How To Get A Groove.Cm Free Trial – In 4 Simple Steps

Looking to get a Groove.Cm free trial? In this short article, I’ll be going over exactly how to get yourself a free trial, of this amazing digital software.

So if you’ve been thinking of getting yourself “involved with the groove”, you’ll want to check out this article all the way, so that you don’t miss anything and so that you can successfully start playing around with the platform and all it has to offer, as soon as today.

How To Get A Groove.Cm Free Trial

If you’re unaware, Groove.Cm is a brand new online, all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to create funnels, websites, do email marketing, create webinars, host videos, build membership sites and a ton of other stuff.

Now, the standard price for this product is $299 each month through what is known as the Groove.Cm platinum plan.

But what if you’re just interested in trying the software out without having to pay anything at all, not even add your credit card?

Is there a Groove.Cm free trial available for you, in that case?

Well…unfortunately, there is no actual “free trial” currently available for the complete software program (with all of the tools at maximum usage capacity).

However, there is still a way for you to get a bunch of their tools for free, at a “lite” version, meaning not all of the functionality will be there.

Groove.Cm Free Trial: The “Base” Account

The Groove.Cm free base account, is a free option created by the team over at GrooveDigital, that allows you to get access to some of the tools within the Groove.Cm platform, at a “toned down” and limited version. 

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Although some of the tools, like GrooveAffiliate, have been and always will be, 100% free with 100% usage.

With this free Groove.Cm base account, you get access to the lite version of the tools like:

  • GrooveMail: Up to 500 free contacts
  • GrooveAffiliate: With all the features
  • GrooveSell: Limited payment processors.
  • GroovePages: Up to 10 pages per domain
  • GrooveBlog: Up to 1 blog per domain
  • GrooveFunnels: Limited capacity, some templates and no share funnel features
  • GrooveMember: Up to 1 course, and limited features.
  • GrooveKart: Up to 1 free store per domain. Higher store sales fees
  • GrooveVideo: Up to 15 free video uploads.

All of this, wihtout you having to add any payment information, at all.

Basically, you get to play around with the platform, with a bunch of wiggle room while also being completely risk free. In case you need more features, you can always upgrade whenever you wish.

And, that’s not all though…

The GrooveDigital team, wanted to push even more, and decided to give something even more powerful away, also for free, as a part of this “Free Groove.Cm base account”.

With your free Groove.Cm account, you get access to up to 3 custom domain integrations, for free

This means that you don’t even need to buy the software to integrate your domain onto it and use the tools. You don’t need to create a “websitename.groove” subdomain on the free plan (like you would with some other software platforms out there) instead, you get to use your branded domain, with the tools, from the getgo, and save money on hosting since Groove.Cm will be hosting your sites for you.

How To Get A Groove.Cm “Free Trial” In 4 Steps

All right so by now you know that there is a “free option”.

So how do you actually go about getting one? How do you create your Groove.Cm free account?

Well, to create your account and get all those goodies, you’ll want to take the following steps:

  1. Head over to the Groove.Cm free account signup page, here
  2. Fill in your name, last name, account username, your email and other info into the form. Be sure to remember your password and use an email address that you check, since you’ll get your Groove.Cm login info there.

  3. Once you’re done, create yourself an account. 

  4. Follow the link or check your email for access to the Groove.Cm dashboard.

And now you’ll have access to a complete Groove.Cm free trial.

How to get a Groove.Cm free base account, a Groove.Cm free trial per se, is currently not available, but the free base account gives you a bunch of the tools plus free hosting.

What Can You Do With The Free Base Version Of Groove.Cm?

Surprisingly there is a TON of stuff that you can accomplish with this trial version of Groove.Cm . With this free account, you can: 

  • Create product funnels where you can sell your own digital and physical products like e-books courses and more using GrooveSell for digital and GrooveKart for physical. The pages and sales funnels, can get built with GroovePages and GrooveFunnels

  • You can also sign up to become an affiliate for other high converting high-quality products (through the GrooveAffiliate marketplace) as well as create your own affiliate programs.

  • You can also create content blogs with your own hosted videos, build popup email capture pages and do SEO.

  • You can create and host your own video course and sell to your audience through the GrooveMail mailing tools.

And a bunch more stuff (and any other combination you can think of) all without having to pay anything at all.

For being a free offer…it’s definitely not bad.

GrooveFunnels Free Trial 3
Groove.Cm platinum version. On the Groove.Cm free base account, you’ll have a limited number of sites you can build and up to 3 free custom domain integrations

Will There Be An Actual Groove.Cm Trial In The Future?

As of the writing of this article the Groove.Cm “free trial” doesn’t exist.

There come a time, however, in the future, where just like with similar tools like Kartra or ClickFunnels, Groove.Cm will go ahead and offer complete access to all of the software tools at unlimited usage but for a limited time, after which you’ll need to upgrade. Maybe 7 days, maybe 14 days, maybe 21 or maybe even 30 days.

Whatever the case might be, I’ll make sure that the buttons and links on the page, are up to date.  

In the mean time, you can go ahead and create a free Groove.Cm by clicking on any one of the buttons of this page, or on this link here so that you can go out there and start creating ASAP.

If you’re interested in learning more about Groove.Cm, you can check out our complete Groove.Cm review, here.

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