How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free. 3 Ways

ClickFunnels is an awesome product to promote, that is just a fact. But how to promote Clickfunnels for free? Most of the top affiliates have done some sort of paid advertising to make money with ClickFunnels, but you don’t want to be that person.

In this post, we’ll go over 3 cool ways to promote ClickFunnels for absolutely Free, that you can start doing as soon as today. Some of them take more time than others, but they definitely work out, if you stick to the plan.

Let’s check them out. ?

How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free

1. Instagram Influencer Outreach

The first method of promoting ClickFunnels for free, is by doing Influencer outreach on Instagram, and offer some sort of service that revolves around ClickFunnels.

So what you’d do here is, head over to Instagram and look for people who have some sort of personal brand, are an expert in their field, and/or have a pretty decent following, (maybe around the 10K to 100K range i’d say would be good) but who do NOT have a lead capturing landing page on their website bio link.

So here, you’d find yourself a list of potential prospects, and you’ll reach out to them through DM to offer some help, letting them know that they’re losing out on potential customers because they’re not sending traffic over to a lead capture page. They’re missing out!

To fix the problem, you can send them over to the 14 day Clickfunnels link…

But that’s kinda meh. Kinda half-assed i think. Of course, if you’re not a ClickFunnels user yourself, then that’s the only option you have…

But Instead…  

You can go the extra mile, and create a lead capture funnel for them, using the templates inside the platform, and send them a message like the following one: 

Hey Susan. I noticed that the link in your profile, could take your potential customers over to a page that is more optimized for getting leads, than the one you currently have. I really like your profile, and i decided to create a website for you for FREE using a software i’m affiliated with. You can try it out for 14 days and see if you get any better results! After the trial, it’s $97/month, and you can cancel any time. Here’s the link…

Something along the lines of that. Just be honest about it, and you should be fine.

And then basically, share the funnel with them! Some will stick, some will not, but if you try hard enough you’ll get results for sure. ?

This is SUCH a great strategy, because all they have to do, is “switch their bio link”…sometimes, not even that. They might not have an email autoresponder, but you can help them out with that too. Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 subs, you know.

Hint: Some of the people you could reach out to are: Coaches, Dentists, Real estate agents, Restaurants (local restaurants are super easy to close!), Personal Trainers and fitness coaches, Lawyers…just to name a few.

How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free 2
Maybe has bit too big of a following to care to create a funnel and change her link.. But you get the point

2. Shotgun SEO Strategy

This strategy revolves around creating content that is optimized for search engines, and that targets multiple long tail keywords for ClickFunnels (in this case).

Long tail keywords are essentially specific phrases, that are searched in Google, but that are a bit more targeted and specific. They’re usually 4-7 words long, have lower overall search volume, but also show more intent. For example “ClickFunnels” is more general than “how to make money with ClickFunnels”.

To show you what i mean, (and if everything was done correctly) if you’re reading this, then you probably searched for the phrase “How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free”. Am i right? Fingers crossed! ?

This is because i did the keyword research, and created content that was optimized to show up for that search term! 

To do this strategy:

First you need to do some keyword research. You can head over to Ubersuggest and search ClickFunnels.

Next, you want to look at long phrases, that have an okay search volume, but more importantly, that have low SD (seach difficulty). The lower the better. This basically means that it has less “search competition“.

After clicking on the phrase you’re interested in, check out the “domain score” of all the top 10 results on google for that term. The lower the number, on those top 10 results, the better.

How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free 3

After that, go out and create an account on This is a free platform that you can use, which ranks extremely fast and well in Google…It’s crazy.

Medium has a DS of 98, and with a little article, you’ll be able to outrank some of the websites in the top 10 for that search.

Finally, create your piece of content, and optimize it for Google. I’ve made a Little Case Study on how to do this, that you can check out for more details on how to do SEO properly. This involves good content, good media, optimized title, meta and so forth.

Done? Rinse and repeat with more keywords!

NOTE: If you’re promoting ClickFunnels, be sure to mask your affiliate links with bitly or some other linkcloaker.

Even though this is a free strategy, i highly recommend you spending $3 per month in creating a website of your own if you don’t have one. Medium can ban your account, but not your website! ?

3. Youtube Videos

What can i say…video is the way to go in the future, and it’s a great way to promote ClickFunnels for free…or anything else for that matter.

You knew that this would be on the list too!

There is no real science around making Youtube videos, and although it might take more time, i’d also suggest doing the same “Shotgun strategy” as with Google SEO, here in the Youtube part.

The good thing is, that keyword research will be useful regardless! Whether you’re doing written or video content, and it’s a good skill to master overall.

The execution is quite straightforward: Create an intro, create an outro, offer a link to a 14 day free trial or a free funnel, in the link in the description, and start creating content that targets the keywords that people are already searching for!

You don’t need to show your face, and you don’t need to make videos too long either. There is a Youtube channel out there by the name of DreamCloud, that has been doing just this strategy alone, and has leveraged an affiliate funnel that the entrepreneur and Youtuber Franklin Hatchett created (just happens to be the person i learnt my SEO from too ?).

As you can see from the image below, thumbnails are important, because a higher CTR is one of the factors that Youtube takes into consideration when it comes to recommending videos. 

If you want to make videos around ClickFunnels, you can check out the thumbnails of your competitors, and do something similar on sites like, just make sure you’re not copying them, but more importantly, that the content is good and answers the query!

How To Promote Clickfunnels For Free 4

Stick To One Strategy

There are a ton of other ways to promote ClickFunnels for free, that you can go for. 

You can answer questions in sites like Quora, you can create Facebook groups and promote ClickFunnels through your personal profile. Heck, you can even ride the trend and promote through tic tok (might not be a thing by the time you read this…but who knows).

But for sure, you should stick to only 1 strategy and be consistent with it. If it doesn’t work out for you, you can change over to something else afterwards, but be sure to stick to one strategy, and one strategy alone. If not, you’ll probably fall short of seeing any results at all.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, there is a free affiliate training that ClickFunnels has put together, called the Affiliate Summit. In it, you get free training by the top ClickFunnels affiliates and car winners, in which they go over how they became super affiliates. 

Some of the strategies inside of the Affiliate Summit training, are either the ones on this post, or a variation of it.

All the best!


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