ZonBase Free Trial And How To Get One

Looking to get started with ZonBase, but you want to start with a free trial before actually committing to the software all the way through?

In this post, I’ll be going over how to get a ZonBase free trial, what it is, what you can do with it, and what you can expect from the software in the future, if it’s something you’d be interested in getting.

Let’s go.

ZonBase Free Trial

What Is ZonBase?

Before we go into how to get a ZonBase free trial and what it is all about, let’s first dive into what the ZonBase tool actually is.

ZonBase is an online software as a service company (SAAS company) that hosts different sets of tools, that allow you to increase and optimize your sales and the sales of your products, on the Amazon.com marketplace, specifically.

It’s basically an agglomeration of tools that allow for competition analysis, keyword research, product research, listing optimization, and a bunch of other features and services, like done for you pay per click campaigns, coaching and even photography services for your products (although these last 3 offers are independent of the tools).


ZonBase is a great set of tools, that will help you save time and money, by showing you:

  • What products are trending and up and coming.
  • What products are selling the best (sales volumes).
  • What keywords your competition is targeting (competition gap).
  • How to properly list your products.
  • Giving you a research tool that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, much more.

It’s a great way for both beginner sellers, and veteran sellers, to get a leg up on the competition, to get more sales faster and also scale up your efforts. 

ZonBase Free Trial: How To Get One

To get a ZonBase free trial, all you have to do is:

  • Head over to the ZonBase Site, Here. or by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page.
  • Click on the top right corner of the screen, once you get there. (it should say “get started for free”).
ZonBase Free Trial 2
Sign up for a ZonBase Free Trial, by heading over to their site and clicking on the button at the top right
    • Next, you’ll want to add your name and email address to start the account creation process, as per the image below.
ZonBase Free Trial 3
Add your information here
  • After that, you’ll be able to choose which plan you’re interested in trying out.

    There are two different plans, these are the ZonBase Standard plan, and the ZonBase Legendary plan.

    -The Standard plan, gives you a limited amount of searches you can do, with each of the tools, and doesn’t give you the ZonBase chrome extension.

    -Legendary Plan, gives you basically an unlimited amount of searches, plus the extension.

    I would recommend the Legendary Plan, because you can try out the platform in its entirety.

    You will not be paying anything to get started with your free 7 day free trial. This option is to not have to discontinue the service, if you decide to keep using it, after your 7 day free trial is up. You can downgrade or cancel your subscription on demand, by contacting the ZonBase support, inside of your account.

    The ZonBase standard plan is $47/month on the monthly plan (or $37/month if you choose an annual option) and the Legendary option is $97/month (or $67/month, if you choose the annual option).
ZonBase Free Trial 4
Different ZonBase subscription options. You don’t have to pay anything to try out the software
  • After choosing your plan, you’ll then need to add your payment information in the form of a credit card (as you can see from the image below), and you’ll also get the option to buy a Amazon course as a one time offer option. 

    This is the only other time you’ll have the option of seeing this offer, it’s basically a course that teaches you how to manage FBA businesses for other people and it’s price is $37 one time.

  • Finally, you can also enter a promotional code, if you have any, and you have to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, by ticking the box on their form.
ZonBase Free Trial 5
Final steps of the account set up process

After you’ve completed this step, you’ll be granted the ability to sign up to a free coaching call with one of the coaches from within the platform, that will help get you started on the right foot, when it comes to the platform and what you want to accomplish with it.

Pretty straight forward.

ZonBase Free Trial: What Can You Do With It?

So now you’ve got yourself a ZonBase free trial….but what can you actually accomplish with it?

Well, depending on the option you’ve chosen, you’ll get a different limit when it comes to the tools, very similar to other keyword research tool software and products out there. The more robust the plan you’ve chosen, the less limitations you’ll get.

Also, if you’ve chosen to test drive the ZonBase software on the Standard plan, you’ll NOT be able to get the ZonBase chrome extension.

More specifically, you’ll be getting access to:

  • ZonResearch: 10 searches/day for the Standard option, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary option.

  • Keyword Research: 10 searches/day on the Standard plan, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary plan.

  • Reverse ASIN: 10 products/day for the Standard plan, and 250 products/day for the Legendary option.

  • ZonTracker: 40 tracked keywords/day for the Standard plan, and 1000 tracked keywords/day for the Legendary option.

  • Sales Estimator40 products/day for the Standard option, and 1000 products/day on the Legendary option.

  • Hot Products10 searches/day on the Standard plan, and 250 searches/day for the Legendary option.

  • Listify10 searches/day on the Standard option, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary option.

NOTE: Like we were mentioning before, the ZonBase Chrome extension, is only available for the ZonBase Legendary Plan, and it’s something to keep in mind when choosing your ZonBase free trial option. You can always upgrade your account, later on, to get it (or downgrade your account if you want to go back to the Standard option).

 NOTE 2:  Also keep in mind that the additional services that ZonBase has available to you (done for you PPC, coaching, etc), are separate from the tools that you’ll be getting and can be purchased on their own.

In addition to this you’ll be getting a different pricing structure for each of the different services, depending on the current ZonBase plan you have.

So for example, you’ll be getting a better deal on the done-for-you PPC campaigns if you’re a ZonBase Legendary Plan account holder, than if you were a ZonBase Standard account holder, which is something to keep in mind.  

ZonBase Free Trial Conclusion

As you can see ZonBase is a great option for Amazon sellers, small and big alike, since it allows for flexibility and a huge array of different tools and options to help you sell more.

You can dip your feets in with the free trial and save a ton of money and time with the Standard option, or really take things to the next level with the Legendary plan, depending on your current situation. 

If you want to learn more about ZonBase, the different tools and what each of them do, as well as more on the different services that they have available to you, you can head over to my complete ZonBase review here.

Other than that, you can create a ZonBase Free Trial, by heading over to this link here, or by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page.

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