Helium 10 Frankenstein. Premium Keywords Processing Tool

Looking to learn more about the Helium 10 Frankenstein tool, and how you can use it for your keyword research, listing optimization and competition analysis when it comes to selling products on the Amazon platform? Well in this post, we’ll be going over just that.

We’ll be going through what the tool is, what it does and how much it costs, how to use it, and as much other relevant information that we can include, so that you don’t miss out on anything important, and are able to hit the ground running with it.

So with that said, let’s get started. 

A Brief Overview

So what is the Helium 10 Frankenstein tool?

Essentially, the Frankenstein tool is one of the listing optimization tools within the Helium 10 platform, that allows you to take thousands of popular keywords and processes them into keyword lists that can potentially make you money (AKA money keywords).

How Much Does The Helium 10 Frankenstein Cost?

When it comes to the cost of the Helium 10 Frankenstein, there are 2 options you can choose from.

  • First off, you can get the tool for free, for the first 30 days (as a trial, with your free helium 10 account) where you can try it out.

  • You can also get access to the tool, by purchasing any one of the paid Helium 10 plans, (Platinum, Diamond or Elite) which will cost you a minimum of $97/month (you can use our coupon codes here, for some discounts). 

Unfortunately, the Helium 10 Frankenstein tool, is not available for the “a la carte” payment option, as of the writing of this article.

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What Does The Helium 10 Frankenstein Do?

As far as Helium 10 tools go, this one is pretty unique… 

Using this tool, you can basically insert a huge list of keywords into the dashboard, which will give you back a whole slew of different combinations and Keyphrases, which you can in turn then filter them in a variety of ways to get rid of bulk keywords and useless variations, like single letters and words, duplicate phrases, and ASINs.

It’s great for the big-time sellers that have huge keyword lists that need to be pruned a bit.

The tool allows you to do this, through a set of different options, such as the chance to select “Remove duplicates,” “Remove common words,” and “Remove special characters,”…to name a few.

To be able to get the results that one is able to get now with the Helium 10 Frankenstein, in the past, and without it…it could take massive amounts of time. Now with this clean and user-friendly interface, it is easy to clean up huge keyword lists in a quick and easy way with the filters. 

So what do you do with the finished product? Well, once you’ve got your spotless and tidy list, you can copy it to use somewhere else, save it for later, or haul it over to another Helium 10 tool for listing optimization.

Helium 10 Frankenstein
Helium 10 Frankenstein in use

Helium 10 Frankenstein Tool Tutorial

Let’s now take a look at how one goes about using this particular tool. You will find it’s quite simple after just one or two uses. 

For starters, you will want to become familiar with other great tools by Helium 10, such as Cerebro and Magnet. These are keyword generators and offer you big results with huge amounts of words you need to manage and sort out. 

Frankenstein makes this arduous process that much easier by editing and refining those many keywords into listings that are effective and useful in driving sales.

You begin by getting a large keyword batch that is related to whatever it is you are selling. There are a few ways to get ahold of this keyword list, either with the Helium 10 tools, or without them:

  • Inside the Helium 10 platform, you can use the Cerebro tool, to round up keywords related to specific ASINs that you might be targeting.

  • You can also use the Helium 10 Magnet to do this. The difference here is that you need a set of keywords to do the search, whereas the Cerebro tool does it based on the ASIN you’ve provided.

  • Again inside the Helium 10 platform, you can even use the Helium 10 misspellinator tool, to be the basis of the Frankenstein process. 

  • Finally of course, you can also come up with this set of keywords either through any 3rd party keyword research tool, any one of the Helium 10 competitors, your own Amazon searches, or even within the free Amazon Keyword research tool inside of the Helium 10 resources (although it doesn’t offer the best results, since it’s free). All you have to do now, is upload the information onto the tool, and have it process the keywords.

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Once you’ve pasted all your keywords in from a different source or tool, you can now review filters that are available to sort out and then refine the total amount of keywords into a list that’s relevant and easy to manage. 

This is where the great checkboxes like “Remove duplicates” and other filters come into plan.

At this point, and depending on your search, if you would like to limit the number of individual words, you can check the “Remove Duplicates” box, if you want to remove common words or 1 letter words, you can do that too.

And don’t worry about losing words. Check the boxes off as you like, filtering the keywords as you want them to be filtered. If you would like to remove a filter, all you have to do is uncheck it and click “Results,” and the list will go back to the way it was. You can do this as much as you like until you get the list you are satisfied with.

Another great feature is that you can limit the frequency at which a phrase or word shows up. Simply check the box to “Include Frequency Word Count” so you can see how often a phrase or word shows up. You can also sort out the words by frequency just by clicking on the “sort” button, which is at the top right of your dashboard.

You will also notice that Magnet and Cerebro will include ASINs as part of the search results. Simply make sure that you click “Remove ASINs” so that you can get them out of the list right away.

Once this is done, it is easy to get rid of specific words.

Just go to the “Output Settings” part of the dashboard or highlight them in the “results” box and delete them the old-fashioned way. 

Lastly, Helium 10 allows you to automatically export your final list into the Scribbles too, which is free with your first 30 days of the program. Here you can write out your product list title along with bullet points. 

Frankenstein will export or save 200,000 characters. If you have a carefully created list that goes beyond this number (or beyond the 2000 word limit of Scribbles) it is advised that you download the list in CSV format instead.

And as always, there are lots of helpful videos that will make it a breeze for you to become an absolute pro with this tool right on the Helium 10 website. Check out this helpful Frankenstein video – it’s a short but well-produced video that tells you everything.

Helium 10 Frankenstein Conclusion

In closing, the Helium 10 Frankenstein tool, is one of the most powerful Amazon keyword processing tools in the market today.

It allows you to upload a set of keywords and keyphrases that you’ve gotten either from the other Helium 10 tools, or from your own searches, and it can then give you information on all of the different keywords that were in the original search, what the frequency of these keywords are (so that you know which of them is most popular and can optimize your listings accordingly), and can also allow you to filter the phrases through length (which allows you to for example, see long tail phrases that might have low competition) amongst other things… 

So whether you are brand new at Amazon or you’ve been on it for a while, just like many of the Helium 10 tools, the Frankenstein is not only a powerful tool that can save you a ton of time and give you tons of insight that you might not have known about, but it’s also an extremely helpful tool that is prone to getting you the clicks, conversions, and results you’ve been looking for.

If you want to learn more about the Helium 10 platform, make sure to check out our complete Helium 10 review article here. We take a more in-depth look at all of the features and pricing, and also briefly go over the different tools and resources that the company has available to you.

Also, if you’re already looking to get a paid Helium 10 account, you can get a massive discount with our promo codes, here or by clicking on any one of the buttons on this page.

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