Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free? Here’s The Answer

So if you’re checking out this blog post, you’re probably aware of both ClickFunnels, and that it has a affiliate program, but is ClickFunnels affiliate program free or is it paid?

In this post, we’ll both answer the question, as well as show you the inside of the current ClickFunnels affiliate program backoffice, plus, give you some more ideas on where to get additional affiliate marketing training.

Let’s go! ?

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free

So, is ClickFunnels affiliate program free?

The answer is: Yes! ?

The affiliate program is 100% free to start. No costs at all,  you don’t need to create an account or do anything else.

All you have to do is enter your email, and you’ll get access to the bootcamp.

Upon adding your email address, you will be given the chance to sign up the ClickFunnels “One Funnel Away Challenge” (OFA), which is one of the newer trainings series that the guys over at ClickFunnels have come out with, and it’s a 30 day training guide to launch your first (or next) successful funnel.

The OFA challenge costs $100, and it will be recommended throughout the free affiliate bootcamp summit, but is of course not needed to start. 

To sign up to become a ClickFunnels affiliate for free, you can head over to theAffiliate Summit Bootcamp.

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What Is The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

The ClickFunnels affiliate program, is a training program that you can be a part of, that teaches you the necessary skills you need to know to become an affiliate for the software (or to any online product or service, for that matter). 

In the past, it used to be called the “100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp“, and it was a video training series done mostly by the creator, Russell Brunson, in which he would go over a blueprint on how to achieve a passive income stream as an affiliate for ClickFunnels.

This was actually a very cool training series!

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He would show the essence of email marketing and follow-ups, retargeting, competitor analysis using the site called SimilarWeb (some really amazing stuff here, very awesome)…as well as multiple other strategies and techniques, but with main focus on paid ads through Facebook.

However, and just as with everything in life, ClickFunnels Changed A Bit and so did the affiliate training series. 

Currently the affiliate training is called the “Affiliate Bootcamp Summit“.

And instead of being a 12-15 day training series taught by 1-2 people, ClickFunnels decided it would be best to have 15 of their dream car winners and super affiliates, go into detail on what it was that each of them did to achieve their results.

The affiliate bootcamp summit, is a 4 day training series that you get throughout the span of 4 days, in which you’ll have access to different videos around 30-60 minutes each and in which you’ll be able to hear from affiliates such as Greg Jeffries, Spencer Mecham, Jacob Caris, Tyler S. Clark, Steve Larsen and many more.

Most of these affiliates, have their own chapter of the the book “30days”, that ClickFunnels offers, in which the affiliates go through exactly what they’d do if they lost everything, to recreate their success. The affiliate bootcamp summit, is essentially a video version of their chapter in that book. Pretty neat. ?

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Personally, i think this was a great move and the training is super solid. It allows you to get a glimpse of what successful ClickFunnels affiliates actually did to become super affiliates, and you get a lot of different gold nuggets from the videos.

The videos are honestly a breath of fresh air because, in my experience with affiliate marketing and as an affiliate, suffering from “tunnel vision” is a HUGE problem. You get tied down into one strategy, and think that it’s the only way forward. However that is not the case.

Let me explain…☝

If you had heard about promoting ClickFunnels only from Russell Brunson, then you’d probably think that running Facebook ads to the offer, was pretty much the only way to promote ClickFunnels (this is of course, if you’re brand new).

And that is what happened to me in the beginning. I went out and ran an ad for ClickFunnels. It didn’t work and i gave up.


Inside the bootcamp, you’ll hear of a bunch of cases and of different strategies, so that you can try which ever one you see fit! You can promote through SEO for long tail keywords, through facebook ads, through offering share funnels to local businesses, through building communities etc etc…

I would highly recommend you check out both Greg Jeffries and Spencer Mechams videos, they’re amazing, their strategies are great and they both have their own affiliate course, with tons of testimonials. Also Tyler S. Clark also has a freaking awseome video, inside the bootcamp.

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Greg Jefferies SEO strategy is a must watch.

What I Like About The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

The affiliate program is very well put together, and what i liked the most about it (apart from Greg Jeffries strategy, which is the one that most resonated with me), is the first video from Russell himself.

What Russell says, i think is super important for anyone who has decided to become an affiliate marketer.

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Yes, you get information for free to promote ClickFunnels, but the skills that you’ll learn, will give you the opportunity to promote whatever you want, even if it’s not ClickFunnels (although ClickFunnels is just one of the best programs to promote for sure, and i think he knows it ?).

The videos are easy to watch, (i’d recommend you check them out at 2x speed), they were really cool “interview-style” videos, super high quality and you even got the bulletpoint on the side of each video. Nice an easy.

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What I Dislike Like About The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program.

So, even though i think a lot of the trainings are awesome, and it’s great to have insight from the ClickFunnels super affiliates and how they managed to win the dream car and grow both personally, financially, in their careers and whatnot...the steps aren’t there.

Obviously they can’t go in detail over every single step of what is needed to replicate their success, in just a 40 minute video, and so it kind of leaves you hanging specially if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing.

So if you’re expecting to come out of the affiliate bootcamp summit, feeling like you got everything you need to succeed…this might not be the case, unfortunately. ?

Note: If you decide to buy the OFA challenge (one funnel away) from inside the bootcamp, you’ll get a part 2 video of each of the 15 speakers, in which they’ll show you how they’d set up their funnels. 

The way you’ll benefit the most with the Bootcamp, is exactly as Russell explains in his own video: You’ll go through every video, and you’ll choose 1 method that you resonate the most with, and follow that method, or that particular affiliate.  

So for example, in my case, i really liked, and felt i resonated the most with Greg Jeffries.

I think the guy is super cool, i like the idea of doing SEO and ranking in Google, whereas i’m not so into cold calling or reaching out to local business owner, like in the case of the strategies of Josh Rhodes or Rachel Pedersen.

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Where To Get Additional Affiliate Marketing Training.

Alright! We’ve come to the end of the article. So is ClickFunnels affiliate program free?

The answer is, Yes! And you can sign up to be an affiliate and start Watching The Videos Here


Even though i do like the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit, and think it’s super valuable for being free…i do think that it’s both a bit too advanced for beginners, and not very detailed since there is not enough time to go over everything in a 40-60 minute video.

A really great place to get more free affiliate marketing training, is a site called My Online Startup. This site was formerly known as “earn easy commissions”, but now has been modified and stuffed with a lot of free content and materials that is in my opinion, absolutely great for beginners (in fact it’s exactly where i started!).

All the best 


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