Six Minutes To Success Review. The Best Of Bob Proctor.


If you’re on this page, you probably just came across Bob Proctor and wondered to yourself “what is Six Minutes To Success?” 

Maybe you already knew about Bob, and just wanted to know whether or not to join the program (if you do know Bob, this should be an easy answer).

But even then. You might be thinking: “It sounds too good to be true” “Six minutes to success, really?”

Well, is Six minutes to success legit? Is it worth your time? Is it a “scam”? In this review, i’ll be looking at this amazing course and program, i’ll be going over the pros and cons that i found, the pricing, the features, who is Bob Proctor, and more, with the idea of making everything clear as day for you.

So be sure to stick through!

Six Minutes To Success

What Is Six Minutes To Success?

Six minutes to success is a daily drip fed source of motivation, created by Bob Proctor and other members of the Proctor Gallagher institute, in the form of short and very digestible 2-6 minutes videos. 

6 Minutes to Success was made as a way to inspire you and send you information, that will lead you towards success, override your bad habits, and create new ones instead.

This is some seriously amazing and powerful stuff…You can Learn More About The Program Here.

It is powerful because the way a human learns, is either through hypnosis (a stage our brain is, at the early stages of development) or repetition, where you consciously develop a new skill or habit, like learning how to drive or learning a new instrument.


And it’s the repetition of 1 idea, over and over and over again, that sticks in your mind. Be it bad or be it good, your mind will return whatever you plant. And this is the reason why some people who fail, keep failing and those who win keep winning. It’s their mental conditioning.

And so, the idea with this program, is to override your old programming, and plant seeds of positive thoughts. And if there is someone out there that can do this to you, it’s Bob Proctor.

These videos are not some mumbo jumbo, witchcraft. Not at all, and far from it.

Most of your thoughts are automatic and formed from habit, otherwise your brain would go into overdrive if it had to think of ALL of the options ALL the time, and so programs are made by your subconscious, and six minutes to success is a way to override those. Simple as that.

Six Minutes To Success 2
You get a few free vidoes Just For Signing Up

Who Is Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a very well known worldwide speaker, author and motivational coach.

He rose to popularity in the 2006 movie “The Secret” and has been a massive influence and role model in the personal development industry for multiple decades.

He’s written the book “You Were Born Rich” (which i go more about in my post, 7 Best Manifestation Books) does in person live events every year, created the Proctor Gallagher institute, and as a curious fact, has been reading the book “Think And Grow Rich” for over 50 years, every day.

If you’ve not allowed yourself to get lost in the teachings and visions of this person, you’re massively missing out. He will fill your mind with only the best, most powerful and positive thoughts and ideas, around.

Six Minutes To Success 3

How Does Six Minutes To Success Work?

The program six minutes to success, works the following way:

Everyday, for as long as you’re part of the program, you’ll be getting an email from Bob, which will include one of these action packed videos. That video is meant to motivate you and to have you start your day off with a bang (and keep it that way).

“A successful day is achieved by starting it out correctly.”

You start one day correctly, and everything will work in your favour. You do that 7 times in a row, and you get a successful week. In these videos, you’ll get one idea per day, and you are to think about that idea throughout the entire day.

Once again, the idea here is to form a new habit. A habit of thinking correctly. A habit of changing your habits. And it’s scientifically proven that habits aren’t hard to create. All it takes is a change in behaviour, for about 21 days, for you to start seeing tremendous results.

What can you expect to learn of in these videos?

Well, the videos can be centered around different topics, such as the law of vibration, the law of attraction, wealth, relationship and health…amongst other things, and they’re sure to get you pumped up and see things differently.

?Check Out Six Minutes To Success Here

How Much Does Six Minutes To Success Cost?

The program costs $29.97/month for the more basic version, and a more powerful premium version at $99.97

Just to start out, you can test the program (which in Bobs own words, is just about the best type of content he’s put out to date) for $1 for the first 2 week, and see whether you like it or not.

If you’re not happy with the content, there is also a refund period of 60 days. Money back guarantee. Which means you can in theory spend 2 entire months in this program, actually form new habits AND get your money back.

I mean, it is something you can do… 

Six Minutes To Success 4
Bob Proctor. Six Minutes To Success

Pros and Cons of Six Minutes To Success.

I’m a firm believer that no review of any kind, can be complete without a “pros and cons” section, and for that reason, here is the pros and cons of six minutes to success.

Please bear in mind that these are my own personal opinions on the pros and cons of the program, which doesn’t mean that they’ll be the same for everyone.


✅ Duration of the clips, are only 6 minutes. In todays day and age, we need some quick, digestible content. There “is no time” to watch 2 hour videos to start out your day, so in that sense, they come incredibly welcome.

✅ The program is very cheap and affordable to everyone. $29.97 per month, it’s about $1 per day. It’s probably nothing compared to some other services that your paying a lot more for (and you know it) and won’t develop your mind as much. You’ll surely make more than what it costs. 

✅ The videos are super easy to understand and go through. All in all this part is clear. It’s what you expect, but they’re also great quality, which, even if it is the gold standard, not many organizations execute at this level. Oh, and there is about 300 of them.

✅ You also get the audio version option, which is nice. It’s not deal breaker, since watching a 2-6 minute video isn’t that hard to do, but by giving that option, it really shows commitment (they didn’t really HAVE to put out an audio version).

✅ Bob Proctor, is one of those people that you’ll just want to listen to over and over. He’s really a great inspiration. I’m personally very fortunate to have heard about him in a Youtube video once, since his teachings are really something else. If you’ve not had the chance to hear him talk, you really have to. 


? You have to be open minded to make the most our of this program. Fortunately, Bob Proctor is very magnetizing and easy to listen and understand. If you’re like most people, you’ll not want to stop hearing him speak.

? Personally, i think you’ll be able to find most of the content online already in Youtube if you really dig deep, which kind of offsets the value a bit (although there obviously are some gems inside).

The flip side of this, is that you’ll develop a habit of listening and watching the videos every day, which is priceless and the REAL reason to be signing up to six minutes to success. Youtube is great for bursts of motivation, six minutes to success is for results that STICK. If you want results that stick, you don’t compromise. Period.

? Some of the videos include Bobs business partner Sandy Gallagher, which, even though she’s enthusiastic, she is not Bob. Personally, i’d much rather have had Bob Proctor speaking, every single video. Once again, this is a very personal suggestion. 

Six Minutes To Success 5


There you go everyone. That would be my Six minutes to success program review, by Bob Proctor. 

If you’re still unsure about hopping into this program, i’d recommend you don’t think of it anymore and head straight into it.

Bob Proctor is an amazing personal development coach and mentor. He’s changed my life completely, and i’m sure he’ll change yours. In fact, i think he’s so mesmerizing and brilliant, you’d me doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t, and you can’t afford to do yourself a disservice.

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