Manifestation Magic Review 2020. By Alexander J. Wilson

Looking for a way to override your subconscious with more prosperous thoughts? In this Manifestation Magic review, i’ll be going over this very interesting program, to see what it is, how much it costs, if it lives up to the expectations…and much more, so that you can decide whether or not it’ll be worth your time.

Let’s check it out.

Manifestation Magic Review

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What is manifestation magic?

Manifestation magic is a set of audio tapes that have “brain entrainment frequencies“. By listening to the audio tapes just before you’re about to sleep, your brain will be in a better receptive state, and will then integrate the ideas inside the tapes, with more ease.

So in a sense, it’s a system of audio tracks that is made to tune your brain into a state of more productiveness, that can also attract positive events. Or so they say…

Now, if this seems a bit too crazy…there have been scientific studies confirming that sound does alter brain activity. In fact, it’s a strategy that has been used for a long long time to treat different sorts of illnesses.

But just try it out for yourself. Listen to happy music and sad music, and write down how you feel and notice if there is a difference.

What Do I Get With The Manifestation Magic Program?

There are a lot of different audio tracks and other bonuses included inside of the Manifestation Magic bundle. What you’ll be receiving, is the following:

  • Quick Start Manifestation Guide (all versions, pdf, kindle…you name it).
  • Twilight Transformation. Energy Orbiting (Audio Track).
  • 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks. Chakra enhancing audio track.
  • Push play, audio app.
  • Bonus1: Chakra Power System.
  • Bonus2: 360 Transformation System.
  • 2 Additional bonuses: The Abundance Miracle System and 7 Sacred Signs.

As you can see, there is a lot of different content that you’ll be able to find within the program. The PDF for example, is over 40 pages long, and as for the recordings…there is almost 6 hours of it.

Some of it is more on the spiritual side, whereas some is a bit more on the “scientific side” as i like to call it. Personally, i’m more interested in the physical laws and the electromagnetism involved, than the chakra healing and “Sacred Signs”…but there is something for everyone. 

Manifestation Magic Review 2

The Manifestation Guide PDF.

The PDF comes with two parts.

In the first part Alexander explains how the whole program works, how and when to listen to the audio tracks, and how they’re made to help you out.

The second part of the PDF, is the manifestation guide. In this section, you’ll be able to write down what it is that you want to manifest. Writing your goals down is a crucial, essential and vitally important part of manifesting them. This technique is something that’s been done for ages now, and it works wonders.

Goal setting is so important, that you’re essentially lost IF you don’t have them clearly defined.

I remember personally creating a goal of my own (a few of them actually) and the second i wrote them down, i knew what i had to do. And even for those goals i didn’t know how to accomplish, i knew that i would, i just needed to focus and act with faith, towards them.

Manifestation Magic Review 3
Manifestation PDF

Energy Orbiting Tracks.

This audio file is meant for you to get accustomed to the different sound frequencies that enhance neuron activities, which are Delta Theta and Beta waves.

This section contains 3 different audio, spread throughout 4 different tracks, each one using a different wave length, between 10 and 20 minutes long each.

  • Delta brainwave audio (20 minutes). For promoting regeneration.
  • Beta brainwave audio (20 minutes). Which promotes productiveness and problem solving.
  • Alpha brainwave audio (10 minutes). These can be paralleled to learning, imagination and meditation.

Manifestation Magic Review 4
Enegry Orbiting tracks. The last 2 are meditation tracks 10 minutes part 1 and 2

Chakra Power System.

The chakra power system, is a set of 7 audio sessions of 10 minutes each, with are centered around “cleansing” and fortifying each of the chakra centers.

These tapes mention gratitude, relinquishing fears, intuition and wealth creation, amongst other things.

360 Transformation System.

Magic 360 transformation system, is basically a set of calm music tracks that you can use at different points in the day, and depending on your mood. There is no real narrative here, just background music.

There are different tracks for different “states of being”. There are different tracks for when you wake up, when you’re sitting, when you’re feeling a bit low, when the evening has come around, when you’re feeling lost, and so on.

Personally, i don’t really find these to be very effective, as i usually can’t get emotionally involved with style of music, and i feel emotion is needed. But that’s just me.

Manifestation Magic Review 5
Different tracks available within the Manifestaion Magic program.

Bonus: The Abundance Miracle System and 7 Sacred Signs.

7 Sacred signs from the universe, is a 60 page ebook by Alexander, in which he goes over the…well…7 types of signs in the Universe, and their meaning. Their relationship to carreers, lives, wealth and so on.

If astrology, numerology, and the likes, is something you’re interested in, you’ll find this ebook very pleasing. Personally, it doesn’t really ring too many bells, as i’m more interested in the science and am not very “spiritual”.

The Miracle Abundance System, is a set of three audio files, around 20-30 minutes each, that are geared towards creating the correct ambience for sleep. It’s a combination of calm music at specific wavelengths, and calm music with female voice narrative, which can put anyone to sleep!

NOTE: These two bonuses, can be downloaded only through the smartphone app.

Manifestation Magic Review 6

Who Is Alexander J. Wilson?

Alexander J Wilson is a spiritual teacher and best-selling author of different Law Of Attraction and spiritual books.

As he has stated in his blog, he has spent many a years studying the laws of the Universe, and how to apply them to his everyday life (from both an ancient and more modern angle) after losing his job and feeling miserably lost in his life.

Thus Manifestation Magic was created. It was a way to put together all his knowledge and best techniques that he’s sculped and mastered throughout the years, and use them through the power of the Law Of Attraction to change people’s lives.

How Much Does Manifestation Magic Cost?

Manifestation Magic costs a very very affordable $47

Remember that there is also a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can always just ask for a refund, so there is no real risk for you as a Manifestation Magic customer.

Also remember that this product is being sold in one of the most reputable and well known digital marketplaces in the world (ClickBank.com) that has been around since 1998 and has probably processed several tens of millions of dollars. So you’re safe, wherever you’re looking at it from.

Manifestation Magic Review 7
Alexander Wilson

Is There A Manifestation Magic Download?

To my knowledge, there is no way to download the Manifestation Magic tracks or get a “free download” other than going through checkout, and you should be aware of anyone who claims they can offer you a “Free Manifestation Magic download”.

Manifestation Magic is being sold in one of the most reputable platforms for infoproducts (and also physical products) on the planet ClickBank.com, was created at the end of 2019, and to my knowledge can’t be found anywhere else.

Are There Any Guarantees?

There is in fact 1 crazy guarantee.

There is a guarantee, as stated on the sales page, that you will receive a financial manifestation OR the “unmistakable sign” within your first 24 hours of applying the program, or you can just send in a not and request your money back.

Does Manifestation Magic Really Work?

Yes it does work, but just like anything in life, it only works if you work it.

Let me show an example with you…

There are two different ways that a human being learns. The first is by hypnosis, which is a state in which our minds is at, at the early years of our lives (up until around age 7) where we’re soaking in information and programs, non-stop. Hypnosis can also be induced.

The second, is by repetition, where you’re consciously putting in effort, to learn a new skill, like driving, learning a new language or drawing. 

The idea behind Manifestation Magic, is for you to override your old thoughts, and create new habits of thinking. You’ll be doing this by planting a “new seed” in your mind, which you’ll cultivate, by giving power to that tought THROUGH repetition, which involves listening to the audios, over and over and over again.

Here’s a little video on that, that i think you should watch.

A lot of people don’t see results, and give up very easily, because they’re expecting fruits, without having created roots. In other words, they deep down, don’t belive it will work, and so it doesn’t. Anything that is done, against your own will, is just a chore.

So yes, Manifestation Magic works, as long as you’re willing to be open minded and actually go through everything. Give the tapes multiple hearings and you’ll start to notice things change.

As Wayne Dyer used to say:

“If you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at changes.” 


Manifestation Magic Pros And Cons

It wouldn’t be correct to create a Manifestation Magic review, without going through the pros and cons of the program. So in this section of my Manifestation Magic review, i’ll be going over the different things that i personally found.

Please note that these opinions are my own and they’re individual to me. I might like something you don’t (very likely, i’m pretty weird) so please take everything in with a grain of salt.


Price is very reasonable. I firmly believe that nobody who wants to change so bad, will compromise on price. If you see and feel that this will help you out, you’ll get the money for it. Fortunately, i’m not talking thousands of dollars here. $47 is really…not that much.

60 Day money back guarantee. What’s better than a 30 day money back guarantee? How about double that? Money back guarantees are a must nowadays (although i’ve personally bought programs for $2200, that didn’t have refunds) and so there isn’t any risk involved.

Helps you build that mindset. Anything that you can reiterate, that will help you modify your belief system, will make changes happen in your life. The more times you tell something to yourself, the more likely it is that you’ll believe it, and Manifestation Magic, actually help put these things in motion for you.

Easy to use, easy to consume. No jumping through hoops. Just straight up audio tracks. Plun-n-play.


? You won’t manifest things instantly, because it just doesn’t work that way. So if you’re expecting instant results without putting in the work, this won’t help you out a ton,

? The sales page doesn’t do Manifestation Magic any good either. Although the testimonials are awesome, some of them didn’t feel very real to me, which in a sense skews things up a bit. Getting contacted by a billionaire 2 minutes after…come on now. 

? I don’t think the 360 Transformation audios bring too much to the table. But this is very personal to me. I think that had this been replaced with more vocal and narrative audios, it might have added a lot.

Manifestation Magic Review 8


Manifestation Magic, by Alexander Wilson, is a really interesting set of audios and product, that will help you rearrange those negative, limiting beliefs and thoughts that you have, and rewire your brain to plant better and more positive thoughts.

Is Manifestation Magic going to turn your world upside down, and have you get everything you’ve ever wanted, overnight? Definitely not.

Like i mentioned throughout this review, the idea behind Manifestation Magic, is to flood your mind with a different set of thoughts. It’s like learning a new language, change takes time and more so, if you’ve been thinking a certain way for years, and you’re challenged to think in another.

So if you’re willing to make the change, Manifestation Magic is a good way to start.

Another really good program that i also recommend, is 6 Minutes To Success by Bob Proctor, which you can use to complement Manifestation Magic, since it’ll help you get motivation for the mornings, whereas Manifestation Magic is more effective for nights (or at least focuses on it more).

Regardless, Manifestation Magic, is a great program to get you started in planting that “seed”, the new ideas and visions you have, to help bring them to life.

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