ZonBase Review 2022. Best Amazon Product Finder Tool?

Looking for an all in one solution to your Amazon seller needs? Want to learn more about this amazing Amazon “swiss army knife” tool called ZonBase?

In this ZonBase review, I’ll be going over absolutely everything regarding the software.

We’ll be going over exactly what all the functions are, what the pricing is, what the add ons are, what the different services are…and pretty much anything and everything in between so that you know if the ZonBase software, is a product worth getting.

Let’s check it out!

ZonBase Review

ZonBase Review: Table Of Content

ZonBase Review: What Is ZonBase?

So what is ZonBase?

ZonBase is a SAAS (Software as a service) product, that allows you to essentially sell more of your products, on Amazon.com, and do so more effectively than ever before. It allows you to save time on keyword research, correct product listings and also allows you to find “golden nugget” products, amongst other things.

It does this by providing you with a wide variety of super-powerful tool, which allow you to do things like:

  • Show you expected monthly search volumes for different products.
  • Show you the keywords your competition is ranking for, and the actual rankings for that keyword on the Amazon.com first page.
  • Show you the estimated amount of sales for a specific product.
  • Show you hot and high volume selling, undiscovered products.
  • Show you products that have a high search and low seller competition.
  • Set up keyword-optimized listings, based on your competition.

And much much more.

What Are The ZonBase Tools?

So we’ve briefly mentioned some of the things you can do with the ZonBase tools…now let’s now look at every single one of the tools available to you inside of the ZonBase software dashboard, and what each and every one of them does.

The tools are:

  • ZonBase Chrome Extension
  • ZonResearch
  • Keywords (Keyword Research)
  • Reverse ASIN
  • ZonTracker
  • Sales Estimator
  • Hot Products
  • Listify

ZonBase also has a few additional tools, like the product validator and listing optimizer that come included, and also has 4 distinct services, which are add-ons and can be purchased as upgrades, separately from within the platform.

These 4 services are “done for you”, premium offers, and are: PPC Autopilot, Photo Enhancer, PageOne and ZonBase Mentorship. I’ll be discussing them separately, a bit further down the line.

ZonBase Review 2
ZonBase user dashboard and tools plus done for you services

ZonBase Chrome Extension

The ZonBase chrome extension, is the most widely used tool within the platform.

To use it, you’ll simply need to install the extension onto your Chrome browser (which takes a few seconds to do) and apply it on whichever Amazon product page you want.

When on Amazon, the chrome extension image will turn orange, and by clicking it, you’ll be able to see a bunch of information on the product, like monthly sales, revenue, price, category, title, number of reviews, the smart score.

Amongst other things…

In addition to that, the tool will show you the top 5 ranking keywords for the specific product you’re investigating, through the use of their reverse ASIN interface, by clicking on the sales history graph.

This extension tool is super powerful, and gives you a bunch of useful information to work with.

ZonBase Review 3
ZonBase chrome extension plugin in action

ZonResearch Product Finder

This tool will easily allow you to search through all of the products in the Amazon database using some pretty advanced filter options.

There are 2 sections inside the ZonResearch features: Product search and Keyword search.

You can search inside any marketplace (USA, Canada, and UK) and you can check the different categories, and filter through price, monthly revenues, sales and also choose a preset filter.

ZonResearch also excludes bigger bands, so that you’ll only be shown products that are selling, that you can actually create a competition for.

The keyword section, allows you to see the information, on page 1, that a certain product gets.

You’ll be able to know, how many reviews you’ll need to be able to compete, how many monthly searches you’d get, what the expected sales volume is, and how many sales per month you’re expected to get.

ZonBase Review 4
ZonResearch tool

Keyword Research

The keyword research tool is a crucial part of the software, and will allow you to find high in-demand keywords, with little competition. 

Getting the correct keywords…is extremely important, and can make or break your campaigns.

There is nothing worse than working your butt off …just to realize the keyword you’re working towards, is a complete loser.

With this feature, you’ll be able to enter any keywords that you want, and you’ll get the estimated monthly searches that term, as well as the number of competing sellers in what is denoted as the “keywords score”.

The higher the score, the better, since it essentially means that the amount of searches vs sellers, is highly tilted towards the searches side of things. 

You’ll also be shown a seasonal chart which will show you searches versus time throughout the year and related searches that people who searched that search have also searched for.

Also, you’ll be able to see related keywords to that particular search. This is slightly different…but also super valuable since it’ll help you find keywords that you might have missed.

This is where you’ll find the “golden nugget” products. You’ll get the monthly estimated searches, the score for these products, and, an idea of how relevant it is to the search you’ve originally made.

ZonBase Review 5
ZonBase keyword research tool

Reverse ASIN

This tool allows you to reverse engineer what your competitors’ most profitable keywords are, so that you can get a piece of the action.

The reverse ASIN uncovers the keywords that any product is ranking for on Amazon.

This will allow you to go after some of the keywords (that you probably weren’t aware of) that your competitors are ranking for.

I get this done to my website all the time…it’s a pain in the ass. So yeah, a super powerful tool, without a doubt.

All you have to do to get the information, is get the ASIN number of the product that is most similar to yours and add it onto the tool. Here are the steps:

  1. Head over to Amazon.com, find the product that you’re interested in learning more about.
  2. Get the URL of that product
  3. Add in onto the reverse ASIN tool.
  4. Activate the tool

That’s it!

The tool will spit out to you, all of the keywords that this product is ranking for, for page 1, page 2…and so on, as you can see from the image below.

ZonBase Review 6
ZonBase Reverse ASIN tool

Essentially, if you want to sell a similar product to the one in your search, these are the keywords that you should be including (or targeting for example, if you’re doing PPC campaigns).


The ZonTracker is another super cool tool, that allows you to check the rankings, of a set of keywords, and see how these ranking fluctuate with time.

For this, you’ll need a product ASIN, which could be your own, or your competitors, and you’ll need a keyword or a set of keywords that you’re interested in tracking.

The software goes out on a daily basis, tracks the keywords, records exactly where that keyword is ranking, and it then shows you the information in a graph.

You can also choose to get a daily email with the information, and you can edit, add, and remove keywords as you wish.

A really neat thing you can do, is use ZonTracker in combination with Reverse ASIN to find the keywords of the competitor products and then track them through ZonTracker.

ZonBase Review 7
ZonBase ZonTracker tool

Sales Estimator

The sales estimator, is a quick and easy tool to estimate how much a product is selling on Amazon.

To use this tool, all you have to do, is head over to Amazon.com, copy the whole URL of the product you’re interested in learning more about.

Next, head over to Sales Estimator, drop the URL in, and then the tool will calculate how much the product sells, per month.

ZonBase Review 8
ZonBase Sales Estimator tool

Hot Products

The Hot Products tool, is something unique, that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

This tool takes 3 different databases (Amazon top 100 most gifted products, products with less than 30 reviews and products that are increasing in sales) and finds the products, that intercept those three categories.

And so, you’ll be getting a filtered search for products that are selling very well (right now, not 6 months ago) that have been bought as a gift, that have very little reviews and have yet to be “picked up by the masses”…so to speak.

The list of products that the Hot Products tool will give back to you is updated all the time, and the Amazon top 100 most gifted products, changes pretty much daily, so there is a ton of room to work with.

You can also filter out products in a specific category, or that fits a specific price range.

Thus, if you can find a supplier, to sell an exact matching product…there is no reason why you can’t achieve the same sales as some of these products.

ZonBase Review 9
ZonBase Hot Products tool


The tool Listify, allows you to create your own, highly optimized listing to up your chances of getting traffic and making sales, by making use of the correct keywords.

To use it, you’ll want to enter an ASIN number or product URL, of a most similar best selling product, to the one you’re interested in selling.

What the Listify tool will then do, is create your listing, based on the keywords that are working out the best, for your competitors.

The idea here is that if your listing has those keywords, it’s highly likely that your product will rank and get traffic.

You’ll actually get to choose which keywords to use, from a long list of them, as you can see from the image below, and the bigger the keyword (as in the size) the more “important” it is for that listing, and the more you should include it in the listing.

This is extremely powerful, as it practically guarantees that your product has a high chance of selling.

ZonBase Review 10
ZonBase Listify tool

ZonBase Additional Services

Apart from the tools that we just went over, ZonBase has a few services inside their members area, that you can purchase without having to actually buy the tool.

These services add a whole different dimension to the ZonBase software, and has something for everyone, albeit being a bit more “premium priced offers” (for the most part). 

PPC Autopilot

This offer sets up two different PPC campaigns for you: Performance and Research

The performance campaigns identifies the keywords that have either delivered sales in the past to the same product, or to a similar product.

The idea here, is that you contact the team at ZonBase, and you’ll give them your advertising budget, so that they know how much they are allowed to spend, for each conversion or sale.

They’ll help you navigate the path of choosing enough budget for your PPC whilst still being able to be profitable.

The research PPC campaign takes all the keywords that have been profitable and have made sales in the past, and puts them as negative keywords, so as to find new profitable keywords.

This campaign costs a lot less than the performance campaign, and will probably not give you great results at the start, but…as soon as you find a keyword that makes you sales, that you might not have thought about, you can take that keyword, add it to the performance campaign, and start sending sales to it.

PPC is massively powerful, since you don’t have to deal with organic traffic, listing and being at the mercy of the algorithms.

If you know which keywords are profitable, you can easily scale those up and make a lot of sales. This PPC service, allows you to do that.

As for the price, this service starts at $497/month for 1 ASIN, on the lower level, and goes up to around $897/month for up to 10 ASIN numbers.

It’s a pretty expensive service, but the idea behind it is to lower the average cost of sale down, and make it so you make the most money possible. You’ll be working personally with their team (who also do this for their own products) so you’re in good hands.

ZonBase Review 11
ZonBase PPC Autopilot service

Photo Enhancer

This service is basically just as the name suggests: Photo enhancement, for sky-high conversions.

The ZonBase team knows, because of all the products that they themselves have launched, that photographs are extremely important to sell products, since buyers go through listings very very fast and rarely read.

They do go over the images, which means that you’ll have to make yours stand out from the competition.

To get started with the service, you’ll be sent instructions on how to take the photograph of your product, and you also work hand in hand with the team for them to create the photo exactly as you wish (you’ll have as many editions as you wish).

The ZonBase team are experts at getting products to the top, they know how to get customers to buy, and they know exactly how the image should look.

The pricing for this service starts at $197 for 1 photo, or $297 for 5.

ZonBase Review 12
ZonBase Photo enhancer service

Page One

This service is awesome.

Basically, what this will allow you to do, is launch your listing, and have it reach page 1 organically, through PPC first.


That’s right. You’ll be doing the paid ads first, to have your organic rankings rise.

So as you know, depending on the keyword, there is a different volume of traffic, searches, sales volumes, different competitors, etcetera, so it’s not such an easy task.

The way it works on Amazon, is that for you to reach page 1 rankings, your product must be selling the same amount as the products on that page. Amazon will give priority to the product selling the most copies, since this means that Amazon is making the most money.

If you create an ad, that outbids the first spots and actually sells products (and outsells your competitors), then your organic rankings will rise too.

To do this, you’ll be working with a ZonBase coach, to find your keyword and test them out. If you’re making sales, it’s a good keyword, if not, you’ll be helped to refine the search and find a keyword that sticks. 

This service starts at $397 for the keyword launch, and goes up to $497 for the PPC+ Keyword launch, which is super valuable and probably worth getting over the keyword launch, any day of the week, since you also get 30 days managed PPC campaigns.

ZonBase Review 13
ZonBase Page One Service


The mentoring service, helps you get in touch with a mentor, and closer access to a community of likeminded people, which can be crucial to your success.

You can choose between a silver, gold and platinum membership which cost $147, $247 and $447 per month respectively (you can also pay yearly) and these differ in essentially the amount of time you’ll have access to them for, as well as the FaceBook groups.

Is ZonBase Mentorship worth it?

The issues ZonBase users were having (personal mentoring has been the most requested feature by the users) is in regards to stuff like building their businesses, finding their first products, in being confident of their future products, getting more in tuned with the Amazon landscape, having an accountability group and so on…

So for the right people, the mentorship is a good choice, for sure.

To get the most out of the calls, you’ll probably want to get the platinum plan, since it’ll give you 1 one-on-one call per week.

ZonBase Review 14
ZonBase Mentorship service

ZonBase Pricing. How Much Does ZonBase Cost?

Now that we’ve briefly gone over what ZonBase is, let’s go ever the ZonBase pricing. How much does this software cost?

Currently, there are two different ZonBase pricing plans: The ZonBase Standard plan and, the ZonBase Legendary Plan.

These will give you access to the tools we had mentioned above, not including the 4 different ZonBase services. The services can be purchased separately.

Alright, so regarding the plans, we’ve got:

The ZonBase Standard plan is $47/month, and the ZonBase Legendary plan is $97/month respectively.

Note that these prices are for a monthly subscription.

If you’re interested in using ZonBase for a longer period of time, you can instead choose the yearly plan, which will charge you for a year upfront, and will give you a discounted price of $37/month and $67/month respectively as you can see from the image below. This takes the ZonBase price to $444/year and $804/year respectively.

What Does Each Plan Allow For?

When it comes to what each plan allows you to do, you’ll be able to have access to all of the tools and applications, in both plans (except for the chrome extension, which you’ll only get access to through the Legendary plan) with the difference being the amount of searches you’ll have.

It’s a lot like, for example, the keyword research tools for SEO. You’ll have a limited amount of searches on the lower plan, and more searches as the plans progress.

More specifically, you’ll be getting access to:

  • ZonResearch: 10 searches/day on the Standard plan, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary plan.

  • Keyword Research: 10 searches/day on the Standard plan, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary plan.

  • Reverse ASIN: 10 products/day on the Standard plan, and 250 products/day on the Legendary plan.

  • ZonTracker: 40 tracked keywords/day on the Standard plan, and 1000 tracked keywords/day on the Legendary plan.

  • Sales Estimator: 40 products/day on the Standard plan, and 1000 products/day on the Legendary plan.

  • Hot Products: 10 searches/day on the Standard plan, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary plan.

  • Listify: 10 searches/day on the Standard plan, and 250 searches/day on the Legendary plan.

As we mentioned before, the ZonBase chrome extension will only be available for the Legendary plan, as you can see from the image below…so make sure to keep that in mind.

Zonbase Review 17
You’re allowed different number of searches and tool usage, depending on the plan you choose

Apart from this, you’ll also be getting access to the “buy one-off” products (that you’ll still just be able to get without actually signing up…which is pretty weird, but hey) which are: PPC autopilot, Page One, Product Validator, Listing Optimized, Photo Enhancer and Mentorship.

ZonBase Review 18
A few add on services and ZonBase “done for you” services

ZonBase FAQS

-Is ZonBase free?

No, ZonBase is a paid subscription service. With that said, you can get a free 7 trial for the software here.

-Will My Credit Card Be Charged?

Nope. You’ll not get a charge onto your card, until after the trial has ended. After that, you’ll be charged $47/month, annually, until you decide to cancel.

If you want to cancel before the annual subscription is over, you can contact support at support@zonbase, and they refund you any unused time.

-Can I Downgrade My Plan?


You can downgrade, cancel or switch to a new plan any time you want, by visiting the “my profile” section, and select “Billing”. Alternatively, you can contact support, by sending an email to support@zonbase.

You can also cancel any one of the services at any time, although you’ll have to contact support and go over their refund policy, in the case of refunds.

-Is There A ZonBase Promo Code? Is There Any ZonBase Discount Code?

As of right now, there isn’t any “ZonBase discount code”, “ZonBase promo code” or “ZonBase coupon code” available that I’m aware of.

The closest thing to a discount code or promo code, is the free trial.

Even though it’s not exactly the same, it’s the closest thing that I’ve personally been able to find.

-Where Can I Get A ZonBase Free Trial?

To get a ZonBase Free Trial, all you have to do, is head over to This Link Here, and create an account. You’ll need to have a credit card to be able to do so, buy you’ll not be charged until your trial is up. You can cancel at any time.  

-Who Owns ZonBase?

The ZonBase software was originally created by the entrepreneur and Youtuber Kevin David, who has also created other very similar SAAS style software like ShopInspect and Marketer Magic, Which I’ve Reviewed Here.

He has since apparently stepped down as the frontman for ZonBase (seeing as he had later on gone to develop Marketer Magic) and has probably put someone else in charge

-Is ZonBase Legit?

Yes. The ZonBase software is for real. 

ZonBase Review 19
Zonbase has a crazy amount of testimonials. Software works and is awesome.

In fact, ZonBase, is actually a lot more “legit” than the average software, course and program out there.

Apart from having the usual, “ToS”, “Privacy Policy” and “Disclaimer” page, ZonBase also has a complete learning resources page, high-quality video tutorials, and a live chat.

But you’d be surprised to know that there are a bunch of “churn and burn” software platforms, that just get abandoned as soon as the software gets glitchy because there is nobody behind the desk to keep things up.

Fortunately, ZonBase is not like that.

Plus, there are also a BUNCH of testimonials on their pages, that are from actual real people.

-Are There Any ZonBase Upgrades or One Time Offers?

There is actually one ZonBase upgrade. This is the FBA Agency Course, created by Kevin David, and it’s designed to teach you how to manage other people’s Amazon FBA businesses. You can get it for an additional $37 one time.

It’s totally up to you if you get it or not, and isn’t essential to ZonBase at all.

I haven’t really picked it up myself, so I can’t really comment on it, but being as it used to be $997 and is currently at $37, it seems like an awesome, cheap option to choose.

ZonBase Review 20
ZonBase one time offer: FBA Agency Course

Conclusion – Final Verdict

To finish things off this ZonBase Review article, let’s go over my final verdict.

ZonBase is a great software for those of you who’re just getting into Amazon FBA and selling on Amazon as a whole, but also if you’re a more experienced seller, since it has some incredible done for you offers like the coaching calls and the autopilot PPC, that can really help you take your business to the next level.

The software is cheap, useful, easy to use and will give you an edge over the competition and will help you save a ton of time and money in the long run, by showing you products that are worth selling, keywords that are worth going for, and so on.

There is no denying that ZonBase is a very solid, very robust product and hopefully this ZonBase review helped demonstrate that.

If you’re into selling products online on the Amazon platform, then there is something in this software that you can make use of for sure.

On top of this, the software has a great support team and tons of happy customers and testimonials, so you’re not going to be disappointed when it comes to quality, like many many other “churn and burn” software companies and services out there.

It’s a total win.

Lastly, if you want to try out ZonBase, you can do so by signing up to a FREE ZonBase Trial Here, of by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page.

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