What Are The ClickFunnels Pricing Packages?

So you’ve narrowed the different options of funnel building softwares out there, to just one, ClickFunnels. But what are the ClickFunnels pricing packages?

In this post, we’ll go over the different plans, how much they cost, and what you’ll get with each one.

What Are The ClickFunnels Pricing Packages

ClickFunnels Pricing Packages

As of right now, the pricing packages for ClickFunnels, are as follows:

ClickFunnels Starter 

The pricing for this plan is $97/month

This is the starter, and most commonly used plan. It allows for up to 20 funnels, 100 pages (individual pages for example, inside the funnels), up to 20.000 visitors and 3 custom domains.

You also have all the integrations, the funnel templates and everything you need to make it fully functional. The difference with the premium version is mainly in that it’s a bit more limited in terms of use (because of the number of funnels that are allowed), and a bit less features, but it’s great for starting out.

ClickFunnels Platinum

This is the ClickFunnels Platinum is the premium and unlimited version of ClickFunnels, and it costs $297/month.

This is the premium version of the service, and it allows for unlimited funnels, pages, visitors, up to 9 domains, it allows you to create affiliate programs through the ClickFunnels Backpack, you get priority support, and a couple More Great Features.

This plan is great for those users who have multiple products or services on sale, if you’re building funnels for other people, if you need more capacity for the amount of traffic you’re sending, and so on.

Funnel Builder Secrets

Apart from these two, which are the main subscription plans for the service, there are some pricing packages that ClickFunnels gives out, on some of Its Premium Offers.

The offer i’m speaking about, is Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is a more “meaty”, more “all in” offer, that ClickFunnels has come out with, that give you access to either 6 months or 12 months of ClickFunnels for free, depending on which offer you choose to get.

I chose to include it in this post, since it’s also another way to get hold of the ClickFunnels software, that not many people are aware of, but it helps save some money, for those of you who know that you’ll be using the platform for sure. ?

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The pricing for Funnel Builder Secrets, is a bit on the higher side, but it does cover for the cost of the software, for that amount of time, which makes it a good choice if you’re going to be using ClickFunnels for a longer period of time, like i’ve mentioned before. It’s basically like a glorified discount, and the cheapest price in the long run.

The pricing for these, are $1,997, $2,997 and $5,997. The difference between the first offer and the second, is 6 months worth of ClickFunnels, and the difference between the second offer and the third, is that you get 8 weeks of funnel training from a certified coach.

A bit expensive, but like we said, any one of the plans already cover the software cost. Notice that all three options give you ClickFunnels enterprise, and that the $1,997 plan only offers 6 months for free, while the other 2 plans offer a whole 12 months for free.

Which ClickFunnels Plan Is The Best?

To answer this question, it really depends on what you’re using the platform for…

If you’re going to be using multiple funnels or pages, you’ll quickly see why you’d need to choose the premium platinum plan, since the basic plan only allows for up to 20 funnels, which is not a lot.

If you want to test out the platform, you don’t see yourself creating more than 1 funnel, you know that you won’t have too many visitors coming in or you don’t even want to create a product in the first place…then the basic version is really all you need. A lot of marketers have bootstrapped and started off their online business using only the basic plan.

If you’re in it for the long haul however, then i would recommend you get one of the Funnel Builder Secrets packs. Not only does it give you the Platinum (unlimited version) of ClickFunnels for free, for up to 12 months, but it also gives you a ton of other cool resources, like traffic secrets and the script software Funnel scripts…but you also have a 30 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk involved.

Finally, here is a video of the different price comparisons. Note that “actionetics” is no longer offered by ClickFunnels, and the Etison plan, has now been rebranded and now is called ClickFunnels Platinum. 


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