ClickFunnels Platinum

ClickFunnels Platinum. To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Is ClickFunnels Platinum a good enough investment? Should you buy ClickFunnels Platinum at all. Is ClickFunnels Platinum going to be the end of ClickFunnels as we know it?

In this article post I’ll be going through the brand new ClickFunnels Platinum pricing as well as all of the features and the reason why you should actually get ?ClickFunnels Platinum ASAP and not wait around for too long, as well as what the new features are for the product.

Buy ClickFunnels Platinum
Brand new ClickFunnels Platinum. To buy or not to buy?

Big Announcement

So, as you may or may not know ClickFunnels is the current leader in the market when it comes to sales funnels and it’s an Absolute Must Have if you want to sell online. It’s simply the best software out there for it’s job, period.

However, there has been some speculation, as to what the CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, would be stepping down, and that the company had been purchased.

So did ClickFunnels Platinum, end up being the death of ClickFunnels

All the contrary… well, at least for now that is, since there is one major change that could be very impactful, but we’ll get to that in a minute. ?

On september 23rd of 2019, on the 5th year anniversary of the ClickFunnels, there was a celebration. The highlights of celebration was the introduction of a new offer: The “ClickFunnels Platinum”. This offer will be a rebranding of the old ClickFunnels Actionetics and Backpack products, into something bigger.

In the live announcement, Russell admitted that they were perhaps trying too many things at once within the company, (like adding chatbots and additional features, tools and gadgets) and they are now doubling down on what they are absolutely, the best in the world at, which is sales funnels.

Buy ClickFunnels Platinum 2
5th anniversary! Five years in the making.

Their plan is to become “Category Kings” as Russell calls them, in their own field, and eventually, acquire integrate or partner up with other softwares that are “Kings” of their own category and bring them into the ClickFunnels ecosystem, without running the risk of spreading their team out too thin.

These are some great news for ClickFunnels users, all in all 🙂 . They’ve moved their focus 100% over to the main tool and with that they’ve already removed multiple bugs and have sharpened even more their support system (that don’t need to learn how to use 10 different tools), which was already awesome to begin with.

What this also means, is that ClickFunnels will be “sunsetting” some of the tools. Mainly Actionetics, Actionetics MD and Backpack. For anyone who’s using them, you will still have the ability to, but the company is leaving those offers behind and will not be updating them in the future. Also, newer users will not be able to see them at all.

Buy ClickFunnels Platinum 3
Actionetics and Backpack will no longer be getting updates.

ClickFunnels Platinum

ClickFunnels Platinum is the new premium version of ClickFunnels, and it’s a is basically a rebranding of the Etison suite, but it’s bringing some pretty interesting features to the table.  

To start off small, let’s talk about the “lesser” important features of ClickFunnels Platinum, shall we?

ClickFunnels Platinum “Etison” Features

These are basically some of the features that used to be available with the Etison suite (although not all).

Unlimited funnels, pages and follow up funnels.

Nothing new here. Anything lower for the premium version, would be a strict downgrade, since the Etison Suite already allowed for unlimited funnels, pages and follow up funnels.

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9 Custom domains

You now I have the ability to connect to 9 different domains. This is a bit strange because the Etison Suite allowed for unlimited custom domains, so this seems to be a downgrade. i guess most users weren’t using that many to begin with.

In fact, only 11 out of the almost 100,000 users were using the “other tools” that ClickFunnels were developing which they’ve now stopped using, so maybe this is a similar situation. 

3 ClickFunnels users per login

Up to 3 different users can now log into one single clickfunnels account. Which is great if you have a team.

Putting these “less interesting” features aside, let’s go into the meat and potatoes of ClickFunnels Platinum.

NOTE: The basic version of ClickFunnels, will stay exactly the same, without any changes.

Buy ClickFunnels Platinum 4
The new features of ClickFunnels Platinum

Brand New ClickFunnels Platinum Features

Since this is a rebranding of ClickFunnels Etison suite, you’ll still be able to create follow up funnels send emails and text campaigns and messages to stay connected with your audience. You still have all the basic uses of the ClickFunnels software available to you, however they will be some additional features. These are:

Payment Processing Upgrade

One of the biggest features of the ClickFunnels Platinum membership, is that you will now be able to connect up to 9 payment gateways making it very easy for your customer to buy from you. These payment methods include: Android pay, Apple pay, NMI and a lot more.

Originally there were only 2 payment gateways possible you ClickFunnels which were Stripe and PayPal and it was extremely limiting for the customers, in case they needed to use something else. Giving customers more options, is almost always better, and so this was a great move! ?

Daily Virtual Hack-a-Thons

Up until this moment in time, the Hack-a-Thons were only available for the 2 comma club award winners. This was a hands on virtual training, coaching and motivation series where all the award winners would come together and mastermind. Moving forward however, this is something that anyone can have access to, and join the live Hack-a-Thons, that are scheduled to happen each and everyday! Crazy! 

These Hack-a-Thons, are calls in which you’ll be building your funnels together, as a team, with the coaches to get them created, designed, launched and live easily and quickly. Groups will be built and the coaches will help you create any funnel, and won’t stop until it’s done

These calls will be happening daily, and they’ll be for each of the funnels, whether you want to build a lead, webinar, high-ticket, summit, cart, challenge…or any one of the other funnels you can build with ClickFunnels. All you’d have to do is, pick a funnel and date, and join the daily Hack-a-Thons, to make it happen. 

The Funnel Hacker Forum

The funnel hacker forum, came about, because there was an issue with the ClickFunnels Facebook group and that there are almost 200 thousand active Facebook members…however there are only around 98,000 ClickFunnels active users.

The funnel hacker forum is a forum inside the ClickFunnels dashboard, that will only be available for users of the platform. And so, it’s open to all members regardless of whether or not you have the Platinum account, as long as you’re a ClickFunnels user, you’re good to go. 😉

This is an absolutely great addition because it allows newer users to get the assistance that they need in the beginning, to every single question answered and to get help, which is sometimes really hard to do inside of a Facebook group (I can assure you) as well as to monitor an assist real users a lot better. 

Buy ClickFunnels Platinum 4


Probably the most exciting feature to come out of ClickFunnels Platinum, (and a big reason why you should buy the Platinum version Now Rather Than Later) FunnelFlix is basically the Netflix of online business and digital marketing.

So this is sort of like a hub for all the content that the ClickFunnels team has created throughout the years and not everybody has been able to have access to. They have basically compiled all of their most impactful content inside of this hub and there is going to be some, hardcore content inside. For example:

The 30-day program. You’ll have access to all of the trainings from 30 of the two comma club winners (made a million-dollar with the funnels). Inside, you’ll get to see the funnel that they used to get there, what it looks like, how they did it, and how they’d go from 0 to where they were at if they lost everything, within 30 days. Extremely awesome.

✅ You’ll have access to Tony Robbins Private Collection personal development training, which he usually doesn’t post anywhere.

✅ You also have access to the Affiliate Bootcamp, where you’ll learn all the training you need on how to become an affiliate for ClickFunnels or any other program.

✅ The complete traffic training course by Justin Brooks, which has everything from youtube to Native ads Google ads Facebook Instagram and a lot more, and you can become a master at driving traffic. You can either buy this elsewhere, or get it for free inside of ClickFunnels Platinum.

Buy ClickFunnels Platinum 7
Inside of FunnelFlix. Probably better than Netflix! (arguably)

Money mindset by John Reese. First guy to make 1 million dollars in a day in this industry, created a course to help you get in the mindset to actually make money online, focus and preparation.

Outsource force. Again, another amazing course by John Reese. In this one, he goes over exactly what is needed to do, in case you want to outsource your work, so that your business keeps growing without you there.

Documentaries. There will be documentaries also, inside FunnelFlix. The Funnelhacker tv and the 10x story.

Funnel builder secrets. This is a course that they’ve been selling for over $3000 dollars, for 5 years. This gives you everything you need to know to create a funnel, from the general to the specifics.

Product secrets. Product secrets is a course that will teach you how to create your own product in a weekend, if you don’t have one. This is also something that was initially only available for the high ticket coaching students of Russells, but is now available inside of the ClickFunnels Platinum dashboard, inside of FunnelFlix.

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10x secrets. A course that was launched for $500, where Russell goes over his presentation in the Grant Cardone 10x, where he made over 3.2 million dollars. This is if you want to create your own webinar or speak on stage, Russell will show you the webinar scripts, the powerpoint slides, and he goes over what he said, why he said what he did and how he did everything.

Funnel university. For 3 years, Russell has been funnel-hacking 2 people every single month, and there has been a print newsletter and video training of every single case…and you guessed it, it’s all included for free inside of ClickFunnels Platinum. Funnel university is absolutely great if you want to replicate your competitors, or other successful companies. 

Recording of the one funnel away challenge. The trainings for one funnel away, are always done live. However after the 30 day challenge, a lot of people wanted to go back and review the training, and so now, recorded versions of the trainings, have been added to the ClickFunnels Platinum dashboard too! 🙂

And more!

In addition, Russell and ClickFunnels, are also going to be going out there and acquiring content from other marketers to add to the backend of FunnelFlix, not to mention they’ll also be updating their own content, and adding to it. 

Clearly FunnelFlix is a great, highly valuable feature of ClickFunnels Platinum.

Another really cool thing is that some of these are available right at this moment with the basic plan which means you can go watch Justin Brooks complete ad blueprint or check out Tony Robbins personal development training right now by creating Yourself A Free Account Here.

Should You Buy ClickFunnels Platinum?

If you’ve been thinking of getting ClickFunnels, you should buy ClickFunnels Platinum, As Soon As Possible. Why?

Because it’s scheduled to be $697/month, at some point, when ClickFunnels Platinum has all its features live.

And that is the big change that might have the biggest impact. 

At some point in time, you will have to spend more than double the $297/month, if you want to get the absolute most out of the software. That’s an additional $400/month!

This is not fake scarcity or none of that bullcrap.

ClickFunnels has been getting better and better with time, but not only that, there were already hints that the price for premium could be increased, back in 2017…and it has finally happened. :O

They’ve already done it once before, and they’re NOT afraid to do it again, as you see, so if you’ve thought about getting ClickFunnels, at all…now is the time.

Also, if you’re already a premium ClickFunnels Etison Suite member, you already get access to everything for free, and you’re basically “grandfathered in“, which is also why they’re currently still selling ClickFunnels Platinum for $297/month. You can get it at a Discounted Price Here.


All in all ClickFunnels Platinum looks to be really powerful and well worth the cost. ClickFunnels is going nowhere and it’s clear that not only are they not going to go nowhere, they’re also going to stick to the plan and focus on being the best sales funnel builder around.

ClickFunnels Platinum is definitely something you want to pick up, if you see yourself getting serious about online sales and growing your business online. And if you are serious, it’s in your best interest to claim the Platinum subscription asap.

Like i said, ClickFunnels has no problem whatsoever raising the price. Usually a price rise like that, is a sign of confidence that they are the best…plus, FunnelFlix looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see what new content they’ll be adding in the future too!


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