How To Do Launch Jacking. Complete Tutorial

Hey there and welcome to this article! Today, I’ll be showing you how to do launch jacking, to make some money online, so that you can go out and start smashing those launches, easily. 

I’ll be going over every single step of the process, that you can use so that when you leave this post, you are missing exactly 0 pieces of the puzzle, and you can start implementing launch jacking right away.

Let’s check it out.

How To Do Launch Jacking

Table Of Contents

What Is Launch Jacking?

Every day, there are multiple product launches happening online. Sellers create and launch products into different marketplaces, and let their customers and affiliates know about them.

When these launch, there is a wave of people that will want to know more about the product, before making a purchase.

These people, go to sites like Google or Youtube, to see the features, benefits, prices, pros and cons, and other people using the products. Basically, they’re searching for a review of the product. 

Launch jacking is thus, where you take advantage of the influx of traffic heading towards these products, by creating a little video or article in the search engines (more on this later) that gets in front of these potential customers, and facilitates the sale of the product.

If you manage to successfully facilitate the buying decision by making a good review, the sellers will then give you a little compensation for your efforts, in the form of a commission.  

Sound cool?

So to round it up: We’ll be selling a product that has recently been launched in the marketplace, by creating content around that product beforehand, and we’ll be getting paid when a sale is generated.

How Much Money Can You Make With Launch Jacking?

Okay but you might be thinking “how much money can you actually make with launch jacking?”

Well it depends on a few factors.

These are, for example the amount of traffic you end up getting (your position in the search engines) how much competition there is (including ads) how much commissions you get paid per product sale (we’ll be talking about this in a minute) if the product is good and your ability to create a good enough review.

As you can see, there are few things to consider (fortunately, you have control over most of these). 

I’ve personally done launch jacking a fair amount of times, and the results have varied from absolute $0 to almost $800 with 1 single article, that I almost didn’t post. 

This is not to say you’ll be able to do less, more or the same. It really depends.

You might have campaigns that suck, and others that make some decent cash. But I’d say that you can expect to make, at least $300 to $500 for a successful launch jacking campaign, for a high commission product.

There are a lot of people out there that only make launch jacking videos and product reviews, and they make at least $300 to $1000 per campaign, for sure (and probably even more, in some cases)…but there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do the same.

How To Do Launch Jacking 2
One of my affiliate marketing launch jacking campaigns

How To Do Launch Jacking?

Okay, so now let’s get into the meat of this article, shall we?

The way we’re going to be making money with Launch Jacking throughout this tutorial, is with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically where you sell someone else’s products, for a cut of the revenue.

You act as a middle man between the customer and the product. 

Just like everything in life, it does have its pros and cons, but overall, it’s fairly simple to do and if you follow the instructions in this tutorial there is no way for you to fail. In fact…it’s really hard NOT to make money with this method, if you follow one method and stick to it.

To do all of this…We’ll have to create an account in one of the different marketplaces (more on those later) we’ll have to request to promote a specific product that we like, we’ll be then granted our custom link (known as affiliate link) and we’ll be using content strategies to send potential customers over to our products.

Here are the steps that we’re going to follow, to do launch jacking:

  • We’ll pick a product that is going to launch into the market (in one of the marketplaces that we’ll be mentioning late) in a few days from now. Say, in 7 days.

  • We’ll apply to promote the product that you want to promote. We’ll try to get a  review copy if we can.

  • We will then create a review in the search engines.

  • And finally, we’ll rank and bank.
How To Do Launch Jacking 3
Rank and bank!

Picking A Product To Promote. 

This part is very important.

To make all of this happen, we’ll have to start out with a product that we want to promote. It needs to be good, useful and something you believe in.

You can choose any product you want, in any niche whatsoever. However, there are a few things to consider.

Say there is a new product being launched in the health niche that you think is amazing. It’ll be available in Amazon, for $19.99, for example. And let’s say the commission (payout) that Amazon gives you, for that particular product, is 10%, which is way too much for their standards but let’s pretend it is.

This means that for each sale that you make, you’ll be given almost $2. This means that for you to make $100 per day for example, you’ll have to make 50 sales every single day consistently. 

You’ll have to be bringing in heaps and heaps of traffic and customers over to your links, to be able to achieve this, and last I checked, the conversion rate average for cold traffic online is 1% (across the board).

This means that 1 every 100 people, will buy. This means you’ll need 50K visitors, every day on your links, to hit your $100 per day goal.


How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 6
Amazon commission structure. Great if you’re sending a lot of volume, otherwise…maybe not the best.

Is this possible? Sure it is, but it’s not very practical, especially if you’re starting out. This is a “How to do launch jacking” tutorial not a “how to do launch jacking until you die” tutorial. We want faster and better results. 

This is the issue with selling physical products online as an affiliate. You need a lot of traffic or you’d want to be selling high ticket physical products like refrigerators, gems, luxury watches…that stuff.

So what product should you choose?

To make it worthwhile, and especially if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend going for products that offer higher commission percentages, or have a subscription based model (subscription-service). 

Personally, I’d recommend Software and information courses (at least in the beginning, you can switch later on) in whichever niche you want.


Because the commissions are higher, the prices are higher, new software and information products are always being launched, a lot of them have upgrades and some even offer subscription services.

So even though I’m sure there is huge opportunity to sell the new set of basketball sneakers, the new iphone 100, the new “fidget spinner” or whatever…I’d not go with selling physical products in the beginning.

How To Do Launch Jacking 4
This was my first ever amazon sale as an affiliate. Not launch jacking, but still, $1.80 on a $36 sale, is not my cup of tea.

To give yourself the best chances of succeeding, you’ll want to choose products that:

  • Are digital, rather than physical. Commissions are bigger 50-75% (sometimes even 100%). There are no shipping fees, restocking fees or inventory costs, overhead, etc.
  • Products that offer $50+ commissions. You can still go for lower. 15-$20, as long as there are also upgrades (a funnel) from which you can also make some money. You can even go for higher price points, like $1000 or $2000 products. 
  • Subscription based is a plus. Anything that charges the customer for a monthly plan. This allows you to stack your earnings and create that “passive income”. Softwares, tools, hosting… those types of products.

With that said and done…we’ll be looking for: 

Digital products that have at least $50+ commissions, that are going to be launched in a few days time, and if they have a monthly subscription plan and pays out commissions on a monthly basis, then that’s a plus.

Now, where do we go about finding them?

Applying To Promote. Which Platforms To Use.

So to recap…we’re going to be applying to promote digital products that have still now been launched, and we’re going to be creating a review of some sorts, to put in front of people who are searching for them, once they do enter the marketplace.

We’re looking for something that has high commission payout (as much as possible) and that has some sort of subscription based model, if possible. The product will be launching in around a weeks time into the marketplace.

We are now going to apply to promote the products, and if we can, we’ll also get a review copy of the product, which the creator of the product might be good enough to provide us with.

There are 2 marketplaces that I would recommend, when it comes to new products that are being launched (even though there are a lot more) that fit the criteria. These are Muncheye, and ClickBank.


How To Do Launch Jacking 5 is THE go-to site, when it comes to new infoproducts launches. This is where I would recommend you going whenever you’re in search for a new product launch, since it will list upcoming products in other sites like ClickBank, which I’ll be mentioning later.

What you have to do here, is simply look at the launches that are happening 7-10 days from now.

Each of the products have a link that you can click, which will take you over to the product site and JV page. There also is an indication of how much the product will be priced at, and how much the commission will be, as you can see from the image.

On the left side, is where the bigger launches are listed, and on the right side, smaller ones. After some time doing this, I wouldn’t really on the smaller ones. A $7, 100% isn’t really going to float my boat, so to speak, so I’d focus on the bigger ones.

For example, there is a big launch coming up (for which I’ve already created my review) that is called AutoStore. It’s actually a really cool product and training, that gives you 2 complete done for you websites that you can use to sell products.

It’s from a really reputable source, the people who’ve created the product, have a store creator that is competing with Shopify, and they’ve done over 100 million dollars in sales, so I know they’re legit. AutoStore costs $2000 of which the commission is 40% at $750 each sale. Not bad.  

How To Do Launch Jacking 6

So what you have to do next, is choose a product that you think might be interesting, head over to the JV page by clicking on the link.

All the information should be in the JV page. From price, launch date, commission structure, contest prizes, resources and where to get your affiliate link.

By requesting access to the affiliate link, you can either be sent to WarriorPlus, JvZoo, ClickBank, PayKickStarter, or other different affiliate networks. All of them are free to join (or should be), so create an account with them and request the link.

How To Do Launch Jacking 7

Some of the marketplaces, might ask you to leave the sellers a note. This is for them to know if you have some experience or some sort of track record. Personally, I always leave a message, sort of like the following:

“Hi. I would love to have the chance to promote your product. I’ll be creating a SEO review style post on my blog, and maybe a Youtube video, if I could get review access to the product. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

Feel free to use this exact one if you wish. Also, if they reject your request, don’t worry about it and keep going on to the next product

Once you actually get approved, you’ll be able to get your affiliate link, from within the specific marketplace you applied at. Head over to the product page, from your affiliate dashboard/account, and grab your link.

Obviously, you’ll want to wait to be approved to start creating your review (if you have to apply in the first place), otherwise it doesn’t make any sense…

ClickBank has a lot less restrictions when it comes to affiliates, and for the most part, they’ll not ask you for anything. You can start promoting straight away. 

How To Do Launch Jacking 8
Access your affiliate account and grab your affiliate link. Now start creating content!

If you want, you can send the seller a message through Skype, Facebook, or contact the affiliate manager to see if they can provide you with a review copy of the product, so that you can see exactly what is inside, which will help you with your promotions. 


✅ Sometimes 7 days is too far away, and there will be no information on the product yet or a JV page up at all. You can come back in a few days to see if they’ve updated, or just keep going.

✅ Sometimes, there will just not be anything you think is good enough, or they might include a new product inside that 7 day period, which wasn’t there before, so make sure to check in every so often or just search in another marketplace.

✅ You can also try promoting products that are 2-4 days away or over 7 days away, but that it’s a bit harder to do. You’ll probably need at least 7 days for the content to be picked up by search engines (if you’re doing the method you might need less, but if you have your own website at least 7).

✅ A great rule of thumb, is also looking for products that have affiliate contests too, where the creators are giving away $10K, $20K and so on, in affiliate prizes. This means that there will be a lot of hype around the product, and even though the competition might be greater, there is also more to gain.


How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing 3

ClickBank is one of the most recognized marketplaces around, in the infoproduct space. It’s been around since 1998, and it pretty much the biggest one out there (although they pay out affiliates by bank wire or check and not PayPal and their page still looks like it’s from the 90s, but oh well).

ClickBank is not really THAT great for launch jacking, because you have to apply a filter to find them, and plus, some of the products that are launched, announce as launches in other sites, like

However, there is a way for you to filter out newer products, by heading over to the filter section and choosing to show the results from the past month.

How To Do Launch Jacking 9

This will allow you to see the newer products, and create content around them, if there is not that much competition. I’ve personally done this with one of the products, called $1k a day fast track and I’ve gotten a good ranking on it, as you can see from the image below.

The reason this strategy works, is because most affiliates, will be looking to promote products that are already selling. And this is a great strategy, don’t get me wrong. If it’s already selling, why now ride the wave?

But for those who want to “catch the trend before it hits”, we can simply filter out the products added in the last month or so, and see which one looks most interesting.

How To Do Launch Jacking 10
My review down here at #3 after a few videos and a feature snippet

There usually isn’t that much competition on these products, which also means that if it takes off and becomes more “mainstream”, your review will have already been around for a while.

The downside is that we have to manually go over and search each of the products, and sometimes these might not be good, or sell at all.

The great part about ClickBank, is that for most products (I’d say 99% of them) you’re not required to request permission to promote. You can simply grab your affiliate link, and start promoting! So if you’re having issues with Muncheye, just head over to, create an account, go to the product, click on “promote” and then click on “generate hoplink” and you will be good to go.  

How To Do Launch Jacking 11

Create A Review. How To Create Your Money Page.

Okay, so now we’re headed to the fun part.

Because up until this point, it’s been fairly straightforward and somewhat “easy to do”…but here is where it really gets interesting.

We’ve now chosen a product and we have our affiliate links ready. We can start creating our money pages.

You may or may not have a review copy of the product. It doesn’t really matter if you do, because if you don’t, you can simply state that you don’t have one in your review, or you can head over to Google and search for review that someone else might have done, for you to get an idea what the products are about.

If you really want to get a review copy, like we were mentioning, you can reach out to the affiliate managers or the product vendors through skype of Facebook. 

In any case…

In this part, we’re going to be creating our “money pages”, and if you haven’t realized it yet, we’re going to be creating a review style post or Youtube video, where we go over the upcoming product, and we add our little affiliate link to the end of the video.  

There are a few different ways to do this, both paid and free, which I’ll be covering.

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 10

Free Methods

Free methods require no money, as they are free. They’re great for getting some “quick bursts” of commissions and money heading your way, but they’re not really good long term unless you somehow also spend some money (buying a website, getting an autoresponder and so on).

The best free methods to do launch jacking with that I have found (when it comes to content review style launch jacking) are Medium articles and Youtube reviews.

Let’s check them out. 

Medium Articles is a great website where you can create articles for free that rank very highly on Google (very very highly) which is exactly what you want.

This is a strategy I personally used some time ago (and I’ve extensively covered elsewhere in my site) and I’ve seen more and more people use it in the make money online and internet marketing space, because it works really well.

Basically, what we’re going to do, is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account for free.
  3. Create an article review, add your affiliate links, and post.

Some things to keep in mind, you’ll want to create content that is SEO friendly, I don’t go over how to optimize on-page SEO in this tutorial, but I’ve written about the Medium technique in depth in this article here. 

Briefly, you’ll want to have the title be “product title + review” and something catchy that grabs readers attention.

As for content, Medium is all about high quality, and so you’ll want to create the most badass review article that you can. Apart from that, you’ll want to add pictures and videos, bold words, outlink to other pages and have the articles be easily readable.

This might seem like a lot of work…but trust that it’s worth it. And here is why…

How To Do Launch Jacking 12

If you’re using your own website, in addition to actually creating the content you want to rank, you’ll also need to promote it

The way Google ranks the content is predicated on what the content is, the authority of the domain it is on (how “popular and trust-worthy” the site is) the on page SEO…and a bunch of other things.

The “off-page SEO” (which is promoting, domain authority, backlinks, shares and all of that) is “kind of” done for you, because Medium has great authority in Google’s eyes, which will bump your articles up to the top of the search, for low competition products, and many times you’ll end up on top of other established sites! 

This allows ANYONE who want to just make a review article…to just, do one, and rank very highly in the search terms. It’s gold!

It’s vitally important that you mask your affiliate links with some sort of link shortener like because medium doesn’t really like affiliate links, and might shut your accounts down.

I’ve never personally placed an affiliate link on my Medium articles, that haven’t been shortened, so I wouldn’t know, but it turns out the 1rst result on Google, for the image above, has gotten its account banned, whereas the second result has the raw affiliate link, just sitting there.

I wouldn’t bet on raw affiliate links being safe, so always shorten the links.

In addition to this, make sure to make articles that are reader-friendly. If you trigger moderators to head over and check your articles, you might get the account banned, if they catch you spamming.

Medium is a great way to make money, online not just with launch jacking. If you like writing, it’s definitely something worth considering.


Youtube is another great way to make money with launch jacking. 

The basic idea here, is the same as with article writing, except you’ll want to create a video review of the product instead.

You’ll go through the product, you’ll say what you like, what you don’t like, the price the features the creators, your past experiences, and anything else you can think of that can be of use to the person who’s interested in checking out the product.


You can use free screen recorders like screencast-o-matic and the plugin called VidIQ to optimize the video for search engines, and adding relevant tags to the video, so that you can increase your chances of getting higher up in the rankings.

Check out one of my review videos for a product called Overnight Freedom. It’s not the best video, and I couldn’t get review access to the course, because it was a live training, but still, the fundamentals are there.

Another reason you’ll want to try to give Youtube review videos a go, is because there is still too many people that are afraid to show their faces and appear on camera (myself included) and so, the competition isn’t the same as with other forms of content.

If there isn’t much competition from high authority sites, then a Youtube video is easy to rank in the top of the searches.

You’ll also want to make sure that you make something that is short, but also very in-depth. I like using the free version of screencast-o-matic, because it allows up to 15 minutes of screen recording per clip, which should be more than enough to create a good review.

Another thing that you can do, is create custom made bonuses, to add to the products, so as to increase the value that the customer will be getting by purchasing the product from you.

You want to give CONGRUENT bonuses, and not 1000 plr products that don’t help the product out. 

Personally, I don’t really give many bonuses. Most of the time, if the product is great, the seller already has bonuses and stuff to give away, and me adding stuff on top of it…is just not needed.

If you want to know more about the Youtube strategy and launch jacking with Youtube, you can check out this article here

How To Make Money With Youtube And Affiliate Marketing 3
Some of the starts. Source

Paid Methods

Paid methods, are basically those methods where you’ll pay money to have the review content or article appear in front of the prospect.

Instead of waiting to organically pop up in the search engines (which can take some time). 

Since we’ll be focusing on Google and Youtube, because our potential customers are searching for the products that we’ll be promoting, on these platforms, the paid methods that we’ll be mentioning are Google and Youtube ads.

In addition, I’ll be adding “having your own website” as a “paid method” in this section, since it’ll cost some money to get started, and is also a great way go about doing launch jacking.

Google Ads

Pay per click marketing (or PPC) is where you pay to appear at the top of the search engines, for different keywords.

You’re basically “renting out some space”, at top of Google (hopefully) at the lowest price you can get (also hopefully) which gives you more exposure to your product review.

For this to work, you’ll need some sort of destination URL or website of your own where you can send customers to, and where your review is located on. Medium articles, won’t cut it.

You can either get your own domain name and hosting (which cost barely anything) or you can create your content on a free website subdomain like or by using a free Builderall account, add a privacy policy, terms and conditions and a disclaimer page (which are required to run ads from Google) and take it from there.

After you have your content ready on one of these platforms and the legal pages, you can continue with the setup. 

For this strategy, you’ll want to create a Google ads account and a campaign, which is very easy to do.

You’ll then want to create simple ads that target only the keywords that the potential customers might be searching for.

How To Do Launch Jacking 13

For example, in my case, let’s say I want to target the product AutoStore, and want to create an ad for the review that I’ve made on my website, which we’ve mentioned before.

I’d want to target keywords like:

“AutoStore Review”
“AutoStore Donald Wilson”
“Buy AutoStore Course Donald Wilson”

And any other variation that I think will be searched. 

In your case, you’ll want to do something similar on your product, but additionally I’d recommend you sticking to “buyer keywords”, and staying away from keywords that include the words “free, download, scam” and the likes, since they’re clearly targeting people who we’re not interested in.

Youtube Ads

Youtube ads are a very cheap way of getting your product review in front of people who might be interested in it.

For this, you’ll have to create a Youtube video, that you’ll want to appear in other Youtube videos from other Youtube channels.

The good thing about Youtube video ads, is that some of the different type of ads that you can run on Youtube, don’t even cost anything to display (up to a certain number of seconds) which makes them extremely cheap.

I don’t have much experience personally with this ads strategy, but I know a lot of people are making a great amount of money with these ads, because of the cost.

It might be a bit outside of the norm to run Youtube ads to a product review and not to something else, but I do recall seeing Youtube ads for a massive product, not too long ago (Business Builder Blueprint program), which worked out pretty nicely for them, so it’ll clearly depend. 

How To Do Launch Jacking 14

Your Own Website

The last “paid method” that I would include as a way of making money with launch jacking, would be having your own website.

The reason this is so powerful, is because it’s a great long term strategy. You can create articles not only on product review, but also on tutorials and you can branch out into other areas too.

The idea here, is the same as with the rest of the strategies except that you’ll own the platform that you’re working on. 

Also, having your own website, will allow you to rank for multiple search terms in the long run, which will in turn, allow you to get sustainable traffic…which will start to stack and stack.

If you’re doing reviews on multiple evergreen products, and you have sustainable traffic, you’re a lot more likely to make more commissions as time goes on without needing to do additional work (in theory).

To make money with launch jacking and your own website, you’ll first want to get yourself a domain name and hosting. Bluehost offers a free domain for a whole year, which you can get here.

After this, you’ll want to install wordpress, and you’ll want to install an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or RankMath, and you’ll want to start creating and posting your reviews.

How To Do Launch Jacking 15

Pros And Cons Of Launch Jacking

Just like everything else in life…there are pros and cons to it. Pretty much on whatever it is we’re talking about. 

And launch jacking is no different…

These are however, my own personal opinions on the matter, and everyone has and can muster together his or her own opinion. So please take these with a grain of salt. 


✅ The strategy works amazingly fast.

It’s not what I would say is “the fastest way to make money online on the planet”…but it’s pretty fast.

It’s also relatively easy to do, and doesn’t need a lot of skill, to be honest. There is always products being launched (in the infoproduct space in particular) and there usually isn’t much content around for products that are new, meaning there is an unsatisfied demand which you can fill with your own content.

✅ No money down.

You don’t need any money at all to start doing launch jacking. You can create a review video on Youtube or an article in medium, with 0 money, and you can still make a lot of money. All it takes, is just a little bit of time and effort.

Even spending just a little bit of money, won’t hurt you at all. I spent around $15 to make almost $800 with one of my launch jacking campaigns (I also have website, which I didn’t consider in the cost, but it’s around $7/month to keep running).

✅ An okay shelf-life.

Since the content that you create is for the search engines, it can stick around for multiple weeks or months, and still make you money, without you having to do more. Especially if you have your own website.

You can make a review once, and keep making sales over and over (although if the product is not evergreen, the traffic will die down after launch).

✅ It’s passive…well kinda.

Another really cool thing about launch jacking, that kind of ties into the last point, is that it is “passive” once you create the piece of content, if you’re targeting evergreen products.

This means that once you create the article or video review, and you maintain your rankings, you’ll be getting traffic and sales over time, without having to add any additional work.

If you’re going to get into launch jacking, I’d recommend creating a Youtube review channel or having a blog, like this one. I think it’s better in the long run, compared to running ads, or writing on a Medium account that might get blocked or might disappear. 


? Traffic dies down after launch.

If the product isn’t evergreen, there will traffic spikes in the launch periods, but then, crickets. For this reason, you’ll have to eternally keep looking for good products to launch jack, unless you find a product that will be around for some time.

? Unethical strategies.

A lot of people will promote products they either know nothing about or have never tried out themselves (or that flat out don’t work!) just becuase it’s making them money. 

This is happening with A LOT of YouTubers today. If you know anything about launch jacking, affiliate marketing and the likes, you can spot these people out from a mile away. In fact, you can search “x product review” on YouTube, and see for yourself.

They read off the scripts of the sales page, they say the products are good even though the products don’t work and they show they’ve made money with “the program” when they just…sold the program and that’s how they made money to begin with.

I remember seeing a person talking about how awesome a certain product was, and how he had lost weight and this and that. And he was desperately recommending the product…it was cringe-worthy to watch.

Anyone with half a brain would notice he was being fake and that he probably had never lost any weight (in fact he probably never even was overweight). 

Don’t review or recommend something you know nothing about, don’t overhype and don’t bullshit.

Just be real.    

? Competition

Since anyone with a computer, can launch jack, the competition is fierce and cutthroat. Which is bad for newcomers.

Although it’s been getting a bit less competitive in these last month in the space (I think because a lot of people quit after a hype there was in 2018 and 2019) launch jacking is still a great “go-to” when it comes to making fast money.

For that reason it’s best to go for unserved markets with little competition, because there will always be people competing for those first spots.


There you go everyone, that would be the tutorial on how to do launch jacking. I hope that you enjoyed and you learned something new.

Launch jacking is a great way for beginners to make their first dollars online. It’s a really simple and pretty powerful strategy that can easily make you some money fast, if you apply everything that is taught to you.

  • If you’re tight on cash, and you don’t want to get into creating a whole website of your own, I’d recommend you trying out the Medium strategy first. 

Medium really gets around a LOT of the grind of getting a website crawled and indexed and mobile optimized and the need to share it, and buying backlinks and whatnot, and goes straight for the jugular.

In fact, there are Medium articles out there, that are outranking other review sites with a lot more authority, so it’s a huge opportunity. Just remember to create content that is better, and not to spam.

Alternatively, if you’d like to not just get the “quick wins” and transform this into something that you can scale and that can compound over time and make you passive income over time, I’d recommend you create your own website. You can get started for almost nothing, here.

  • If you have some cash to play around with, then creating some Google ads for an upcoming product, is a good idea. Just make sure that you study the competition (other ads) and target the right keywords.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave them down below.

Have great one!

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    what a perfect article,really inspiring ,it makes sense for this method to work,customers always look for a review they can connect with and 1 review is never convincing enough for them, should your review cover every single detail that the customer had in mind,the customer would be happy to buy from your link.

    1. Hi David, thanks for the comment. Far from perfect though, I have to keep working on it!

      That’s right. However, you’d always want to make sure you’re transparent as well. There is a LOT of people who will review products, and have never gone through them or don’t known squat about them.

      Just like I mentioned, not too long ago, a software that simply could not work was launched into the marketplace. A lot of people who rank #1 on youtube, had NO clue what it was about (because they never ran it) but were still saying it was working great ? …It was a disaster.

      So yeah, keep an eye out, and of course…if you’re going to do launch jacking, at LEAST know what the product is about.


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