Overnight Freedom Review

Overnight Freedom Review. Best Affiliate Course Yet?

Welcome dear reader, to my Overnight Freedom review!

I’m happy to be talking today about, one of the most awaited affiliate marketing, jump start courses in recent memory, Overnight Freedom, has now become available to the public.

Exciting times indeed, however the program may or may not be what you’re looking for, if you want to start making money online through affiliate marketing…honestly, it really depends.

I think it was 2 months ago, i was searching my heart out, (and wasn’t able to find) whatever training i could get my hands on from Gerry Cramer (we’ll talk about him later) so i’m absolutely stoked about Overnight Freedom. 

So in this Overnight Freedom review, i’ll be going over exactly what the program is and what it’s not, what you can expect, and how you’ll know if this program is any good for you or not…so stick around!

Table Of Content

  1.  What Is Overnight Freedom?
  2.  Who Created Overnight Freedom?
  3.  What Will You Learn Inside Of The Course?
  4.  What Is The Pricing?
  5.  Who Should Enroll? 
  6.  Who Shouldn’t Enroll?
  7.  Frequently Asked Questions
  8.  Conclusion

What Is Overnight Freedom?

Affiliate marketing might seem super straightforward: You partner up with a particular product that you like, and you send potential customers over to it. End of story. You’ve made a sale and now it’s all upside from there.

However, this is in my own personal experience (and i’m sure many will agree with me) not exactly as easy as it sounds. You have to develop multiple skills, test like a mad man, you have to be willing to fail, learn, and spend money and time to eventually hopefully start making things work… IF you’re lucky.

The bright side is, there’s a way of fast tracking your results by cutting the learning curve and avioiding mistakes that others have already made, as well as taking advantage of things that are working. And that is what this highly awaited Overnight Freedom program is meant to do.

The program teaches enrolling students how to build and scale, using paid traffic, a 6 to 7 figure online affiliate marketing business (mainly Facebook and YouTube) utilizing a proven method.

Who Created Overnight Freedom?

The creators of the Overnight Freedom course are Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones. These two guys are very well-known course instructors and co-founders of The Rise Academy course, another very successful training. 

Apart from that they also have Mark Ling in the team, who is a successful Internet Millionaire and a creator of the very famous program Affilorama

Personally and in particular, i want to talk about Gerry Cramer (the guy on the right in the image below).

This guy is super duper humble, absolutely 0 hype, has a TON of success stories and he actually cares about his students (and you’ll find a there are a ton of interviews online). Plus, he bred around a dozen super affiliates only using this teachings, so he walks the walk too. Pretty cool. 

I personally found him a few months ago, while researching, and tried to find whatever sort of info i could on a course of his. Where could i learn some of it!? 

Unfortunately i wasn’t able to find anything, so it’s really cool to me that Overnight Freedom is now available!

There hasn’t been any review access for given out for the Overnight Freedom course beforehand to anybody, and it’s going to be live. So it’ll be the read deal. Don’t miss it! 

Overnight Freedom Review

What Will You Learn Inside Of The Course?

There are 4 different types of methods of monetization that will be taught inside the course and training.

It does revolve around facebook and google/youtube ads and affiliate marketing, so it’s a paid traffic strategy (you’ll have to pay for ads) and probably is in the Clickbank marketplace, although not only, because CPA offers are found in other platforms, it’s not really a Clickbank thing…

-The first is earning higher percentage of commission of low ticket digital products. This is striving for 90 to 100% commissions on, let’s say 7 to $47 products.

-Secondly is earning recurring commissions from monthly subscription based products or services and software, which is very powerful information that allows you to compound your earnings and create passive income.

-The third is earning high cost per action (CPA) commissions, on digital and physical products.

-And the fourth and final one is earning high ticket commissions, from high ticket offers which are considered to be $500 plus commissions and is also really really powerful knowledge.

What Is Included Inside Overnight Freedom?

In summary, what you can expect to find inside Overnight Freedom, and how the training will be layed out, is the following:


  • 8 Weeks Coaching– These live sessions are meant to put you on the fast track and guide you towards success while minimizing mistakes and learning a proven blueprint from two amazing teachers.
    • Week 1: The first week is all about setting up your Facebook marketing funnel.

    • Week 2: This week is all about creating the best ads for your products

    • Week 3: This third week is pre-sale page week, and you’ll be taught the best practices for the creation of those (aka bridge pages).

    • Week 4: This week you’ll be putting it all together and you’ll analyze what you’ve created.

    • Week 5: This week is where the magic happens. You’ll learn some absolutely crucial skills: Split testing, tracking, and scaling.

    • Week 6: This week is about ad accounts and credit cards, and how to have everything secure.

    • Week 7: On this seventh week, you’ll learn more advanced strategies, more hacks and tips. Real gold right here!

    • Week 8: More advanced strategies and a recap.


  • Gerrys Personal Funnel – You’ll get the funnel Gerry used to become Clickbank’s top affiliate repeatedly, which you can use for yourself. Nothing better than getting something that’s proven to work, made for you. 
  • The Presell Page Template – This is the million-dollar landing pages that Gerry used to make 5 figures every day. It has made a lot of novice marketers into top affiliates, and you can fit into what you’re doing.
  • Million Dollar Swipe File – You will have access to a swipe file of ads, that have made millions of dollars in sales.
  • Big Money Products – The team will give you their secret formula to find the best products to promote, to be able to almost guarantee your success.

The Ad Challenge – You can get your ads evaluated by the members of Overnight Freedom themselves. They know what sells and will help you create your own high-converting ads.


-You’ll get access to a software that builds a high converting Google and Facebook compliant site for you.

This is absolutely HUGE. It’s make it so you don’t get any pages or ad accounts banned, allowing for smooth uninterrupted campaigns and saving you a TON of time, a brick ton of problems and headaches.

-Access to their ad generating software. This is a cutting-edge software that builds ads for you, and it works by analyzing hundreds of high-converting and high-performing ads. This makes it easy to replicate successful copies without having to waste time testing them from scratch. 

Both of these softwares mentioned above, are absolutely crucial and without which, it’ll be a whole lot harder to get things rolling.

Without knowing what the best ads are, you might be throwing a lot of money away (happened to me), and that is IF you actually get your ads to start at all, if they’re uncompliant to either ad platform (also happened to me…). Very valuable stuff.

“Try Overnight Freedom out for 30 days risk-free, and we promise you will absolutely love it, or we’ll buy it back from you. No hassles. No problems.”

Are There Any Bonuses?

Yes. The official Overnight Freedom bonuses are:

  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls. This is always great to have. If you ever feel stuck
  • Mark Ling’s bonus software package which will make creating finding audiences or keywords or creating your ads, be them video or image, extemely easy. Some of these tools include: Audience Scout, Video Ad Maker Software and Adwriter Pro. 
  • Access to a private Overnight Freedom Facebook group. Absolutely huge and also very necessary. In this group, you’ll be able to mastermind with other members and ask questions.
  • Free Ticket to San Diego Live Event. Here you’ll get a chance to meet, and learn directly from Gerry and Rob. Also, for the people who can’t attend the live event, there will be access to recordings too!

What Is The Pricing?

The overnight freedom course is priced at $2497, but can also be paid in 3 installments of $997. You Can Get It Right Here.

It’s is a bit pricey, however Gerry Cramer is an absolute boss and the stuff he teaches should be well worth the cost.

You will also likely make your investment back very quickly, because of how the model works, if you put the work in and follow the teachings. There are a lot of people utilizing this method and strategy, and it works wonders.

Who Should Enroll?

You should enroll if:

-You want to make additional income online by selling products as an affiliate, with little effort.
-You want to be taught by the best and cut the learning curve down massively by getting step by step instructions. 
-You’re willing to learn,  put the time and effort and actually apply. The skills you’ll learn can change your life, if you’re willing to learn and implement.

Who Shouldn’t Enroll?

You should not enroll in the Overnight Sucess course, if:

-You don’t want to invest in yourself or do zero work.
-You think it’s a “get rich quick” scheme. This is not that, you can look elsewhere for those.
-You don’t have sufficient funds to advertise. Seeing as this is a paid ads course, it’ll be hard to complete, if you don’t have any money for ads.

NOTE: An ad budget of around $1000 should give you more than enough breathing room i think. You can test the waters, with that amount, and with the help of Gerry and the team, it shouldn’t take long to be profitable.

It’s all about finding a good offer that converts well for you in the beginning, and scaling up the winning ads afterwards, but you do need to have the buffer to test. 

Overnight Freedom Review 3
Gerry Cramer guest on the Dan Lok show

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can This Work If I’m A Beginner?

A: Absolutely. It’s even better if you are a beginner! You’ll almost definitely overcomplicate things for no reason, if you’re a little bit more knowledgable. Stick to the script!   

Q: Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

A: Yes. You can try the program out risk free for 30 days, as it offers a money back guarantee.

Q: Are There Any Other Guarantees?

A: There is no guarantees with anything. The only guarantee is that if you follow the teachings, you’ll see results (which you will, right?).

Q: Is Anyone Having Success With This?

A: Yep. This strategy works. Gerry Cramer has, by himself, 68 students that are making 6 figures on average, each…not to mention all the other people out there who are killing it.

Q: Where Do I Sign Up?

A: You can sign up by going over To This Page, Here

Q: Is There Anything I Can Get For Free?

A: The “Freedom Manifesto” PDF is available for download for a limited time. Check the rest of this post to see if there is still copies available!

Q: What Else Should I Know?

I forgot to mention there are also weekly cash prizes, for the span of 1 year after the program starts. This is to help motivate students to better themselves. Cash prizes and competitions are amazing to push you and are always a ton of fun.

UPDATE: Recently Gerry and Rob are said they’ll be hosting a FREE webinar where they’re going to be going over the 3-step strategy to $1k a day using their strategies.

  • Secret to scaling up to $1k per day, starting with a small budget.
  • How to double your money (or more) every single day.
  • How to manage your everything in <15 minutes per day.
  • 5 Insider Secrets to a competitive advantage.

You Can Sign Up To The Webinar Right Here

If you can’t make it to the webinar, you can still download the Freedom Manifesto Case Study Right here. Freedom Manifesto is a free case stury that reveals the summary of Overnight Freedom, in a PDF format. Make sure to grab a copy while it’s still available!.

Overnight Freedom Review 4


That is all folks, i hope that you enjoyed my Overnight Freedom review

Overnight Freedom is a really awesome, very awaited paid ads training course that is taught by millionaires who have a LOT of success students and who actually care about them. 

This means you’ll both be taught by people who:

Know what they’re doing. 
Will be there for you at all times.

You’ll be doing yourself a great favour if you decide to enroll in the program, since the skills that you’ll be able to learn are VERY valuable in the marketplace, so it’s definitely life changing stuff to learn, for sure, plus there is also the 30 day guarantee, which means you got nothing to lose. 

Whatever you do, remember to take action, go out there and do. If you don’t do anything then nothing will happen, it’s simple.

Have a good one!


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  1. David Costow says:

    Hi Pablo,
    I am Dave Costow. My sister Judy and I joined Overnight Freedom with optimism and enthusiasm. Despite listening to the videos multiple times, we are unhappy with our progress. Since we both have full time jobs teaching, but are very motivated knowing that we need the extra income that Overnight Freedom can provide, we are in search of a coach. We are willing to pay someone to guide us through the process.

    After reading your blog and thoroughly enjoying your sense of humor and humility, we are wondering if you would be our coach. We are both educators and take direction well.

    If not, we are hoping you can help us to locate someone who has had some success with Overnight Freedom and has the time and skills to provide advice and guidance. Or can you suggest a way to go about locating someone?

    We’ve made the financial investment and the personal commitment to create a very successful business and we are willing to do the work; we just need the direction. Judy and I can be reached by email at (email removed by moderator to combat possible spam). Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Peace & blessings,
    Dave Costow

    1. Hi David, hope all is well. Thanks for reaching out 😀

      I’m super bummed at the fact that you’re unhappy with the results of the program. It should pretty much never be that way, (although I have no idea what you guys tested out, tried, or if you stuck to the program and as Gerry teaches). Unfortunately I don’t do personal coaching right now either. It’s just not something I can devote any time to.

      Regarding possible people that could give you a hand: Did you not get access to the facebook group and support group on your side? I’m pretty sure you should be able to reach out to Gerry and the team from within the group! Some of their most successful students, are now the coaches that are teaching newer students how to implement the trainings, have you made sure to check?

      On the flip side of all of this, and from what I can hear, you guys are not giving up which is 100% the attitude to have. So, awesome job there!

      Another thing I would like to point out, and maybe this can help, at least a bit…

      Overnight Freedom, as you might know, really revolves around paid ads and having them be profitable. Without profitable campaigns though, it’s hard to go anywhere, (not to mention scale). The problem with that, is that without the traffic running, you’re left with nothing. And since I’m pretty sure, Gerry doesn’t do email marketing either, you’re kinda trying to build a “sand castle” and not a “house”.

      This is why i’d recommend building “houses”, when you have a chance to. And by houses, I mean mostly websites and email lists (in addition to, or incorporated into the overninght freedom strategy). Actual “solid enteties” that you own, when all is said and done.

      This way, can and will be getting traffic to your offers, regardless of whether or not the ads are running.

      This is not to say that Overnight Freedom is not good and that you should stop using the method (I’m sure you know more about facebook ads than most people by now, a huge plus for you), but adding a step such as an optin form for the offer you’re testing, or building a little website that is optimized for search around the product you want to sell, on the side, allows you to at least have a better chance.

      It’s something to keep in mind.

      What i’d do, for sure is at least add an email optin for the ads (at the very least and if you already don’t). I know that Gerry doesn’t use, but I think you might as well (specially right now), otherwise you’ll have to buy traffic “for ever”, which is no bueno. Whereas if you build a 1k email list in the health niche or whatever you’re targeting, you can expect a some free clicks, to wherever you wish. It’s a nice backup to have in case no ad ever works out (shouldn’t happen).

      As far as helping you locate someone, try reaching out to the admins of the facebook group. There MUST be someone there to lend a hand. As far as the ads go, I can’t say much, cause I don’t know if you’re targeting correctly, if you’re shutting down the ads too quickly, if you’re pixel is too fresh…there can be a million things, but the strategies do work, so hang in there.

      As long as you don’t give up, you can’t lose. Yeah? 😀

      For a more stable approach to affiliate marketing, through building websites, niche websites and getting search traffic, I can recommend savage affiliates by Frank Hatchett. The course is super duper cheap and goes over a LOT of stuff. It teaches both SEO and paid traffic for Clickbank offers, and it’s great info to have access to.

      Hope that helps, at least somewhat.


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