EcomHunt Review. Premium Dropshipping Spytool

One of the first decisions you have to make if you want to build an online store, is to identify exactly what product you will be selling. You can make your own, but you can also re-sell products that are already selling (which is a much better short term approach, and the one pretty much all newbies should be starting out with). 

Seeing as most people would (and as we mentioned…should) start off with selling products that are already doing well, the question now becomes: Which product do I choose? There are millions of products to choose from out there. And this can cause analysis paralysis, and end up not doing anything or being too afraid to start. 

To help you deal with this situation, you can use EcomHunt. In this EcomHunt review, we’ll be going over what the app offers, what it does, the pricing, the different tools within the program, we’ll be going over whether EcomHunt is legit or not, whether EcomHunt is worth it or not…and so on.

By the end of this EcomHunt review, I am hoping you can decide if this service fits your business. If you are in the dropshipping niche though, I’d strongly recommend that you consider it. 

Let’s check it out.

EcomHunt Review

What Is EcomHunt And How Does EcomHunt Work?

Ecomhunt is an online “spy” tool, designed to make product research easier. Essentially it’ll help you, in filtering through different products, to show you only the products that are trending and have been selling well, so that you can save yourself the hassles of choosing products that nobody will buy or simply wasting a ton of money and time “testing” to find the “winning product” (been there done that…it’s not fun).

EcomHunt, was founded by Mordechai Arba in Puerto Rico, and the company’s goal is to provide users a platform that can aid businesses in growing more successfully. They do it by providing a helping hand when it comes to handpicking winning products.

A really cool feature of this software, that it doesn’t just give you a list of the current trending products and leave you to deal with them on your own. It also gives you a bunch of useful information, such as:

  • Estimated profit – Based on the data from the competition, you’ll be able to see what expected profit you can get. This takes into consideration providers and expected pricing on the product.

  • Statistical analysis – You’ll be able to see the analytics for the different products. Everything from social shares and likes, to amount of orders, comments, customer reviews, etc.
  • Marketing material – The EcomHunt software, will also provide you with videos, copywriting, ads, recommended Instagram influencers to contact…and even targeting for your ads, to make sure your campaigns are as successful as possible. 

When it comes to how the software actually works, it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s how EcomHunt works:

  1. You login into your EcomHunt account, with your username and password (you can get a free account here).
  2. You look through all of the different products (new ones get added very regularly) choose the one that most interests you.
  3. Make a decision on which product you want to sell, based on the data that you find (you can one-click sell with Oberlo).
  4. Start selling it on your store!

As you can see…it’s very simple. If you’re a paid member of EcomHunt (more on the EcomHunt pricing later) you even get to see what audience to target through your ads, in case you’re doing FaceBook ads, so as to keep your testing costs, to a minimum…a real time saver if you ask me.

EcomHunt Review 2
EcomHunt winning product information dashboard

EcomHunt Features

Now, let’s look at some of the EcomHunt features, and at what the EcomHunt app, can really do:

  1. Product Catalog

This is actually the product tab section, in this section, you’ll have access to the winning products, found by the software. This is the area where you can do your search for what products to sell and which not to, depending on what you’re store is, and how likely you think it is you’ll be able to be successful.

The tool is updated daily, so there are always new products coming out, in case none of them are very target to your store (fairly unlikely). This way, you’ll see which products are trending—these are products that have a demand based on sales and search of customers, and also takes into consideration the competition and winning product saturation.

  1. Analytics Feature

This tool allows you to monitor each product’s information. This is where you can see information like the product’s generated sales, its source (the shop where the data is gathered), the current number of orders, and its rating.

With this, it will be easier for you to compare which product will be better for your store, as we were mentioning before. You see, while it is easy to decide what product to display on your store, it is difficult to tell if it’s going to sell at all. Fortunately, EcomHunt decimates the learning curve and the “testing phase”, by giving you the data on a silver platter, and you can make an informed decision, base on that.

  1. Facebook Targeting, Video, Audiences and More

We mentioned this slightly before, but aside from general product research, EcomHunt also provides you with a feature designed for advertising. Specifically, it is a feature that helps you optimize your Facebook ads. 

This will automatically generate a marketing video, an advertisement headline, and its description. You no longer have to create your own video, nor hire a video creator from sites like Fiverr.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend straight using the same video, but you can create a different version. As long as you’re using a core video, of something that is already working, you should be fine.

  1. Supplier Finder

In dropshipping, the first step is to create your online store through something like Shopify. The following step, as you might know, is the product research phase. 

This phase includes finding a good product (which will be covered with EcomHunt) but also find a supplier that is good and trustworthy and reliable. Most dropshippers go to AliExpress, while some use dropship supplier tools like Spocket and Oberlo.  

At EcomHunt, you can directly access the links of stores that have the products you want to sell., through their integrated dashboard feature. From there, you can contact the supplier and have the product up and running in your store, in no time.  

  1. Hunter Tool

Hunter is more like a spy tool, but for advertisements. This is an installable browser extension feature where you can study any potential ad, and how they’re performing, and then take the data you’ve gathered, serve as a basis for your own ad.

What this does is it looks for ads. Once the system finds an ad based on your product specification, you can see the ad yourself, and you can understand how your competitors are doing their advertisement. Pretty neat!

Once again, you should take inspiration from these ads, but you should certainly should not copy them. Instead, make your own version and make them better. There is pretty much always room for improvement.

EcomHunt Review 3
Free plan, gives you access to some of the features, but not all of them. This image shows the ad engagements, the videos that are working, expected profits and analytics

EcomHunt Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s now look at the different pricing plans for the EcomHunt app

  • Free – You can actually sign up for a completely free account of EcomHunt, here. There is no credit card required and it doesn’t expire. It is however, limited in its functions. You’ll not be getting some of the crucial information, like ad targeting, and you’ll only be limited to 2 products per day, and a 3 day delay on new products.
  • Paid Plan – The pro plan, is currently valued at 29 per month. It will allow you to get unlimited product unlocks, daily renewals, access to the community (which you can’t get on the free plan) and much more. You also have the chance of saving 41%, if you choose the yearly plan option. Currently, there is also a coupon offering going on for the yearly plan, in case you’re interested in getting it.

They only accept payments from, however PayPal, and you can also opt for monthly autopay. 

Ecomhunt does not offer a free trial, by the way, so there is no “free EcomHunt account” or “EcomHunt free trial” at all…(at least not for right now). The closest thing to a free trial, is the free plan, like we mentioned before. Note that you’ll not be able to see the full potential of the product unless you purchase the full plan.  

With that said, EcomHunt offers all of its customers, a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can get the paid plan and test it out for a few days. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund—no questions asked. 

Pros and Cons of Ecomhunt

No EcomHunt review (or pretty much any other review, for that matter) would be complete without a “pros and cons” section. Let’s look at what some of these are. Remember that these are very relative, and are my personal opinions on the matter.


FaceBook Ads Data Dissection

EcomHunt’s features, specifically AdHunter and Facebook Targeting, are very beneficial in marketing needs. You can actually use it for the following purposes:

  • Analyze your competitors’ advantages and disadvantages – this will help you get ahead of the competition and avoid the mistakes done by other businesses. Don’t waste money testing, and go straight for gold.

  • Optimize advertisements – as we mentioned before, EcomHunt provides you with free marketing videos, along with possible titles and headlines. This is a more efficient approach to leveling up your marketing game than doing it on your own. It also cuts out all of the fat. There is nothing worse than “going with a product because of a hunch”, when it turns out nobody buys it. 

EcomHunt Review 4
Different pricing plans for the EcomHunt app/software. Fairly straightforward, and also makes the clear distinction between free and paid plan

All-Around Tool

Although the brand claims that they are a product research service, they are more than that. Aside from products, they also give information about best-selling niches, suppliers, and status of the competition and the possibility of product saturation.

So being as simple as it is (because let’s face it, EcomHunt isn’t the most “robust-looking” dropshipping tool out there) it sure packs a huge punch.


Ecomhunt is known for being one of the most affordable dropshipping spytool research services out there, period. This is priced lower compared to some of the EcomHunt alternatives and competitors out there, like Niche Scraper (at $39/month). They also offer a one-time, meaning, you don’t have to pay more as features are added.


Limited Daily Products

One downside of EcomHunt is that their list of the trending products daily is limited. This isn’t an endless list as you may expect.

However, the fact that it is updated everyday kind of makes up for this disadvantage. For its price, EcomHunt’s advantages certainly give you better value for your money than its competitors. 

Yesterday’s News…

One of the biggest issues I always find with these software and spy tools in general, especially when it comes to Dropshipping (and I’ve not been able to be convinced otherwise) is that, even though you’re getting “winning products” handed to you on a daily basis (if you’re a pro member) there is no way for you to know if the product hasn’t already been sold to death.

I understand that there is not much competition, even if there were hundreds of advertisers selling the same product, because of how many products and how much people are buying online…

But with that said…you can’t help but to feel like you’re “getting the scraps”, so it’s something to keep in mind. You just have to trust your gut that you’re actually getting guided correctly and that the winning product will sell, and sell a LOT, which is every dropshippers dream.

EcomHunt Review – Conclusion

Alright, so that would be the end of this EcomHunt review. I hope it was helpful!

To conclude, and taking into consideration all the factors we’ve been mentioning before (pricing, features, functions, etc), does EcomHunt work? Is EcomHunt legit? Is EcomHunt worth it?

The answer to these questions is, yes, Ecomhunt is a good software, it works, it’s legit and has been in the marketplace for multiple years, and has a ton of successful testimonials. 

When it comes to whether or not you should buy it, it’s totally up to you and depends on where you are in your dropshipping journey. 

Personally, I think EcomHunt is best for beginners and intermediate dropshippers, that are looking for their breakthrough product. If you’re a more advanced dropshipper, you’ll probably want to be using some other software, or even some other strategy (mostly ad spy, even manually spying on ads, is something I’ve seen been done successfully), 

If you want to make business decisions based on data, then EcomHunt is a choice I would strongly recommend. Not only does this tool do research for you, but it also provides you with the tools to improve your conversion rate.

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