GroovePages Lifetime Deal. Secret Back Door Offer

So is there a GroovePages Lifetime Deal? And if there is, where can you get one?

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re interested in getting the lifetime deal for the funnel builder GroovePages, before it becomes a monthly subscription service.

A solid plan, no doubt about it.

I’m a partner of the GroovePages (and GrooveFunnels) “ecosystem”, if you will, and as a result, I’ve been updating and tweaking and modifying the articles that I create on the subject, so that the information is always the freshest it can be.

I’ve also extensively covered the complete GrooveFunnels platform elsewhere on my site and have now close to 50 articles on the topic.

When it comes to the GroovePages Lifetime Deal, Mike Filsaime and the team over at GrooveFunnels, have indicated that it will remain open to the public, at a one-time price of $497, up until the first quarter of 2020. This means that this offer, is open up until around late April.

After this, GroovePages will become integrated into the GrooveFunnels platform, and you’ll be able to get it by purchasing the GrooveFunnels lifetime option (which you can do for a very limited time here).

GroovePages Lifetime Deal


There MIGHT be an extension of a few more days, but there might also not be. 

To check to see if the GroovePages Lifetime Deal is still available, you can check on the button below, which will take you over to the sales page of the platform, in it’s most updated version. If you find that the one-time price is still there, then congrats! 

What Are The Features Of GroovePages?


I’ve done a complete GroovePages review, on this page of my site, here. But essentially with GroovePages is a funnel AND website builder, that is going to take the market by storm because of it’s new technology.

You see, as opposed to some of the other page builders out there like ClickFunnels, for one, GroovePages doesn’t call upon any “internal server” to render your pages…it uses HTML and a progressive Javascript framework, called VUE.JS

This essentially speeds up the pages, which makes the search engines love your site. ?

There are a bunch of other features that GroovePages has, including the fact that it’s also a complete website builder (ala WordPress) it has a super beautiful and crisp interface, drop and drop technology and uses the best hosting money can buy, in the form of Amazon servers

Some of the features available to you in the GroovePages app, include:

Unlimited Web Hosting,
Unlimited Pages builder
Unlimited Site Builder
Unlimited Images, Funnels and Blocks

To see GroovePages in action, make sure to check out the Youtube video above, where Mike Filsaime goes over the tool, more in detail.

What Is The Regular Price For GroovePages?

After the lifetime deal access is closed, GroovePages will be sold for a monthly cost of $199/month. And this is not fake scarcity, a marketing tactic or any of that crap.

We’re currently at the forefront of the GroovePages development and closing in on the launch (we’ve just gotten out of the “backer” aka “beta tester” phase) and this is actually what the tool will be going for after the Lifetime Deal is over, as you can see from the screenshots from within the webinar.

Even though we’re out of the beta tester phase, you can still get GroovePages PRO lifetime for a one time price, by going through, what we call the “Secret Back Door”. 

This will allow you to still get GroovePages, for a one time price of $497, and you’ll never have to pay for a funnel builder ever again.

Is There Any GroovePages OTO?

As of right now, there is an opportunity (once again, before the official launch) to get all of the GrooveFunnels apps (which will be monthly subscription services, for the most part) at a one-time price.

You’ll have the ability to choose to upgrade, for 1 additional payment of $497,  for lifetime access to GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate. 

Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade for 2 additional payments of $497 (that is for a total of $1491) or which you’ll get every single one of the future tools inside of GrooveFunnels (GrooveAfiliate, Webinar Groove, GrooveKart, GrooveMail and so on) which are going to be launched in the following years.

Without having to pay ever again for monthly fees…EVER. ?

NEW EDIT: Get GroovePages Lite For Free!

If you’re sure about getting the GroovePages software (or the complete GrooveFunnels platform) then you can start out by getting the GrooveFunnels free base account.

This is a somewhat recent addition, which will give you GroovePages lite, GrooveAffiliate and GrooveSell completely for free, with not credit card required.

The base account, will allow you to test the software without committing to it, it will allow you to host up to 3 custom domains, for free (which is crazy good, and pretty much no other company out there is doing) and of course, it’s free for life.

You’ll obviously not get the ability to use all of the features of GroovePages…but with this free account, you can actually create a sales funnel, checkout pages, affiliate program and payout, landing page and even complete website, for up to 3 domains…for free.

It’s a pretty good deal!

You can grab a 100% FREE GrooveFunnels base account with GroovePages lite, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate, here?


So now, all you have to do, is consider whether or not it’s worth it to get GroovePages, at a one-time price at which it’ll never be ever again (as well as the OTOs).

Mike Filsaime and the team over at GrooveFunnels, have huge plans for the future.

As you might have noticed if you checked out the OTO’s…they have plans of launching a whole slew of online marketing tools (GrooveMail, Webinar Groove, GrooveBlog, etc) and intend on GrooveFunnels (the complete set of tools of which GroovePages will be a part of) being the leading funnel builder software, in 2021-2022.

Where does this leave you?

Well, as a result of this, you’ll have the ability to hop in and grab GroovePages at a one-time, never-pay-again, super cheap price of $497. To ride the wave, and get a mile head start before everyone else, and not be left behind.

But is GroovePages worth it at a Lifetime deal price?

I mean, the answer is obviously “yes”…but let’s look at it this way:

GroovePages Lifetime Deal 2
GroovePages software in action

I’m willing to bet that your funnel builder (if it is any good) costs around $100 per month, maybe even more.

And you’ve probably been paying for it, for quite some time…

What if you could have bought the funnel builder, at the start…way back when it got launched to the market? 

Most if not all of them, had a 1 time price sale, but quickly upped their prices, made them a subscription model, and became essential for pretty much everyone to own.

GroovePages…is kind of in that position right now. ?

It’s in a magical place in which it has both the potential to be huge (and the plans, roadmap and team to get there) and is allowing for lifetime access, just as they’re about to launch.

By getting in at the Lifetime Deal price…you get to be a pioneer user of a platform, that is going to be huge. 

To Get GroovePages PRO Lifetime, Head Over To The “Secret Back DoClick Hereor” Link Here?

Lifting any subscription charge, feels amazing. This time, in addition, the future looks bright, and early bird gets the worm. 

So make sure to grab it while it’s hot!

Also, if you want to know more about the GrooveFunnels apps, plans and future tools, you can check Our Complete Review Here

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