extensions that allow your Facbook profile to friend request and contact other people so that they head over to your account, and click on your bio, or so that you can later on post on your profile and generate leads and sales that way.

Facebook organic traffic, was the main traffic source I used when I started, to generate my first $1000 online and it works wonders.

Not only that, but I click on Facebook profile bios from requests all the time…so yes, this is valuable, and usually they’re priced at a monthly price.

In the case of the upgrade number 4, it’s a one time price, which is great, and on top of that, you get the 7 masterclass sessions with people who know what they’re doing.

Getting information from people who’ve “been there and done that” is extremely valuable too. You wouldn’t ask a pro golf player how to play tennis…you’d ask a pro tennis player, and with the upgrade 4, you’ve got access to the recordings of 7, 8 and 9 figure earners.

Rapid Profit Machine Review 4
Upgrade 4: This upgrades gives you 4 lead generation software and 7 VIP masterclasses with 7 to 9 figure online earners. Another very cool upgrade at a one time price.

Rapid Profit Machine FAQ’s:

Is Rapid Profit Machine Legit? Is Rapid Profit Machine A Scam?

Yes, the Rapid Profit Machine, is a legit business opportunity, for sure. 

And no, it’s not a scam…

I wouldn’t say it’s a “long-term” opportunity, though.

This is because, since you’ll essentially want to be sending traffic to the funnel…you’ll be bulding someone elses brand, giving exposure to them, and spending your time (and maybe even money) on them instead of yourself.

If the relationship is mutally beneficial, then stay. If you can make good commissions and get paid out, then you can keep going, no issues with that.

If you want to grow, you’ll want to build something similar for yourself or branch out into different avenues. That’s something that is up to you to decide.

Rapid Profit Machine Review 5
These are my personal results with Builderall. It was one of my first affiliate promotions. The system is definitely legit and it works, since I’ve also been paid. ?

Are Results Guaranteed?

Nope. Nothing is guaranteed.

With that said, you’ll be giving yourself a really good chance to at least make a few sales because of how the system itself is built. 

Is Rapid Profit Machine Really Free?

Yep. You can get the system imported into your Builderall account, for free. If you don’t have a Builderall account, one will be given to you.

This gives you access to a free trial of Builderall for 14 days, after which you’ll need to upgrade. If you want to cancel, you can easily do so, within your account.

Rapid Profit Machine Review: Conclusion

Alrighty everyone, that would be the end of my Rapid Profit Machine review.

I hope it was somewhat helpful. ?

The Rapid Profit Machine, by James Neville-Taylor, is a pretty good done for you affiliate “business in a box” system, that allows for complete beginners to make their first online commissions using affiliate marketing, that you can start out for free, and try out.

I’d recommend it to anyone that is just starting out, because it’s been built to convert as best as possible, while also exposing you to a great platform like Builderall, some great free training by the top affiliate, as well as a free FaceBook group, at the very least. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

And, if you’re interested in checking out the system, you can do so by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page, to get started for free.


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