The Kibo Code Quantum Review. New KILLER Ecom ECourse

Hey there and welcome to The Kibo Code Quantum review! In this post, we’ll be going over the new and exciting Kibo Code program and training course, what it is and what it ain’t, so that you can get a better idea of whether or not to join.

Having had experience with ecommerce myself, i can clearly see why this course is so anticipated and the potential of it. But let’s check it out together, shall we? 😀

The Kibo Code

Firstly, let me start off by saying that there has been no actual inside access to The Kibo Code Quantum training course granted to anyone (because the training will be done live).

As a result, i’ll be discussing it from the information we actually do have available to us, as of right now.

This is actually a good thing however for you future students of the course, because it helps protect the valuable and expensive training from getting stolen, copied, distributed…and so on and so forth, which tends to happen every now and again.

Plus, because i’ve actually done ecommerce in the past, i can already get a slight idea of how it’ll work. So if you’re interested in the program, make sure to keep readin’. 😁

With that said…

What Is The Kibo Code Quantum?

The Kibo Code Quantum is an online training program/course that will be held over an 8-Week period of time that will show you how to make money with a unique style of ecommerce.

That’s right. Ecommerce.

Just like Amazon, ebay, etsy, and the likes…you’ll be selling products online.


Before you run far out into the sunset, never to be heard of or seen by, ever again…let’s put things into perspective.

Ecommerce, is one of those industries that is growing.

And growing and growing and growing.

Every single year…

It has shown no signs of stopping, and since it’s become SO damn popular, mainstream and convenient to buy online…there is now a ton of opportunity for regular people like you and me, to get in and grab a bite of the apple. 

“But i’ve heard that ecommerce is too saturated now. Plus…wouldn’t people just rather buy from Amazon anyways?” 

Well that’s simply…not the case.

There is more and more people buying online than there ever was before (and this is just the beginning)…meaning, there is more and more opportunity for people who are selling, not to mention branching out horizontally with your own brand of products or print on demand…

So yeah, not to worry.

I mean, take the creators of The Kibo Code Quantum Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton, for example.

The Kibo Code 2

They’ve been using these strategies to make millions of dollars, for the past 2 years with little to no competition and completely “under the radar”, even when all the gurus keep saying “ecommerce ain’t what it was 2 years back”.

Their strategy is a bit different though…

What makes The Kibo Code Quantum strategy so different, is that it’s MUCH faster and easier to implement than the more common methods (i’ll talk a bit more about this later).

There is no Amazon, Facebook or Inventory needed. And yes, literally anyone can make money with it.

Now, the method inside the training is based on a model that was made famous in brick and mortar stores in Tokyo, Japan, to sell every single type of product imaginable.

Essentially, what they’d do is: fill their stores up with products, they’d see which ones sell and which ones don’t, they put the better selling products in more visible areas and they’d remove the products that don’t sell well from the store completely.

And from there, they’d basically repeat this strategy, over and over. Remove, replace and re-optimize.  This way, they make their profits shoot through the roof, and make a ton of money in the process.

Pretty cool right? 🙂

So…will you have to have your own brick and mortar store to do this?

Heck no! You’ll be doing something similar, but online. It’s WAY way easier and faster (because there is also a lot more done for you). Lets’ take a look at the different steps that make up the training program.

The Kibo Code 3
Your instructors. Aidan and Steve.

How Does The Kibo Code Quantum Work?

The steps of The Kibo Code Quantum method are as follows:

  1. First you’ll get a generic domain. This is going to be your store name, and an actual property that you’ll own. Kinda like this exact website here…only cooler cause it’ll be a store (you’ll get a tool to help you out with that too).

  2. You’ll import a high converting theme to the store, which takes literally no time at all. There are pre made templates that upload whole store themes in seconds. 

  3. Next, and with the use of a software, you’ll pinpoint profitable products from a selection of about 3 million items. You’ll not be as focused on your niche or store…but more on the actual products that are selling.

  4. You’ll load your site up with these products.

  5. You’ll send traffic over to the products using “untapped” underutilized and underground traffic sources (no idea what these are to be honest, but sounds exciting!).

  6. When you make sales, other USA-based suppliers (this is key), send the product out to the customers directly. This means you don’t have to contact anyone, have any inventory or do any shipping or handling yourself. The products also get to the customers SUPER fast, because they’re already in the USA.

  7. Optimization. This is the part where you’ll remove non winning products and adding newer products that work. You’ll thus, be scaling up, since you’ll be removing the bad “weeds”, so to speak, and you’ll be planting newer seeds.

There are additional elements to it…but his is the basic process

Essentially though, you’ll be dropshipping. You’ll be selling products that you don’t own at a set price. Once you make a sale, you’ll buy the product from the supplier in the USA at a lower cost, which will then send the product out to your customers on your behalf.

And you’ll pocket the difference. 😉

The Kibo Code 4
Example general store fresh template. I suspect students will be taught how to create similar stores, but with “viral” products.

My Opinion On The Kibo Code Quantum

As someone who has done ecommerce before and failed miserably at it because i had no idea what the heck i was doing…i can tell you that the “traditional” Shopify dropshipping + Facebook ads that everyone and their mom teaches online…is NOT easy at all.

Far from it…

You have to talk to (and negotiate with) chinese suppliers, get virtual assistants to help you with fulfilment and deal with returns on products that take 2 weeks to reach their customers, (in a world where Amazon gets to you in 2 days)…and a lot more stuff that you don’t want to hear about. 

And this is precisely NOT what The Kibo Code Quantum is

The Kibo Code Quantum is designed to make things easier. Not harder…mkay?

✅ There are no Facebook ads involved (HUGE). 
✅ No snail-paced slow shipping (a game-breaker).
✅ No foreign suppliers involved.
✅ No warehouses or Amazon.
✅ No inventory and stock shenanigans.
✅ No “1 product store” strategy (which can be a bit hit or miss to be honest).

And by the way, this last part is me speculating, because i’m not 100% sure…

But since you’ll be “importing themes” to your stores, that indicates to me that you’ll probably be using WordPress with some ecom plugin like woocommerce. Maybe you’ll use themes like the astra starter themes, (which are amazing) and you’ll probably not touch Shopify at all. But i might be wrong…

Basically…The Kibo Code Quantum is all i would have wanted my first eCom training to be like: The juicy done for you stores, products, and suppliers…with none of the problems.

Students of The Kibo Code Quantumwill get: The software, the storefront templates, product pages and databases, tools and a control center, the support, community, the coaching and a lot more to make this strategy and method, a complete homerun.

There is no reason why literally anyone even without experience can’t come in and be massively successful with this strategy. It’s ecommerce done in a way that people aren’t used to doing.

Instead they follow the pack, start dropshipping from China with facebook ads, and are out of the game in a week because of the complexity…you don’t want that.

With The Kibo Code Quantum:

✅ You’ll get the store templates that already work, which saves you a TON of time. 
✅ You’ll get suppliers within the USA which drastically decreases shipping time, and eliminates foreign suppliers.
✅ You’ll know what products to put on your store, and not waste time or money “testing stuff” (like i’ve had to with “traditional” ecommerce).
✅ You’ll get access to an underground traffic source that is very likely not as ruthless as Facebook ads. 

The most important part of all of this, in my opinion…is that not only do the creators have the earnings to back up the strategy…but their beta-testers have also gotten massive results, and they’ve had incredible testimonials too.

This is absolutely crucial…

Whenever any online training programs are involved (especially the ones that are oriented towards making money online) it’s almost essential to have the students do well with it, and not just the guy or gal who’s “already done it” that is now teaching it.

Aidan and Steven have been around for tens of years, have had multiple successful products and training courses launched, and have had tons and tons of success students and testimonials. No “rasing of the red flag” here.


Alrighty folks, that would be the end of this The Kibo Code Quantum review. I hoped that it was insightful. 😀

The Kibo Code Quantum is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the greatest in the business, that have gotten both results for themselves, as for their students in a super wide open and highly lucrative business model that is dropshipping.

As i mentioned earlier, and without having full access to the training (since it will be live), i can be almost certain that this training will be essentially dropshipping from local fulfillment centers in the USA, using a general store on a wordpress site, and a non facebook ads source of traffic…which is a SUPER clever way of doing things, for sure.

Having done dropshipping myself, i can say that NOT shipping from china, and NOT using facebook ads is a huge huge advantage. A lot of people do it that way and it’s very challenging. In fact i would go as far as to say it’s way too technical and complicated to do anymore especially if you’re starting out.

Customers don’t want to wait 2 weeks for the products to arrive, and facebook ads will eat your ad budget alive if you don’t know what you’re doing…so getting access to Steve and Aidan’s training, softwares and alternative strategy, will for sure boost your chance of success, massively.

So, if all of this dropshipping sounds exciting to you, i suggest you give Kibo Code Quantum a go here. It truly is a really cool opportunity to be a part of something awesome, that doesn’t come around very often.

Have a great one!

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