Marketer Magic (By Kevin David)

Marketer Magic, is a brand new software as a service (SAAS), that was created by the entrepreneur and Youtuber Kevin David, that compiles a set of different tools tailored to help solve some of the problems that you might encounter, in the digital marketing space.

It’s a cloud based software, which means you don’t need to download anything, and you can access the backoffice via their own self hosted sites. Currently there is a 7 day FREE trial available for the software, which you Can Access Here 

Originally, the creator Kevin David built these tools for himself, to solve the problems that he was having inside of his own business, but has recently made them publicly available. Because of this and if you’re involved in any sort of marketing online, it’s very likely you’ll find some use to at least one of their tools, so you should for sure check it out! ?

Marketer Magic

What Tools Are Available With Marketer Magic?

The tools that are currently available within the Marketer Magic platform, are the following:

✅ ClickProof: This is a tool that allows you to generate social proof on your pages, through the addition of a html code onto them. Social proof is proven to boost conversions, and with ClickProof, you can very easily add it to your pages, without having use complicated tools, since you can set it up with just the addition of that code.

✅ Email Verifier: This tool allows you to both clean up your email list from fake leads by using the import feature, as well as allowing you to block fake emails that potential prospects might add to your optin pages, with the addition of a little snippet of code, that goes on the sites on which you have an email optin form. This allow you to up your open rates and get better scores with your autoresponders.

✅ LivePic: This is a tool that allows you to personalize emails with “live” pictures that call out to them. Basically, you’ll be able to add a html code directly to your emails, so that when your customer opens the email, they get a more personalized message sent to them. This increases engagement and ups the revenue of each email.

✅ WorkHub: This tool allows you to manage your team of virtual assistants, for higher productivity. WorkHub is a chrome extension that you can ask your team to download, which will keep track of all the work they’re doing, salaries, activities and muh more.

✅ Minime: Minime is a very powerful link shortening tool that also has the functionality of serving as a link tree, a deep linker, a A/B split testing tool, and a tagging tool that allows you to pixel visitors that visit sites that you don’t control, for retageting purpouses. 

✅ ManyLeads: This tool, allows you to generate a list of potential clients that you can target, by scraping google. With 1 niche keyword and 1 location as an imput, you’ll be spat back thousands of email addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts of potential prospects, so that you don’t have to waste time finding the lead information yourself.

Is There A Marketer Magic FREE Trial?

As of right now, there is a Marketer Magic free trial (for 7 days) currently available. This free trial, will allow you to test the software with access to all the tools and basically unlimited credits on all of them for those 7 days. They give you a lot of space to play around with any and all of the tools, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to test them all out.

To claim a 7 day trial, you can head over to their Homepage And Sign Up for free.

Alternatively, you can click on the button below, and it’ll send you over to the registration page for your trial.

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Where Can I Get More Information On The Software?

If you wish to know more about Marketer Magic, i’ve personally made a complete, In-Depth Review Here. Inside of the review, i go over every tool, a bit more in detail, as well as the pricing and different plans and also the back office or dashboard.

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