Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme? The Truth.

If you’ve been delving into make money online, (specially in affiliate marketing and in the last couple of years), you might have heard about the Builderall compensation plan and about Builderall itself. But is Builderall a pyramid scheme?

In this post, we’ll go over what a pyramid scheme is, what it’s not, and why Builderall is not considered to be a pyramid scheme.

Let’s check it out.

So Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost, and let’s answer the question. The simple answer to this question, is: 

NoBuilderall is not a pyramid scheme.

But to go a little deeper, and to make a more informative post (because an answer as simple as “no”, just didn’t seem fit), i’ll be talking a little more about what a pyramid scheme is, and why i think this question is asked in the first place, as well as show why Builderall is a safe product.

Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme 2

What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, we should define what a Pyramid Scheme even is. 

A Pyramid Scheme, is a business model which very rarely involve the actual sales of valuable products or services, but instead recruits members into the model as a promise of payment for enrolling other members into the model. 

Without the actual creation of any goods or services that can justify the exchange for money, the only revenue stream for these models are…well...the recruitment of other members.

Essentially, and to keep it simple: If there is not a valuable product or service (determined by the market) behind a business, and if the only way for you to make money is by recruiting people…then it’s probably not safe.

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Builderall is not like that…

The platform sells marketing tools, from email autoresponders, funnels and website builders…all the way to hosting and chatbots. And even thought there are ways to Make Money With Builderall, there is an actual value exchange happening.

A few things to consider when looking for a pyramid scheme:

✅ Is there a product? In pyramid schemes, there is no product involved.
✅ Are commissions paid on sale? In pyramid schemes, you can get paid on affiliate signups (AKA recruiting)
✅ Is there a return policy? Check the website policies! Solid businesses have a return polices.
✅ Do products have a fair market value? Value depends on the person, and in the case of Builderall, i think it’s universally understood that it’s pretty valuable, although the pricing is up to you to ponder about.

Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme 3

Builderall Business Opportunity

If Builderall could have been considered a Pyramid Scheme, at any moment in time…it was probably because of the Builderall Business Opportunity and 2 tier affiliate compensation plan.

In late 2018 and throughout early and up until the mid 2019, Builderall had been allowing affiliates to create “affiliate funnels”, and promote the platform as a business opportunity, to make money online. It was something that was possible

As a result, a lot of people got interested (myself included) and we started promoting the platform.

However, because most of the people that were promoting the platform, were only interested in promoting Builderall as a “way to make money online”, and not really using it…things quickly got out of control (not to mention the fact that most of the strategies taught by affiliate marketers, were very unethical to say the least).

Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme 4
What the headlines used to be like…yeah.

As a result, Builderall got heavily promoted (and i mean, really heavily). It was being promoted not as the solution it was, but as the way to make “thousands in passive income”. Not as a tool for potential business owners who desperately needed business…but as a tool to make money quickly. 

A lot of the groups on facebook were getting clogged up and videos on Youtube were misinforming. You’d get emails and facebook messages like the following:

“Hey, want to make money online? Buy this platform from me…and to make any money...all you have to do is to sell it

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Even though these people would be using the platform to create the funnels (that were usually being used to sell the platform), it was not the best type of customer that the people at Builderall wanted to have on their platform…makes sense right? 

In fact, when these people didn’t see the expected results “fast enough”, they’d eventually quit the platform, which slowly created a backlash of more and more people leaving the platform. 

The company readjusted.

“To join the Builderall Leveraged Affiliate Program, you’ll need to pay an annual fee of USD $50.00.  Affiliates are prohibited from stating or implying that another user or affiliate will earn a certain amount of money by using or promoting our platform.”

This completely decimated the scammers and people who were using screenshots and whatnot, to promote the product as a way to make money, but mainly those who didn’t want to pay $50 a year, to promote the platform…ethically and by its features.

Builderall lost a LOT of business after this, since a lot of people stopped both using the platform as well as promoting them.

A pyramid scheme would probably have crumbled to the ground after something like this…however since Builderall is a real company, and they’re in it for the long haul (they’ve been around for more than 10 years after all) they’re doing just fine. ?

Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme 5
Loss of interest indeed…still serves thousands of customers each day and getting bigger.
Image from Google trends

So Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme?

So is Builderall a pyramid scheme? Not at all.

Builderall has a very reputable solid valuable product, a very diverse loyal client base in a lot of different countries all over the world and operates in multiple languages.

It’s a very valuable tool (depending on the person) that can help, pretty much any business that functions online. From dentists, restaurants, lawyers, real estate agents…There’s both no end to what you can do with the platform, as well as who you can serve with it. 

The “business opportunity” side of things has been considerably toned down since early and mid 2019, because of the bad rap it was getting from affiliates, and it’s now required to be a paid affiliate to promote the platform at all (might change in the future, Builderall does change a lot).

Builderall has been in the industry for over 10 years and is currently doing good. I remember having been told that whenever a business has been going, for more than 5 years, it’s a good thing to keep an eye on because most don’t last that long.

…and Builderall appears to be here to stay. ?

Hope you enjoyed the read and stay away from schemes!


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