Video Marketing Blaster Review

Hey there and welcome to this Video Marketing Blaster review! 

In this article, I’ll be going over the features, pricing and benefits of this software. We’ll be looking at what it does, if it works, if it’s any good…and basically, as much info as I can reasonably fit into this article (I tend to go overboard…I’m trying to keep articles a bit shorter).

Hopefully, by the end of this Video Marketing Blaster Review, you should be able to make an informed decision of whether this $27 software will be worth it for you, and whether or not you should give it a go.

Without further ado…let’s check it out!

Video Marketing Blaster Review

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What Is Video Marketing Blaster?

So first off…what is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is a software that corrects your SEO errors, when creating Youtube videos, that will allow you to rank them higher on Youtube and Google.

Its main purpose is to help you find keywords that you can use on your videos and find the perfect combination of title, description and tags, based on huge database of comparisons.

Basically…it’s like a keyword research tool, but for videos (it’s also slightly more powerful than that too).

It let’s you “bridge the gap” and helps you find the “golden combination” (so to speak) to be able to optimize your videos, and give them a fighting chance to rank in the search engines and get you traffic.

I mean listen…Making a video is hard. I’ve thought about actually getting into making videos since 2018, and I’ve think I’ve made around 25 or so, as o the writing of this article…it’s not easy stuff.

But marketing it and making it rank on either Google or YouTube is much harder than that! (trust me…it took me 8 months to make my first $12 with my website). You need to do SEO, promote your content on social media, answer questions and lead people to your videos.

Basically…you need to do a ton of marketing to make your audience find you. It requires a lot of work that, ironically, may or may not yield good results. 

What if instead, there is was a way to make things a bit easier for yourself? This is exactly the promise of the Video Marketing Blaster software. 

What Can Video Marketing Blaster Do?

What are some of the things that video marketing blaster can do? Some of these include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Google and YouTube indexing
  • Improve rankings
  • Traffic “boost”

Out of the millions of videos and blog posts loaded on the internet every day, ranking and getting traffic are two tough nuts to crack. And keyword research can take a LOT of time and can be very expensive (money and timewise) if you’re unaware of what you’re doing.

Usually, you end up taking thousand-dollar courses only to find out that you need more tools like AHREFS and SEMRush—both of which cost at least $99 per month, AND you still have to waste a lot of time choosing the best keywords, which is a pain in the butt in of in itself.

Video Marketing Blaster helps you eliminate all these costs and other issues, because it does the job for you.

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Usually, I’m not too fond of the “done for you” stuff, because you’ll eventually still have to…actually learn how to do it yourself, but in this case, it’s pretty valuable to have.

Not only do you save on the cost, but you also get to automate the important processes required to rank your content, which is the most important part.

As such…you don’t need to learn any SEO, you don’t have to spend any money on ads, creating backlinks, buying comments or shares or views or none of that.

Video Marketing Blaster Review 2

What are the features of Video Marketing Blaster? 

Let us take a look at the features of the tool.

  • Keyword suggestion/research tool – This is probably the biggest and most valuable feature that you’ll get from this software. What it does is it looks for untapped keywords that are related to the specific subject of your video. It gives you competition, search volume, rank difficulty and more.

    Because the system knows that the keyword is not too saturated, and yet it has a decent search volume, the tool will show you what keywords to use. Straight to the point.

  • Description and Tags adder – The software compares and compiles the information of other Youtube videos that are targeting the same keywords and are ranking high, and gives you a unique combination of title, tags and description that it reckons is the best combination possible (based on reverse-engineering the Youtube algorithm). 

    This will give your videos the highest chance of ranking, and you can also modify any one of the variables, as much as you wish, since you’ll also be given alternative titles, tags and descriptions to choose from.

  • Foreign language feature – Whether you are uploading a video in English or Chinese or other languages, this tool can help you find the right keywords for those too. It’s obviously best if you know that language, since you’ll have to double check that the keyphrase makes sense.

  • Free updates – Another cool thing, is that you don’t need to pay for any updates. If the creators upgraded their system, you would receive any of the updates for free.

Video Marketing Blaster Review 3
Keyword research inside of video marketing blaster. All the information will be available after the input of a main keyword

How To Use Video Marketing Blaster?

  • To use the software, you’ll have to choose a main keyword to start with, that you’re interested in ranking for. Or at least, a general topic or phrase you’re interested in targeting. Something like “guitar lessons”, “best lawnmower”, “top 10 chicken recipes”, etc.

    You then add that keyword into the software tool, and it’ll very quickly spit you out a list of more long-tail keywords suggestions and keywords variations, than can be taken from video tags, Youtube video titles and more, as you can see from the image above.

    You also get an idea of how competitive the keyword is, so that you know whether or not it’s worth it to target that keyword at all, or if you’d much rather try out something different.

  • Regardless, you’ll now need to copy and paste the keyword variation you’re interested in, into the software on the “video details” tab. This will generate the titles, descriptions and tags that are the best fit for the video, and should in theory give it the best chance of ranking, as you can see from the image below.

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    You can now choose the title, description and tags that you like the most (since you’ll have multiple options to choose from) and you’re set.

    The creators of the tool basically reverse-engineered how the search algorithm of Google and YouTube works. Because of this, the tool was built to take into account at least 50 ranking factors.

    Apart from keyword analysis, Video Marketing Blaster also analyzes the channels and videos of your competitors. After that, it determines the weaknesses of your competitors, and the system will automatically show you keywords that will help you exploit these weaknesses.

  • Finally, all you have to do now, is upload the video to your channel, with the generated title, tags and descriptions…and you’re set.

So those are basically the steps you have to take to make the software work. It’s pretty simple.

Overall, Video Marketing Blaster is a done-for-you keyword research tool, but you should still not 100% rely on it.

Yes, it has worked for a lot of people, but it really depends on a lot of things. For example, if you upload your first Youtube video online…you will probably not see much results even if it’s highly optimized (unless there is no competition).

There are other ranking factors in play when it comes to Youtube, like watch time, click-through rate (if people click on it right away once it appears in their feed) and even subscriber amount. I’ve seen people buy views to their videos to get higher rankings, and they still get smashed by people who just…have bigger youtube channels.

In other tools, you still have to compare the keyword performances of your competitors and give yourself the best chance by going for low competition keywords — so you still have to do the work.

Video Marketing Blaster Review 4
Title, description and tags generation and optimization, based on the best performing vidoes on Youtube

Who should use Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster is not for everybody. Obviously, this is not for bloggers—its main thrust is boosting the ranking of your videos.

So obviously, you should get Video Marketing blaster if:

  • You’ll be creating video content on YouTube
  • You want to get traffic from youtube to make money online
  • You are struggling to rank your videos on Google and YouTube
  • You do not want to study SEO  (although I would recommend it
  • You do not want to pay for SEO services, tools, video views, subscribers (which doesn’t work) keyword research tools, courses and so on.

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Video Marketing Blaster is a two-in-one tool. It does not only help you find keywords that rank, but it also automates traffic generation for you.

The software is best for:

Remember: The software does not work best for bloggers.

I mean sure, you can find a keyword that has some monthly searches and doesn’t have much competition, you can make a video and you can embed it into your blog articles, but for the most part…you’ll be better off if you’re doing Youtube videos and video marketing primarily (at least that is what I would do).

The people who should use Video Marketing Blaster are those who create YouTube content—mostly people who want to earn money through affiliate marketing, do marketing for local businesses, lead generation and cost per action or cost per call style campaigns.

Video Marketing Blaster Review 5

What results do you get with Video Marketing Blaster?

Alright, we now understand what the tool can do, but what results does it provide?

These results are:

  • Optimized titles and tags – instead of spending so much time figuring out what keywords to use in your video title, tags, and description, the software is going to do it for you. You no longer have to do the research—what you need to do is to copy and paste the keywords that it recommends.
  • Free traffic – because of search engine optimization, you can expect that the keywords you use have search volume. And if people are looking for videos like yours, you can expect a surge in traffic (if done correctly). Many people who used the tool, reported an increase of 10x on their traffic.
  • Huge cost savings – you only have to pay $27 for the entire software, one time. Other keyword research tools of this style could cost you $99 per month (although they do come with a lot more functions like backlink audits, competition analysis and more). 

  • Indexing – because you are using the right keywords, Google and YouTube will index your videos quickly, since there will be (in theory and if you do things correctly) “no better result” to show, than yours. As you know, you may have created the best videos out there, but if they are not indexed, search engines will not even show them, and this tool will help you with that.

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Video Marketing Blaster Pricing

Alright so how much does Video Marketing Blaster cost? What is the pricing, are there any upsells? What’s the deal here?

Okay, so we’ve mentioned it throughout the review, the Video Marketing Blaster software costs $27 one time.

There are however a few upsells/upgrades available. These are: 

VMB PRO: This upgrade costs $47/quarterly, and it’ll allow you to get more in-depth niche analysis, you’ll be able to see the ranking reports, see suggestions for backlinks, spy on your competitors and use the rank tracker feature. 

Essentially, this is a more in-depth SEO and competition analysis feature, if you want to take things to the next level.

VMB Local Pack: This offer gives you a pack of 20 custom made title, description and tag variation, specially made for local niches, and is worth $37, one time. 

This upgrade is probably not worth it, unless you’re specifically thinking of using the software to work for local business marketing. Plus, you’ll probably be able to deduce some of these, by just adding some local phrases and words to the main keyword.

Live Event Blaster: Live videos, get picked up by Youtube and get better rankings overall, and this feature will allow you to automatically stream hundreds of videos as live events, with a few clicks. This upgrade costs, $67 one time.

Personally, I’d recommend this upgrade, because it gives you a slight edge over the competition.

I’ve had videos outrank even some of my blog posts, which were highly targeted and where there was almost no competition…just by creating a live stream video using this style of tool. It’s very powerful.

Video Marketing Blaster Review 6

Video Marketing Blaster Review Summary

Video is the future of the internet. It is no wonder that more than 70% of all internet traffic is video—people would rather watch than read.

Given this fact, most marketers today capitalize on the audiences they can find on YouTube.  

Should you buy Video Marketing Blaster

Video Marketing Blaster is the tool you need to cut down your effort and expenses by more than half. It gives you the very thing that you need to succeed in marketing: traffic.

At this price, it certainly does give you value for your money. You no longer have to spend $99 on SEO tools, and you do not need to spend more money on ad copywriters just to help you rank your videos.

Those who known the value of having Youtube videos rank and do so fast, will definitely enjoy using Video Marketing Blaster, and completely demolishing their competition.

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