How Much Does Groove.Cm Cost? Pricing And More.

How much does Groove.Cm cost?

In this article, we’ll be going over the different Groove.Cm payment options, the Groove.Cm monthly pricing plans, the cost of Groove.Cm and Groove.Cm Platinum lifetime option, so that you know exactly what to expect, before picking it up as well as give you an idea of what is the best option for you.

Let’s check it out.

Alright, so what are the Groove.Cm monthly pricing plans? How much is Groove.Cm monthly and what payment options do you have?

Well, as of the writing of this article, there are a few options available to you that will be different depending on the amount of tools you’ll be using or that you’re interested in getting…just like pretty much every other SAAS company out there, nowadays.

The current available plans, as of the writing of this article, are:

  • The Groove.Cm platinum Plan and
  • The Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime option

There is also the Groove.Cm Free Base account available, which basically gives you access to some of the tools, at a limited capacity. You can create a free Groove.Cm account here, of by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page.

In the past, Groove.Cm had 3 different payment plans, which were the silver plan, the gold plan and the platinum plan. But these have since been compressed into only the platinum version and the platinum lifetime option.

NOTE: The platinum lifetime option, will only be available until the official Groove.Cm launch in 2022, and will be discontinued completely once the platform rolls out into a subscription model.

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Groove.Cm Platinum

The Groove.Cm Platinum plan, is the main payment plan that the platform has available, will cost $299/month and will give you access to every single one of the tools of the platform, at an “unlimited” capacity.

This means that you’ll not be limited at all with what you can do.

You don’t have limited videos, limited amounts of custom domains, limited amounts of online stores, higher processing fees, etc, and you get a massive bump on some other tools, like GrooveMail, which takes takes the amount of contacts up to 25,000 instead of 500, as an example.

Essentially, you’ll be getting every tool in the main platform, on steroids.

As of right now the tools will not be able to be purchased individually (except in some cornercase scenarios) so you’ll have to buy the complete package but that might change in the future.

Even though these prices seem to be fairly expensive, the platform in of itself is cheaper than all the other tools combined, if you were to get them elsewhere. 

Just look at the image below.

A list of the different Groove.Cm tools available to you in the platform and price comparisons with the competition. You can create a free Groove account here. It gives you access to some of the tools, Lite version.
*Tools that will be coming out in the future (aren’t ready yet).

Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime

Finally, there’s also an option for you to upgrade to the lifetime membership of the Groove.Cm platform called the Groove.Cm Platinum Lifetime.

This will allow you to never have to pay for any monthly subscriptions, and will make you a lifetime owner of the platform, which means you’ll get all of the future upgrades and future tools when they get launched into the market.

This is a very limited offer, since it’ll be so for you to be able to upgrade to the lifetime membership all you have to do is check availability which you can do here.

In this case, and barring any future changes, the cost for Groove.Cm would become:

  • $2097, if you choose the 3 payment plan of $699.
  • $1998, if you choose the 2 payment monthly plan at $999 each payment
  • $1997, if you go straight for the 1 time payment option.

How Much Does Groove.Cm Cost
Groove.Cm platinum lifetime option. This offer will be available only until the platform launches in 2022 after which, only the monthly plan will be open. If available, I highly suggest getting the lifetime option.

As mentioned before, the llifetime option will be available only until the Groove.Cm platform officially launches in 2022. By then, only the Groove.Cm platinum monthly subscription of $299/month will be available, so make sure to check if the lifetime option is still available to you in the mean time.

If it is, I’d highly suggest you picking it up.

It’s an offer that’ll not be around forever, and it can be compared to buying an alternative like ClickFunnels, before it became a monthly subscription service.

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