Simple Social Tools Review. Why You Must Have It If You’re Doing FaceBook Organic.

Getting organic traffic to your offers, your products, your groups and so on, has become increasingly difficult over the years.

Particularly on Facebook.

The organic reach of your post on FaceBook, have tanked, and as of right now, FaceBook pages are a thing of the past. 

But what if there was a way to automate audience building and online money-making, by making use of one of the more powerful FaceBook properties you have a bunch of control over? Your profile. 

In this Simple Social Tools review, I’ll be going over what the tool is, what the pricing is, what it does, if it’s any good…and pretty much anything and everything else I can cover, so as to show you why you absolutely need to get Simple Social Tools, if you’re doing any kind of Facebook organic marketing.

Let’s take a look.

Simple Social Tools Review

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What Is Simple Social Tools?

Simple Social Tools a chrome extension plugin, that you can buy and sync up to your FaceBook account, which allows you to do your FaceBook organic marketing for you.  

The creators of Simple Social Tools wanted a way to get leads, business and traffic to their offers, without having to create and run ads all the time, and without having to be on FaceBook manually talking to, requesting, and filtering through their friends list for hours and hours.

In theory, the best way to find people who’re interested in what you have to offer, on FaceBook, is simply looking for people who engage with a FaceBook content, that is in the same niche as you are. 

This way, you can easily add these people as friends, and further market to them.

The problem with that of course, is that it takes WAY too much time.

I’ve tried this in the past, and even though I was able to create a massive friends list of people, who’re in the same niche as I am, it took me months to get to the 5k list and filtering out contacts that weren’t active, was a huge pain in the butt (trust me on this one, you don’t want to do that).

Simple Social Tools, however, allows you to automate this process for you.

In a nutshell, here is how it works:

  • Integrate the tool with your Facebook account
  • On Facebook, search for the profile of a celebrity, brand, or figure in your space. It could be anyone.
  • Look for a post of that influencer that has many likes, comments and interactions
  • Open the tool, and start automatically sending friends requests with it.

Also, there is no need to worry about getting blocked by FaceBook, because the tool has the ability to randomly friends request people within a specific time frame that you can choose, so as to look natural.

You can also put the maximum limit to how many friends you can add to your profile per post or per day. Once this is set, you can go to sleep or just leave the computer running, and you can return to possibly multiple tens of new friends that you can contact, that are hyper-targeted to what you have to offer.

Simple Social Tools Review 2

Features Of Simple Social Tools

Simple Social Tools provide one basic function: Grow your friend’s list on Facebook.

With that said, there are a few intricacies, when it comes to the way the software actually goes out there and follows those people.  Let us take a look at each of the features.

  • Automate adding friends – This is of course, the main feature that the tool provides, which allows you to build your following. You can automate the process of adding friends. this way, without having to spend time actually doing it yourself. FaceBook, allows you to have 5,000 friends at any given time, and you can tell the program to add only a specific number of people per day, as well as set the time interval.

  • Automated messaging – Another great thing that the tool allows you to do, is to send out an automatic message to your new friends. Typically, you have to message each new friend, but Simple Social Tools, allows you to create a message beforehand. This is great, for a couple of reasons. First, people who get your message will most likely check out your profile, straight away after getting the message. If you have a link on your profile, you can possibly get clicks there, very quickly. The second thing it does, it that it creates engagement. This signals to FaceBook, that your interaction with that person, is high, and you’ll be able to reach him or her, a lot easier with your posts later down the line.

  • Delete pending requests – If you sent a friend request to 1,000 people, at any given moment, you’ll not be able to send out more, unless people delete or accept them. Furthermore, if you don’t get a response from people within a certain amount of time…it’s probably best to cancel that request. With the tool, you can delete these requests, so your FB won’t get cluttered, and you can cancel up to 1,000 friend requests at any given time.

  • Automated liking – Another feature that the tool has, is that it allows your account, to automatically like other posts for you. This feature is probably not the strongest, but it does spice things up, and basically increases engagement of your account. The maximum you can like on one go is 100 posts.  

  • Filtering – At some point in time, you’ll probably want to analyze the friends that you have added. Simple Social Tools, allows you to filter information such as date and timestamps. You’ll be able to see how many friends you’ve made in a specific amount of time, which will give you somewhat of an idea, of how well your targeting is doing (depends a bit on your own profile though).

Simple Social Tools Review 3

So, how do all these benefit you?

Here is a list of the benefits I can think of:

  • Be an instant influencer –  Well, it’s not really “instant”…but you get the point. You don’t have to manually do anything to amass a following, and you can literally wake up to hundreds of new targeted friends and messages, potential leads and so on. 
  • Leverage engagement – If you like other people’s posts, you are more likely to get higher engagement, and you’ll be able to see their posts more often. Furthermore, if you send out automatic messages to people, FaceBook will pick up on those interactions, increasing the engagement and reach of your own posts, so that more people can see them.
  • Work while you are asleep – You can set intervals as to how the tool works. If you are targeting an audience that is on the other side of the planet, this tool will help you get engaged at a time when your targeted people are awake.
  • Quickly Connect – Once you have new friends, the next thing you want to do is to tell them why you added them. It is up to you how you want to position yourself. With this tool, you can send a mass message to all your new friends.

The way I see it, the tool is perfect for saving you time and money. Just imagine if you had to add the friends manually, much more so if you send each person a message. Now, instead of hiring a freelancer, just get the tool to do it for you all the time.

Is Simple Social Tools Legit?

The easy answer to this question is, it’s 100% legit.

The Simple Social Tool chrome extension, has been working perfectly ever since it was launched in November 2018 and has sold multiple thousands of copies worldwide.

 The tool was also created by some of the more well-known marketers in the space, who are responsible for a few other “blockbuster” products, and really take their job, creations and customers, seriously.

Simple Social Tools, is also a monthly subscription product, meaning that it’s an on-going product that has customer support, new features, updates, etc…and isn’t going to be left behind, at least for a long time.

So with that said, the software is seriously good.

Simple Social Tools Review 4

Simple Social Tools Pricing

So how much does Simple Social Tools cost? 

Simple Social Tools is sold at $37/month. At this price, you get the following features and benefits:

  • Automated method of adding friends
  • Target specific friends for sending content
  • Send content by location or by niche and interest
  • Remove pending friend requests
  • Automate liking of posts
  • Automate how your page invites people
  • Automate how your page invites people for a watch party

If you buy this now, you are entitled to the upgrades that the developers would introduce later on, with no additional charge.

Buy Simple Social Tools

To get your own copy of Simple Social Tools, all you have to do, is:

  1. Head over to Their Website, Here
  2. Click on any one of the “buy buttons” on that page.
  3. Go through the checkout process
  4. Create your JvZoo account if you don’t already have one.
  5. Access your chrome extension, add it to chrome
  6. Start using the tool!

You can choose to end your subscription, at any given moment in time, and you can contact support through the support contact you get in your email confirmation, at any time you want.

Summary: Simple Social Tools Review

Simple Social Tools is an innovative and extremely useful tool. It addresses two problems—the burden of repetition and the cost of advertising.

For now, it only works on Facebook, though, but I am hoping that soon,the developers can upgrade the tool to work with other social media channels like Twitter, and Instagram, which would be pretty cool.

As I was mentioning in the beginning, I’ve personally spend a LOT of time building and maintaining my personal FaceBook account, back when I started doing affiliate marketing (in fact, FaceBook organic was how I made my first ever $1000 online).

For this reason, I can easily see the value that it provides.

You do lose a bit of control when it comes to exactly who you want to friends request (I used to hone down on each individual person) but the mere fact that you can send instant messages, automatically, is a complete lifesaver, and makes Simple Social Tools extremely worth it and even justifies the monthly plan.

I would highly recommend Simple Social Tools, for pretty much anyone who’s interested in promoting products or growing an audience on FaceBook. And if FaceBook organic is your main thing and you intend to keep it that way, then Simple Social Tools is an absolute must.  

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