Why Is ClickFunnels So Expensive? Here’s Why

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve met the ClickFunnels Software, you were intrigued at what it could do. Then you saw the price tag and thought to yourself: Why is ClickFunnels so expensive?!

In this post, i’ll be going over the simple reason i think ClickFunnels is the price that it is, and what i think are some reasons that that price is justified (and we should be thankful it’s not more expensive).

Let’s have a look. 

Why Is ClickFunnels So Expensive

So if you’re unaware, ClickFunnels is the worlds leading funnel building software, and it’s priced at very “annoying” $97/month on the basic subscription, and a hefty “kick in the nuts” price of $297/month for the premium subscription service (which just recently got Rebranded By The Way).

But what could possibly justify such a high price point for something that you can get Elsewhere For Cheaper or sometimes Even For Free

Because let’s face it, Leadpages is cheaper. Thrive themes, does a similar job. Builderall does all those things combined!

While all of those are amazing, ClickFunnels is still the one at the top. Why? Here is a few reasons i think that ClickFunnels is as expensive as it is, and why the pricetag is justifiable. 

Of course, this is my personal opinion, and mine only. I think that price is very relative. If you’re using ClickFunnels and you 3x, 4x your revenue, or whatever…then it’s a no brainer. If you’re just starting out, then it can be kind of a nuisance. So to each their own, but let’s see if we agree or agree to disagree. Okay? ?

Is ClickFunnels Free?

Their Cusotomer Support, Is Not Of This World.

Seriously, have you seen their customer support? These guys are freaking warriors!

Maybe if you don’t have A ClickFunnels Account Yet, you wouldn’t know what i mean. But trust that their customer support is really really good. Very good indeed. 

In fact…

Did you know that ClickFunnels created a partner program to “hire” users and fans of ClickFunnels, to help out with support tickets and questions? Users that want to participate, need to have a deep understanding of the platform, and take a test to evaluate their competence (No wonder they usually know what your problem is before you even do!).

In addition to having real users of the platform help you out over chat, ever since their 5th year anniversary ClickFunnels has said that they’ll be doubling down on their support system. There are now multiple layers of support, from artificial intelligence to community experts to official support team. 

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Support is super important. Specially now a days when we “don’t have as much time”, and ClickFunnels support, is freaking amazing.

Most competitors of ClickFunnels, don’t have the same support system. One of my favourite Alternatives To Clickfunnels only recently added 24 hour Chat support, and they’ve been around for 10+ years. I love them to death, but cmon’ guys…

With the best product around and a support system as good as theirs…they could be charging way more (and their prices used to be lower, by the way) and would probably be fine.

What Can ClickFunnels Do

They’re The Category King

The second reason i think the price is as it is (and why i think it’s reasonable)…is because they’re the best and they have the best product.

The end. 

I know it’s boring, but i think that’s the way it is.

ClickFunnels has been around since 2014, and before them, it was just as one of the CEO’s Russell Brunson explains…you’d have to hire programmers and coders to create your sites for you, which would take forever, would cost a bunch of money, and would still leave you…at the mercy of their job. 

They were the first of their kind to come out, they had a pretty untapped market and pretty much infinite scaling potential. 


Since their success, there has been a whole bunch of different competitor softwares and programs that have come out. Most of which aim to be, say 10% better than ClickFunnels. It might be a bit cheaper, have a few upgrades or a few additional features…

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But 10% better, isn’t going to change anything for most people. The problem has already been solved, it doesn’t matter if other companies emerge, and their only difference is “being cheaper” or “being a bit better at x or y feature”.

Even ClickFunnels tried adding different features to their own platform! Last i recall, they were trying to add chatbots into the software and were spreading out “too thin”. And on the 5th anniversary of the software, they announced they’d be discontinuing “many of the other tools”, to make their core software better. Pretty badass, if you ask me.

A lot of people can’t or won’t pay the $97/month for the software and that’s fine. Those people are not the customers ClickFunnels targets, and there are other softwares that help those people with creating their funnels…it’s just not going to be the best of the best, since that problem has been solved.

It’s like Alex Becker mentioned in one of his videos (just watched this one today)… 

If you offered me a refrigerator that is 10-20% better than my current one. I wouldn’t buy it, because my problem has already been solved.


Why Is ClickFunnels So Expensive 2

The Community

Another great thing that ClickFunnels has is the community. 

Okay i understand that this is not for everyone and this might not justify the price directly, but indirectly i think it does.

The community of “funnel hackers” adds that additional “emotional bond” from customer to company, that is just super powerful and actually feels like it transcends and goes beyond ClickFunnels.

It’s almost like they’ve built a tribe or a clan of some sort.

They’ve built something bigger that you can be a part of. So it’s not just the tools, but the fan base. You see what i’m getting at?

Because something as simple as joining the live webinar each week, of the funnel hacking live, (or any of the other trainings for that matter), makes you feel a part of something, that you want to keep being a part of…regardless.

I don’t think that there are many other companies in this space that have that “special bond” created (certainly not of this magnitude though) that would make people stick around…probably well after the company no longer exists. And thus, i think the community may also justify the price, if not rationally, irrationally.

Funnel Hacker Live. Source BrandAndFlourishing


So there you have everyone. Why is ClickFunnels so expensive? Simply put they have the best product, the best customer service and support, plus, the users love the brand. It’s everything it needs to be, in my opinion.

If you think ClickFunnels is too expensive, then it’s probably not for at the moment or you’re not making it be worth it for you, yet. This doesn’t mean it never will be though! Never say never

Have a great one!


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