Viddyoze Price 2022. How Much Does Viddyoze Cost?

How much does Viddyoze cost? What are the different Viddyoze pricing plans? 

In this short article, I’ll be going over the Viddyoze price, updated for 2022, so that you know exactly the costs of this video animation software, and which option is the best one for you. 

Let’s check it out.

First Off, What Is Viddyoze?

If you’re on this page, you’re probably aware of what Viddyoze is, but in case you aren’t, Viddyoze is a video animation software builder that gives you the ability to create short video animations and clips fast, easily and in super high-quality fashion.

It’s a cloud-based video animation app that includes a plethora of pre-made video animation templates, that you can use to create a myriad of different projects like video intros, outros, call to actions, transparent overlays…and much much more. 

Intros and outros, in particular are all the buzz right now, and are pretty much a must when it comes to creating brandable videos on platforms like Youtube or Wistia. 

If you want to learn more about Viddyoze, I’ve made a complete Viddyoze review article here, in which I go over everything and show an example. 

Viddyoze Price and Pricing Options (Updated For 2022). 

Alright, with that said, what is the Viddyoze price, price points, price plans and so forth?

Well, there are currently actually only 2 different Viddyoze price points, these are:

Apart from this, Viddyoze also offers 2 additional, optional upgrades, which are:

Let’s look at what each of the Viddyoze plans and upgrades cost, as well as what they offer.

Viddyoze Personal License – $77 (One Time)

This is the most basic Viddyoze plan, at $77 one time price, with no monthly fees or subscription costs. 

If you take into consideration that a lot of people who sell video animation creation services, for example on sites like will charge upwards of $150, for a single animation…Viddyoze Personal License, would already kinda be worth it.

What do you get with the personal license? You get:

✅ Access to the world’s #1 automated video automation software plus all the features (Viddyoze, of course).
✅ Up to 30 renders per month.
✅ Unlimited usage rights on personal videos.
170 Pro templates.
✅ FREE lifetime updates and support.
✅ 60 Day money-back guarantee.
✅ Access to the FaceBook group with +33K members.

Still at 30 renders per month, you’ll still get a lot of bang for your buck, compared to any other animation building software out there, not to mention the Fiverr sellers.

To get Viddyoze Personal License, you can click on the button below.

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Viddyoze Commercial License  -$97 (One Time)

The Viddyoze commercial lifetime license, fairly similar to the personal license, except that it’s priced at $97 one time, and will be giving you some of the same features as the Viddyoze Personal License:

✅ Access to the world’s #1 automated video automation software plus all the features.
✅ Unlimited usage rights on personal videos.
170 Pro templates.
✅ FREE lifetime updates and support.
✅ 60 Day money back guarantee.
✅ Access to the FaceBook group with +33K members.

But also, will be offering you, for the very cheap price of an additional $20, all of the following:

✅ Unlimited renders each and every month (Uncapped).
✅ Unlimited usage rights on client videos.
BONUS 1:The “reverse sales method” course
BONUS 2: The Youtube Profits Elevator course 

Without a doubt, I’d personally recommend you get the Viddyoze Commercial License, instead of the Viddyoze Personal license. Even if you never intend on selling your video services, the mere fact that you’ll have unlimited renders, instead of being capped at 30 renders per month, plus the 2 awesome bonuses…make it well worth the additional $20, in my opinion.

Viddyoze Price

Viddyoze Template Club – $37/Month

The Viddyoze Template Club is a monthly service and one time offer/ upgrade to either of the licenses, which will give you over 700 exclusive premium templates for you to choose from, which date all the way back to 2015.

Apart from this, you’ll also be getting 15 additional templates each and every month, to keep things fresh.

Also, if you’ve chosen to buy the Viddyoze Personal License, the Viddyoze Template Club, will automatically upgrade the amount of renders you’ll be able to do, from 30 per month, to the Commerical “unlimited” amount of renders, so it’s a pretty good deal.

The Viddyoze Template Club, has a refund policy of 30 day money back guarantee. So if you’re unhappy with the templates you’ll be getting access to (plus the 700 that you’ll already be getting) you can ask for a refund.

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Viddyoze Agency – $260/Month

The Viddyoze Agency offer, the final upgrade available within the Viddyoze package, and is more dedicated to people who want to take video animation marketing, to the next level and is not recommended for everyone, but more so for groups of people, teams or actual agencies (hence the name).

This offer gives you access to the same features as the basic licenses: Unlimited rendering, complete premium template library, etc.

But also gives you some incredible features like:

✅ One-click watermarks
✅ Unlimited downloads
✅ Exclusive multi rendering (to render up to 10 videos at once)
✅ Palettes and groups
✅ White label technology
✅ 10x Agency course with over 22 hours of masterclasses, workshops, case studies and how-tos
✅ 10 Reseller seats, to sell Viddyoze and make a passive income stream

And a bunch of other stuff like social media training, podcasts, copywriting training, Viddyoze template club (which will be deducted from the price if you’ve already got it) and more.

Viddyoze Price 2


So there you have it everyone, those are the different Viddyoze pricing plans, updated for 2022.

Just today, I’ve spoken to customer and partner support, to make sure that these are the updated prices, so rest assured these are correct. In fact, Viddyoze Agency license, used to be $297/month up until very recently.

If you want to start using Viddyoze as soon as today, you can click on this link here, or on any one of the buttons on this page, which should take you to the sales page, where you can get started.

Have a great one!

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