What Is Helium 10 Platinum Plan? All There Is To Know

If you’ve been looking at doing business on the Amazon.com marketplace, whether that be by selling your own product, selling someone else’s products, looking for market trends, hot products, up-and-coming products, or are simply doing keyword research to scratch an itch…chances are, the Helium 10 platform, has a tool or feature, to help you out with that.

In this post, we’ll be going over one of the main questions we get, regarding Helium 10, especially from those people who’re already aware of the platform but want to know more, which is: “What is Helium 10 platinum?”.

Even though we’ll be going over the Helium 10 platinum plan question, I’ve already written a more comprehensive and detailed Helium 10 review here, if you want to know more about the tools, the pricing, the features and so on, at a later time.

With that said, let’s dive in.

What Is Helium 10 Platinum Plan

What Is Helium 10?

If you’re looking for the Helium 10 platinum plan…then chances are of course, you’re already familiar with the Helium 10 platform.

But in case you aren’t, I’ll make a quick little introduction to what it basically is.

Helium 10 is a software as a service (SAAS) platform, that agglomerates or bundles together, a whole slew of different tools and resources, and that gives you everything you need when it comes to selling products on the Amazon.com marketplace.

The platform, has tools that allow you to do competition research, find possible buyer keywords, find trending products, see the amount of products sales, organic positions, paid positions, find hot categories, check analytics on your own products, do email marketing, deal with refunds, and a whole bunch of different things, that I’d need another article to mention.   

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

Alright so with that said…what is Helium 10 platinum plan?

The Helium 10 platinum plan, is the cheapest basic plan available to you inside the platform, which gives you access to all of the tools of the platform as a bundle.

Helium 10 has a few different pricing options.

One of these is the Free plan, which gives you access to a less powerful version of all of the tools. Yes, you’ll be given access to all of the tools to test them out…but you’ll be pretty limited in the amount of times you can use it (and in some cases like the Helium 10 Cerebro you’ll be very limited). 

Another option is the “Ala Carte” option, which gives you the possibility to handpick the tools you’d like to use, from most of the tools in the platform (not all of them), but which will make them individually cost a bit more, than what you’d pay for them all together (the more flexibility, the more the price increase).

The Helium 10 platinum plan, however, goes for $97/month straight up, and as we mentioned before, doesn’t limit you to the amount of tools you’ll have access to.

It basically gives you all of the tools, at a cheaper price than what 2 or 3 handpicked tools (ala carte option) would cost you, and without limiting you whatsoever.

Different Helium 10 pricing options

With that said, the more expensive Helium 10 plans, like the diamond or the elite, give you more bandwidth to work with, in the case of some of the tools like the email follow-up, index checker and keyword tracker…so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

What Can You Do With The Helium 10 Platinum?

Black Box – Unlimited usage
Trendster – Unlimited usage
Magnet2 – Unlimited usage
Cerebro – Unlimited usage
Frankenstein – Unlimited usage
Scribbles – Unlimited usage

As far as these tools go, the Helium 10 platinum plan, allows you to used them, an unlimited amount of times. No holds barred.

Index Checker – 150 uses/month
Keyword Tracker – up to 2,500 keywords
Alerts – 300 ASINs

When it comes to the Index checker, keyword tracker and alert tools, there is a limit to the amount of usage you can get off of them, with this particular plan. If you decide to choose a higher plan, then you’ll get more mileage off of your tools.

Inventory Protection – Unlimited usage
Refund Genie – Unlimited usage
Xray – Unlimited usage
Profits – Unlimited usage

Same thing as before. For the Helium 10 Platinum plan, there is no restriction for these tools.

Follow-up – Up to 5,000 emails/month.
Multi-User Login – Not available. Only for Diamond and Elite Helium 10 members.
Monthly Training – Not available. Only available for the Helium 10 Elite members.
In-Person Workshops – Not available. Only available for the Helium 10 Elite members. 
Access to private Facebook Group – Not available. Only available for the Helium 10 Elite members.
Freedom ticket training – Available.

Is Helium 10 Platinum Worth It?

So is the Helium 10 Platinum plan worth it? 

That is going to come down to how much you think you’re going to be using the platform. 

  • If you’re interested in only testing the platform out, and aren’t really ready to commit yet, then I would first recommend you try out the free Helium 10 version first. Even though you’ll be fairly limited to what you can do, you’ll still get to know the platform, learn it in and out, and see if it’s something that you want to get more involved in, as well as try out the tools to see if they fit you.

  • If you only want to make use of one or two particular tools, and you know that you’ll not be needing more than that (maybe you’re working as a freelancer or specifically are interested in, for example, keyword research), then the ala carte option, will both, give you what you need, and be the cheapest option.

  • If you’re serious about doing anything Amazon-seller related, then I would highly recommend getting the Helium 10 Platinum plan at the very least. It’s a great option, since you’ll already get access to all of the tools, of one of the most powerful all-in-one Amazon solutions out there. You’ll not get limited to what you can do, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out, if you decide to try out only 1 or 2 tools (through the ala carte plan, which can become more expensive than the Platinum version, with as little as 2 or 3 tools). You can get a Helium 10 Platinum discount here. You can choose from 10% off for the first year, or 50% off for the first month by using our coupon code PABLO10 or PABLO50, respectively.

If you want to learn more about the Helium 10 platform, make sure to check out our complete Helium 10 review article, here.


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