What Types Of Businesses Should Use ClickFunnels

Heard of the powerful funnel building software ClickFunnels, but want to know what types of businesses should use ClickFunnels and which ones shouldn’t?

In this post, we’ll go over which businesses get the most benefits out of the software, why that is, and which ones should probably consider something else.

What Is ClickFunnels

So Who Needs ClickFunnels?

What types of businesses should use ClickFunnels, and which ones should probably not take it into consideration?

Well…the truth is, pretty much every business out there could use ClickFunnels… but to make it a little bit more realistic, i’d say ClickFunnels is an awesome solution for any business that has an online presence exclusively, or heavily relies on getting new customers to grow. 

The key point here, is the “online” bit. ?

From gyms, restaurants, chiropractors, real estate agents, dentists, and the likes…any business that operates online, could use the help of this powerful funnel building software to increase ROI, or essentially just to keep being profitable.

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Ever since the internet, it’s become clear and crucial that, to stay in business to become recognized and to keep growing as a company, you’ll need to be online (for the most part, there might be some cases which this is not true though).

To do this however, you’d need to have at least a website, since that was how people used to find you and buy your products and services.

In recent years though, the attention span of humans has gone below that of fish (hooray!) and having just a plain old website, just won’t do the trick any longer (which by the way, needs to also be mobile optimized, because mobile is now over 60% of online traffic).

This is because, traditional websites are not optimized for any specific action. Your visitors that reach your website, can wander and look around for a while, but most of them will leave without buying anything, without scheduling a call or giving you some other way to contact them back, which will cost you that potential customer.

So if you combine: Advertising costs going up each year because more and more people are going online, with the fact that customers are losing interest because they’re landing on a website that looks ugly or takes too long to load, and companies not being able to adapt and see the bigger picture…then it’s no wonder so many are going out of business. 

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What ClickFunnels allows you to do, is have people who visit your site, land on a page that doesn’t allow for many options and that is optimized for conversions (amongst other things it can do). By conversions, we mean taking a specific action, like for example scheduling a call or an appointment, giving out their contact information or buying a product.

This way, and since the visitor can either complete the action, or leave the page, the effectiveness of the pages go up tremendously. 

It’s known that the less amount of options you have, the easier it is to make a decision. Right? If you had 145 shades of 5 different colors to choose from, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and you won’t make a decision. You’d have to “think about it”.

What Is ClickFunnels 4
Customers wandering around your site, vs going through a ClickFunnels funnel

What if you only had 3 colors? Things become much easier, and you’ll take the blue one. This is the “effect” that websites have on customers, versus, what a page that is optimized for conversions, have on customers.

See the difference?

As a result, you get more leads and sales, out of all the same traffic, and you can now even be more comfortable sending paid traffic to these pages and stop sending paid ads directly to your store front, like there is still hundreds of thousands of stores and businesses, doing. Sound good?

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Take Apple.com.

Their website is basically what we’re mentioning. If you head over to the page, because there are so many options, you’ll very likely not end up buying anything (unless you’re looking for something specific). In fact, you most definitely WON’T buy anything, if you’re just browsing around.

They’ve got different devices, designs, colors…it’s just a lot.

Would you send paid traffic over to a site that looks like this? Probably not. That’s why they don’t do it either (well…not that they even have to, but you get the point). They do, however, do other types of ads, to more specific offers, that are going to convert better than sending them to the homepage.

What Types Of Businesses Should Use ClickFunnels 2

Why Use ClickFunnels?

Well, in addition to what was mentioned before regarding the fact that the ClickFunnels pages are optimized for conversions (which i think is the most important part honestly).

✅ ClickFunnels saves you time and money. Also because of what was mentioned earlier!

✅ They have scientifically proven, and traffic tested funnel templates, that you can download and modify at will. This also saves you money and time, because you get to use what’s already been working for other people.

It’s easy to use. They’re top of the food chain when it comes to building sales funnels, for a reason. It just has to be simple and easy to use, which it is.

✅ The effectiveness of the funnels works for getting more leads, selling more physical products, more digital products, for selling webinars and even for promoting a brand. So it’s very broad in what it can accomplish. 

Check out this video by Ruan, in which he goes over how to build a sales funnel with ClickFunnels, from 0.


ClickFunnels is an awesome software that pretty much any business that has any sort of online presence should heavily consider investing in. From ecommerce stores and dropshipping, to brick and mortar businesses, services and more, a lot of things become a lot easier with the software.

Even though there are some Cheaper Alternatives out there, it might sometimes cost you a lot more to not choose the highest quality product, than what you might think that you’ll save by not going for it the first time (happened to me!).

All in all, ClickFunnels is a great solution to online business owners and entrepreneurs. You should definitely give it a go. ?

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