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7 Best Law Of Attraction Books. Absolute Must Reads.

Hey everyone and welcome! In this article, i’ll be going over my personal list of 7 best law of attraction books (aka best manifestation books) out there today, that you absolutely must check out.

I like to think that, the person who compromises on getting (or tries to bargain with not getting) the absolute best and most needed wisdom, when it comes to achieving their goals and desires…can’t be taken seriously.

So if you’re first in line, to consciously molding and bringing forth your own custom made reality through the power of hijacking your subconscious…these are some of the books that you’ll need to get in no particular order.

Because you don’t compromise, when it comes to your dreams. Right? ?

Let’s check them out.

Best Law Of Attraction Books

1) As a Man Thinketh. By James Allen.

Described as “A book that will help you, help yourself” this pocket book, describes how every person, holds within him or her, the key to achieving whatever it is that they want in life.

It brings forth the idea that, by pursuing ones dreams, and working steadily towards them, one can achieve them. That as a man thinks, so is he. As simple as that.

Because of this, one is then able to remake ones life and sculpt ones future. By merely focusing on the outcome that one wants, and choosing to take steps and make choices that align with that goal in mind, all is possible. 

This book (which is more of an essay actually) is also a core reference, for some of the following books in this list, and from which a lot of the more modern theories and analogies appeared to have stemmed out of.

In fact, the idea behind the book As a Man Thinketh, is the core foundation of 99% of all the self development books ever published. As a result, you’ll might have heard about the famous “garden analogy” (amongst other ideas) in many other books on this exact list.

Best Law Of Attraction Books 2

2) Think and Grow Rich. By Napoleon Hill.

This is a classic, and the “grandfather” of motivational books, that you absolutely just have to have.

The book Think and Grow Rich, is not only a great motivational piece, but it’s also a book on goals, positive affirmation and the laws of success.

In this book, Napoleon Hill is commissioned as a reporter, to study some of the most successful people of his time (Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and more) and to see what was it that all these great minds, had in common.

One of the things Napoleon is taught to do by Andrew Carnegie in particular, is to rehearse the idea (autosuggest) that he would surpass Andrew Carnegie, a Billionaire. He was supposed to say that he would, out loud, multiple times, a day until it became a habit.

Napoleon didn’t believe that he could, at the time, but followed the command.

Turns out, Andrew Carnegie made a few millionaires…Napoleon Hill, made millions of millionaires, with the help of the book. So indeed, millions of people have benefited tremendously from this book, and have manifested wealth beyond their wildest dreams with it.

This book is the amalgamation of a life long study of the most successful people and cover topics such as: The subconscious mind, autosuggestion, faith, persistance, the power of a mastermind and much more. This is one book, you can’t afford not to have.

Best Law Of Attraction Books 3

3) The Strangest Secret. By Earl Nightingale.

One of the most motivational books/speeches i’ve ever come across.

The Strangest Secret doesn’t focus on the law of attraction, as much, since there is just a short verse on it (law of prosperity)…but it made the list because of how it can easily parallel into that realm.  

In this book, Earl explains the “strangest secret in the world”. The secrets to the floodgates of success and prosperity. He explains why it is that so few people succeed in life, who is considered a success and who a failure, what you have to do to become one of the minority who deem that virtually nothing is impossible and why goals are immensley important.

He explains what the strangest secret is, and the importance of “planting that seed in your mind”, and why this action, is the most important decision, you’ll ever make.  

It’s a very short book, which should take you no more than 30 minutes to read. There is also a speech and video version of this book, where Earl himself, reads out every word.

Everyone who wants more in life, should give it a listen. I suggest you read the book and give the speech a listen, at least once every day. I’ve personally heard the recording multiple dozens of times and listen to it every time i get a chance to, when i go out for a walk (which is very frequently) and it’s amazing. 

Best Law Of Attraction Books 4

4) The Secret. By Rhonda Byrne.

You just can’t mention or make a list of the best law of attraction books or best manifestation books, without mentioning Rhonda ByrnesThe Secret. I wouldn’t know how you’d be able to. 

It’s probably the one that rings the most bells and is more widespreadly known throughout the world, not only because of the book itself, but also thanks to it’s 2006 movie, which became very popular.

“The Secrets” is a book that goes over the law of attraction at its core, and teaches you how to use it in every aspect of your life. 

It also depicts the stories of people who have used the teaching inside of “The Secret” to eradicate illness, gather and create wealth, overcome obstacles and achieve happiness, which you can learn to harness and use for yourself. 

It’s an outstanding, very digestible book, sitting at 200 pages in length. There is no excuse not to check this one out. Also, if you haven’t watched the movie, you should give that one a go too!

Best Law Of Attraction Books 5

5) You Were Born Rich. By Bob Proctor.

Bob Proctor is one of the people that appears in the movie “The Secret” (which is where i personally found out about him) and he is just brilliant. He’s so mesmerizing and magnetising, i assure you that you’ll be able to listen to him speak, for hours and hours.

His book You Were Born Rich is no different.

What he talks about in this books, is scary, will have you hooked from start to finish, and should quite frankly be a mandatory read.

In the book, there is a strong focus on mindset. There is also a strong focus on money and financial freedom. 

He talks about the money blueprint and how much money you’d like to make. He talks about the expectations of abundance, the law of vibration, taking risks (massively important), how not to think about the past, goal setting and how to override your subconscious mind…amongst other things.

If you’ve ever checked out any of Bob Proctors seminars or products, you’ll know just how phenomenal this person is, and You Were Born Rich is basically a written version of much of what he talks about in his seminars.

Another absolutely must read book, to manifest everything that you want.

Best Law Of Attraction Books 6

6) The Power Of Positive Thinking. By Norman Vincent Peale.

The Power Of Positive Thinking, is a bit more “spiritual” than most of the other titles in this list, since there is a heavy focus on religion, faith and the importance of God as a guiding force in someone’s life. 

Putting aside the heavily religious nature of the book (because not everyone believes in the same thing) there are some key points to take away from this book that work universally regardless of what you believe in.

One of the key points to take away, is confidence. This book will help you achieve and culture confidence and lay to rest the negative thoughts that so many of us have so closely intertwined with our natural state. This is massive, a lot of people have issues with this confidence (myself included) and this book comes as an antidote to that.

Norman also talks about the importance of faith (or persistance) the importance of discipline and how to go about re-educating the mind: With positive repetitions. 

This book will help you cram your mind full of the healthiest and most powerful thoughts in the world, which will allow for the manifestation of things of similar nature, because “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”.  

Best Law Of Attraction Books 7

7) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind. By Joseph Murphy.

What is the master secret of the ages? Over 90% of the thoughts you think everyday, are “automatic”. Formed out of habit. Results of programs your mind is firing. They’re almost “not your own”. The good new is… that you can reprogram it.   

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind“, is a book about reprogramming and rewriting your mind, so that you can get the results and manifest the things that you want in life. Not only is it a great book on how to do it, it’s also a great book on what NOT to do.

Even though some of the other titles of this list, go over the subconscious mind, to a certain degree, i think that having one specific book on the exact subject of subconscious mind, is vitally important because of just how powerful the idea is.

The great thing about this particular book, is that there Joseph Murphy traces out a guideline, or creates a plan for you (if you will), which you can follow to be a more positive person, to plant new ideas into your mind and overcome all the unconscious automatic feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness that you feel.

All of this is not to say that you’ll automatically manifest everything that you want instantly and without work. You need constant daily action towards your goals, to actually achieve them. A process that will be stunted if you allow your subconscious mind to fire negative programing when it is challenged, something that this book is created to make you overcome.

Best Law Of Attraction Books 8

There you go everyone, those are my 7 best law of attraction books, that i think everybody should read at least once at some point in their lives.

Pretty much everything from proper mindset, the law of vibration, positive affirmations, success, goal setting and accountability, subconscious mind and how to override it, heck even sexual transmutation, can be found throughout the pages of these books.

If you’re interested in the power of the mind, and how you can manipulate the laws of the universe, to manifest anything you want in life, then you should check these books out. It’s vitally important, that you start cultivating the positive thoughts, that will make all of this possible.

Did i miss any title? Let me know in the comments down below, which is your favourite book, which book has changed you the most, and why!

Have a great one.

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