Super Affiliate System Review

So, you’re thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer and learning from one of the best around. It’s a great and profitable business that you can tap into and make significant income from. But where do you start? 

Fortunately, there are entrepreneurs out there who designed software systems to help you succeed. Take, for instance, the Super Affiliate System, by John Crestani.

It’s an affiliate marketing training program that will walk you through everything you need to know…and then some.

However, does this system really work? Is it any good? Have people actually gotten results from it? 

In this Super Affiliate System review, I’ll dig deep and find out what Super Affiliate System is, if it works,  I will tell you about its intention, content, features, if it would be worth your money and who should pick it up.  

With that said, let’s get started!

Super Affiliate System Review

Overview Of The Program

So what is the super affiliate system? It’s an online training course, that was made by one of the most successful online marketers and affiliate marketers/entrepreneurs in the world, John Crestani.

The course is a very intensive, very in-depth take on everything affiliate marketing related…that’s for sure.

At first, this may seem like a lot to digest (which might not seem like a big deal, but I can assure you it is), however, if you break it up across 6 weeks, it’s actually easy to manage. 

  • On your first week, you’ll figure out how to get started with affiliate marketing. Mindset, tools, and overview strategies.

  • On your second week, you’ll be guided on finding the niche that fits you and makes you money.  As early as this week, you’ll start to think like an affiliate marketer.

  • On your third week, the program will develop your copywriting. After all, it is an artful craft, and you need to study how to write ad materials that convert. So not only is this something you’ll be using in the ads (which is one of the main strategies that will be taught to you within the program) but you’ll also be able to use it elsewhere.

  • On your fourth week, you’ll learn more about online advertising, and how they work. The lesson is specifically dedicated to Google Ads, you will also get introduced to Facebook ads, the two main and most powerful ads platforms on the internet.

  • By your fifth week, you’ll know how to maximize Google and Facebook ads to your advantage (this involves optimizing, scaling and all of that good stuff).

  • On your sixth week, you’ll learn about processes and systems that will make your business automatic. 

Overall, the course has more than 50 videos, and is pretty much all you need to know, to start making some damage online as an affiliate marketer. There is a high emphasis on the paid aspect of things, so make sure you’ve got a little bit of a budget, to start. 

Super Affiliate System Review 2

This program is excellent due to the fact that it is thorough with its course materials (and it has a bunch of testimonials…which is one of the most important things when it comes to online courses).

Moreover, it equips you to have the edge over other marketers by teaching you how to monetize your affiliate products and pages in various other platforms through material that you can breeze through in a week.

Features and Benefits of The Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System stands out among its competitors due to its focus on mastering the industry through paid ads, like we were mentioning before, and honestly, you’ll want to get into paid ads for faster results, or it can take you a while to see results, otherwise.

But not only does it have information training on local marketing, Google, Facebook, YouTube ads, and is a comprehensive a-to-z affiliate marketing course…it also teaches you other things (more general marketing related) that you’ll take months to figure out on your own. Some of these things include:

  • The marketing method – what you will get here is a guide or a master plan that guides you on how to turn effort into profit in a very short period of time. A highlight, is how to master the “3 P’s”–people, product, and profit, which is something pretty important to know.

  • Finding People – this is focused on where you can find your buyers, and how you could persuade them to take action on what you’re selling. This system teaches us how to locate your consumers and how to convert your ads to sales, after all, if you don’t make people take action, you don’t get paid.

  • The right place – in this module, you will learn where to find your target consumers, so fairly similar in nature to the last. Also, where do you post your advertisements? Well…not only does this program teach you where to do so, but it also provides you with pages that have been pre-built for you, in case you want to use those. 

  • Your Product – one reason marketers fail is that they don’t know what product to sell. In this training, John teaches his students how to choose the right products. There are multitudes of products and services you can market, but what matters is choosing the winner product or service.

    One thing I’m not particularly fond of, is programs teaching you how to promote…the same program. Why would John put emphasis on you promoting his course? Because if you’re successful…it’s “free money” for him, since he’ll get 50% of the profit.

    Thankfully, and as should be with all products of this type, the idea is to leave the door open for you to promote other products, which a lot of the members have done. 

    True…the commissions on the Super Affiliate System, is high, (which is what you want) but not everyone will want to promote it, so it’s definitely something to take into consideration.

Super Affiliate System Review 3
  • Email Swipes – With the email swipes (copy) you’ll be getting, you don’t have to write your own. This is a classic feature for a lot of these courses, and it’s a real-time and money saver. You will receive top-performing sales material and ads which convert provided for free. These are for the SAS program promotion though.

    Once again, the product is worth promoting, for you and for the product creator John Crestani, and so you’ll be given most of the promotional material…for his course. It’s still a great deal though.

  • How to get web traffic – this is a course material in which you find out how to get people to visit your website, landing page, or squeeze page. Very crucial stuff. If you can’t get traffic to your pages, you won’t be able to make any money, easy as that.

Alright, so apart from all of these training videos and information, the program also provides you with a couple of additional bonuses. These are:

  • Ad Credits –Super Affiliate System gives you ad credits for free, that you can use to create your ads without investing your money upfront. After all, you need to put the product you chose where people can see it, and this will help you get comfortable with the ad platforms, and spending money on ads.

  • Buyer Data Set – This bonus, will allow you to upload data about buyers. You can upload this information as a data set on Facebook. In this way, you can finetune the ad-targeting, and you’ll not have burn through hundreds of dollars (like I did in the beginning). You’ll have the pixel data all set!

How Much Does The Super Affiliate System Cost?

Alright, so the big question now is…how much will this cost you?

Over 50 hours of training videos, pre-made pre-sell pages, ad copies, and swipes, free ad credits, buyer data set, and so on—surely, this must cost quite a bit. Super Affiliate System at present time costs $997.

Rest assured, while the training has a competitive price point (although it’s cheaper than some of the other options out there for sure) you’ll still be getting a lot of value for the price. This support system is worth more than $13,000.

Super Affiliate System Review 4
Some of the testimonials for the product

All in all, you’ll be getting:

  • Training -it equips you with the blueprint on mastering the 3 P’s, teaches you how to drive up traffic, and provides you with bonus learning material to give you the edge among competitors.

  • Lifetime Access – This is a given. You can access the system and the course materials this system offers virtually “forever”.

  • Ads that you can copy and paste – Super Affiliate System provides you with top-performing copies as a bonus, saving you money by eliminating the need to hire third-party copywriters.

  • Support all-year round – have any questions? This program will ensure you have the help you need by having accessible support available 24/7.

  • Monthly Calls with John and Team – this can occur as much as 4 times a month. This isn’t pre-recorded content, rather a live coaching call with real-time feedback.

Additionally, you are protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Super Affiliate System Review 5
Some of the done for you ads

Who Is The Super Affiliate System For?

Alright, so who should use the super affiliate system? Not everyone is built for affiliate marketing. It takes a lot of research, effort, and time, but this program may be for you if you are an up-and-coming affiliate marketer and:

  • You understand to some degree how this type of marketing works.
  • You are willing to invest in ads and scale up your business.
  • You are enthusiastic in putting the time in to understand how advertising works.
  • You accept mistakes as challenges to grow as a better affiliate marketer.

In that case, you will have a brilliant support system which helps minimize losses by teaching you techniques such as splitting your ads and testing which one works.

This is a process, by the way, where two varieties of an ad are put to the test to see which works better, and is pretty crucial when it comes to making these strategies work and are also crucial in case you want to promote something else.

Also, the 6-week super affiliate system may be for you if you want to take advantage of the $10,000 challenge within the program.

In this challenge, you are tasked to make $10,000 using the knowledge you earned after finishing the course materials, and if you succeed, you’ll get the money you invested in the system back.

Super Affiliate System Review: Final Verdict

I’ve been making use of the Super Affiliate System for some time now; it’s proven to be worth the hype. I was able to maximize my sales by applying what I learned, and it works well in helping me generate more conversions.

Get it here today and get started on your affiliate marketing journey. I can guarantee from experience that this is your best investment.

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