How Does Builderall Work? A Quick Overview

You’ve probably heard about Builderall, and how it’s a great tool that will help you jump start your online business help you create your websites, funnels and ecommerce sites or help you grow if you’ve already got something online…But how does Builderall work?

In this article, i’ll be going over what you can do with Builderall, how it works and a few more interesting aspects of the platform. There is also a free builderall trial, which you can grab, later down the article. ?

Let’s check it out. 

How Does Builderall Work

How Does Builderall Work?

Builderall, is essentially an all-in-one marketing platform, that allows you to build your online presence in whichever way you see fit.

But how does Builderall work, exactly? ?

Well…It’s complicated to answer the question in just one phrase, and it really depends where you’re at…

But how Builderall works is basically: You create a free account inside of their platform (which you can do here) and depending on what your goal is, you can start using the tools to build your website, magazine, ecommerce store, e-training course, webinar, vidoes…or any other media/content you can think of.

Assuming that you don’t have any websites, and that you want to start out using Builderall to build and host your first one, you’d have to follow some steps to get going:

  1. You’d head over to the dashboard and you’d purchase a domain within the platform. A Domain Name is basically the name of your website (in my case it’s bazaarofmarketing).
  2. Once you have the domain, you’d now have to “host” it somewhere. Think of it like buying a flat, without any running electricity or water…the hosting would be that electricity and water (metaphorically speaking).

Thankfully, Builderall already has hosting on it’s own servers, which means you can buy the domain and host it, within the same company without having to go elsewhere.

If you don’t want to buy a domain, you don’t have to. The free trial for Builderall (and any one of their plans), gives you a subdomain of their own domain (think of it as the rooms inside of the flat), although i highly suggest you buying your own, whenever you can, so that you can brand it and it looks more professional. 

Once you have your website up and running (or a subdomain), you can start creating out the different pages, and accessing the tools. ?

If you already have a domain, but are missing hosting, you can redirect the DNS over to Builderall, so that they can start hosting your sites. This is very easy to do, and there are tutorials inside of the dashboard too, so don’t stress.

If you already have, both a domain and hosting of your own, you can obviously point your domain DNS over to their servers so that they can host your site, and give you access to their tools…but you can also download their wordpress plugin, to acccess the tools from within your wordpress dashboard too.

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What Does Builderall Offer? 

Builderall offers a vast, ever updating, array of online tools for you to build your online assets. If you already own your websites, there is a way to both redirect the DNSs’ over to their hosting, as well as download the wordpress plugin, for you to have access to the tools, like we’ve mentioned before.

What does Builderall offer? Well…with Builderall you can:

✅ Host unlimited pages and subdomains (up to 15 domains).
✅ Create websites, e-magazines, e-commerce sites and funnels.
✅ Create floating videos, images, professional copy (scripts generator).
iOS and Android apps (through the app builder tool) . 
✅ Add Social proof and sharelockers to your sites and pages.
✅ Create your own e-learning courses, digital products and affiliate programs.
✅ Create your own webinars.
✅ Have access to on page SEO report tools and heatmaps.
✅ Host unlimited email leads and use their integrated email marketing platform.

And a lot lot more…

Builderall currently offers both a starter subscription plan, as well as a premium subscription plan which have some freatures in common, and you can find more abou them in our Builderall Pricing Article

What Is Builderall 3
Builderall apps and dashboard

Who Owns Builderall? 

Builderall is owned by brazilian entrepreneur and business owner Erick Salgado.

He founded the company back in 2011, and was originally geared towards the Brazilian market, but has since late 2017 been accepted in the north american marketplace, and is slowly creeping up on the japanese one too. It now operates in multiple countries and languages, from Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Italian and more! ?

The idea behind Builderall, was to centralize all the online tools that an entrepreneur and small business owners needed to launch and grow their online buisinesses and online presence.

The value in Builderall lies in that instead of having to go out and get all the tools individually, like funnel and website builders, autoresponders and hosting (the bare minimum)…all of these would be availiable within one platform underneath one roof, essentially saving a lot of time and money.

How Does Builderall Work
Erick Salgado. Owner of Builderall

Test It Out: Builderall Free Trial

So how does Builderall work? As we’ve seen…It kind of depends on where you’re at on your online endeavours. 


Since most people are just starting out and want to get their feet wet when it comes to making websites and online marketing and the likes, there is a Builderall Free Trial available here , which will give you unlimited access to all of the tools inside Builderall, so that you can get an idea of how the platfrom works, and to get comfortable with it.

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And Builderall is best, for those who don’t have any websites still. If you have your wordpress website and are already hosting it elswhere, i think it wouldn’t be worth it (maybe for the autoresponder though).

To wrap it up…If you wish to get a more indepth and up to date Builderall review, make sure to check out our Complete Builderall Review Here.

Hope it helped you out, and have a great one!


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