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Viddyoze Review. Paramount Video Software

Howdy there and welcome to this Viddyoze review! In this review, I’ll be going over this groundbreaking video app/software called Viddyoze, to as much extent as humanly possible.

We’ll be mentioning what the app Viddyoze is, what the features are, the pricing the Pros and cons, and so on and so forth…so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not it is legit or whether or not it is worth it for you. ?

I’ve personally been granted access to the software for this occasion, from the awesome people over at Viddyoze, and it’s something that is both massively useful, as well as super high quality.

So without further ado, let’s hop into this review. 

Viddyoze 1
Viddyoze 3.0. Leading Video Template Software

What Is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze is a video creation software that allows you to build short video, animation, clips and segments for premade videos that you already own, to make them look nicer, more professional, more modern and all around just outstandingly beautiful.

It’s a video animation app that contains a library of pre-made templates which you can use for all kinds of video projects like logo stingers, intros and outros, segue ways, transparent overlays, call to actions and more. 

Intros and outros, in particular are massively important and popular now. They allow you to brand your videos a lot better, they make them look more appealing, interesting and entertaining. 

They also make transitions smoother, you can add text without having to mention it in the video, they’re easy to set up and they’re pretty much “a must” now a days…so it’s for sure something to take into consideration. 

But more on that later…

Viddyoze 2
Viddyoze 3.0 with over 100 thousands members, has become “mainstream”

Now, the Viddyoze software was initially created in 2018 by the entrepreneur’s Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside and David Chamberlain, and it was designed to increase video engagement, and boost sales and conversions, whilst also being stupidly simple to use.

And it has been a massive success

In fact, the 3.0 version has been in design for over 1 year, and now, it’s being used by over 100 thousand customers worldwide, as well as by some of the top brands around, like Tesla, Sony, Vodafone and Pepsico…to name a few. ?

Joey Xoto in particular, is very well known in the video industry, and has credited his success, mainly to being able to brand himself correctly, which Viddyoze can easily help do, which in turn is why it’s been created in the first place.

By the way, if you’re into video creation, and you’re interested in learning from the best, Joey will be bringing to the market, a complete in-depth titanic video training course, called Fade To Black, which will be available later this year. It’ll be massive and it’s something to be excited about for sure.

We’ll have a review ready on that, so that you can check out, if you wish. 

Viddyoze 3
Viddyoze 3.0 Dashboard looks increibly slick, simple and clean.

Transitioning Into The Aesthetics…The app Just Looks Great.

The dashboard looks amazing, crisp and clean without any distractions or unnecessary buttons, and it looks a lot more modern that it’s latest 2.0 version.

  • On the top left corner, you have the Viddyoze logo, which will take you back to the dashboard regardless of which page you’re on, as well as a button to upgrade to Viddyoze Agency (which we’ll be discussing later).

  • On the top right side, there is the “Learn” button to open up the Viddyoze 3.0 video tutorials (which are crazy good), a favorites tab (where you can find your favourite videos) your profile section, where you can modify settings, change payments, look at your videos, check notification or logout.

    Finally, you also have a Help tab, where you can send an email to support if you have any problems, and there is also a “questions answered” section too. ?

Viddyoze 4
Search and filter funcion in the center, upgrades, home, settings and options on the top.

In the middle section, is where the magic happens.

Since Viddyoze, is a library of video templates, all you have to do to find a template that you’re interested in using…is search. 

You can find a video template by filtering through name, category, length, best rated, newest and so on. Heck you even have the “at Random” option there for you, if you wish. There is also a filter to make available and unavailable the Viddyoze Template Club animations.

As for the types of templates, Viddyoze 3.0 offers you 11 different categories you can choose from. Anything from intros, outros, overlays, backgrounds, social and more.

Viddyoze 5
The different categories available within the Viddyoze dashboard.

From then on out, to browse through the templates, all you need to do is scroll down.

To see a preview of the templates, all you have to do, is hover over them with the mouse. You can choose to add them to your favourites by clicking on the heart symbol.

This will add them automatically save them to a folder, so that they don’t get lost.

You can also listen to the animation music, by hovering over each animation and clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom left of the template. Finally, you can start editing the chosen template, by clicking on the blue “Customize” button on the bottom right .

Super simple stuff. ?

Viddyoze 6
Viddyoze 3.0 Animation Templates.

How To Use Viddyoze 

So by now you’re probably aware that Viddyoze is a video creating cloud app…but how do you actually use it? Well there are a few different ways to use the Viddyoze 3.0 software.

1) The first obviously being, using it to create your own clips and animations that you can add to your videos. This is the standard, more common use of the app, and we’ll be going through the steps shortly.

2) A second great way to use it, is simply to resell Viddyoze animation clips through sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Yup, that’s right. Viddyoze gives you commercial resellers licence for the animations, which means that if you’re a freelancer, you can now resell the services, elsewhere.

If you were to go to these marketplaces to look for a similar gig, it’ll probably cost you around $150 for just one video. So essentially you could go out and sell the service of creating videos, for around the same price (or a bit cheaper) without any issues. It’s a great use of the app, for sure.

Viddyoze 7
Freelancers on sites like Fiverr or Upwork, can charge hundreds of dollars for 1 single animation.

Creating A Video With Viddyoze

Most of us, won’t be selling the service on the different marketplaces, but will for sure be creating videos for our own. 

How do we go about doing that? ?

Well, the Viddyoze 3.0 app, is stupidly simple to use. I was actually pretty worried that i had missed something when using it myself, as it quite literally takes 3 steps to create the videos.

  1. Choose your animation from the library of studio-quality templates.

  2. Now, customize your animation with whatever logo, text and color, to match your brand.

  3. Download the animation to your computer. Upload it to your own video editing software, and go form there.

That’s it!


Let’s Put Viddyoze 3.0 Into Action…

Let’s say we wanted to create our own video with Viddyoze. An intro segment, for example.

I’m looking for a very short Youtube intro video that i can use. Something under 5 seconds, that also looks cool. Basically, something very simple. To test. ?

So first, we’d go over to the dashboard, and look for the into category “intro”.

Next, we select the filter to include only the templates that are 5-10 seconds long. I already know the one i’m looking for, so i’ll simply write “Nebula Loop” in the search box, like so:

Viddyoze 8

The Nebula Loop template is exactly what i’m looking for. It’s short and “dramatic”. 

Next, we’ll want to click on the “customize” button, to start modifying the text, the colors and more.

After clicking on the button, i’m taken over to the following page, to actually begin customizing the template. In this particular template, i can and modigy the text and colors.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review

Since I want to create a video for my channel, I’ll just write the channel name, which is also my website name Bazaar Of Marketing there and click “next step”.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 2

On this section, I simply added a tone of red and yellow. I wanted something very bright and thought red would look pretty nice, even though the original color was also fine. It’s totally up to you. ?

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 3

After this point, I could select to download the video with or without the included audio. The audio was pretty nice, so I decided to keep it. I don’t have the Viddyoze 3.0 Agency version, so I can’t add the watermark.

After the app finished rendering, I downloaded the clip, and this is what it looks like after I uploaded it to Youtube:

As you can see, it’s very simple, and straighforward. ?

I should probably add the logo to the video, instead of the text, but i think it’s fine for demonstration purposes.

What i noticed here of course, was that ther was no way for me to see an actual LIVE preview of the video, before having to download it. 

This means that if you’re somewhat of a perfectionist, like myself, you’ll probably want to change something in the video…but to do that, you have to go back, make a change, and then download a new video, which can be kinda annoying.

All in all, the animation looked nice for being my first try. ?

Viddyoze Pricing

Okay so how much is the price for Viddyoze? How much does Viddyoze cost and what are the Viddyoze pricing plans?

Currently, there are 2 different pricing plans for the Viddyoze software: The personal license, and the commercial license.

Let’s look at the differences between them.  

Viddyoze Personal License

The Viddyoze personal lifetime license is available as of right now, at a one-time price of $77. And this price is absurdly cheap to be honest, and if you think about it.

If you consider the fact that a freelancer at Upwork of Fiverr, can charge upwards of $150 for a SINGLE video animation (which can take days to get right if at all) then the price for the lifetime version of Viddyoze 3.0, is a steal. 

The Viddyoze personal license allows for:

✅ Access to the world’s #1 automated video automation software plus all the features.
✅ Live action video engine.
✅ Up to 30 renders per month.
✅ Unlimited usage rights on personal videos.
170 Pro templates.
✅ FREE lifetime updates and support.
✅ 60 Day money back guarantee.
✅ Access to the FaceBook group with +33K members.

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Viddyoze Commercial License

The Viddyoze commercial lifetime license, is priced at a one time price of $97, and it’ll be giving you some of the same features as the Viddyoze personal license gives you access to, which are:

✅ Access to the world’s #1 automated video automation software plus all the features.
✅ Live action video engine.
✅ Unlimited usage rights on personal videos.
170 Pro templates.
✅ FREE lifetime updates and support.
✅ 60 Day money back guarantee.
✅ Access to the FaceBook group with +33K members.

But also, for the very (very) negligible price difference, of an additional $20…you’ll also be getting access to:

✅ Unlimited renders each and every month (Uncapped).
✅ Unlimited usage rights on client videos.
BONUS 1:The “reverse sales method” course, to easily sell your video animations to local businesses to go from 0 to 10k per month, without hardselling.
BONUS 2: The Youtube Profits Elevator course on how to go from 0 subs to a powerful influencer asap, Youtube video and channel optimization techniques, and more.

Personally, I think it’s pretty much always 100% worth it to, for an additional $20, get the peace of mind of knowing you’ll not be capped at the amount of renders you’re allowed do to each month (in case you end up having clients, for example) and also getting 2 complete free bonuses courses, on top of it.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 4

Viddyoze Upsell/Upgrades

As of right now, the Viddyoze app has  2 main upsells or upgrades available to its users.

Both of these are monthly subscription plans, which gives more features that the lifetime plan does, but are NOT needed to have a perfectly functioning video software, which is obviously great.

These two upgrades are the Viddyoze Template Club, and the Viddyoze Agency license.

Viddyoze Template Club

Viddyoze Template Club is a monthly subscription service and upgrade to the app, which will enhance the Viddyoze 3.0 experience for you.

Here are some of the features you can get access to by becoming a member:

✅ Viddyoze Template Club members get access to a full collection of premium templates. There are over 700 exclusive templates available, and you can use the whole collection (dating back all the way to 2015) for as long as you are a member. Pretty neat! ?

✅ As a template club member, you also get access to 15 new templates per month every month, keeping your videos fresh and up to date. This way, your videos will always be on the “cutting edge” as they say.

✅ Finally, with the template club membership upgrade, you also get access to unlimited renders.

This means, there are no restrictions when it comes to the amount of renders you can run, for any of the premium templates. Regardless of the amount of animations that you need, whether it be 1 or 100, the template club membership allows for no caps. (The standard plan allows for only 30 renders per month).

The price for this membership upgrade, is $37/month, with a 30 day money back guarantee, in case you’re unhappy with it.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 5
Viddyoze Template Club. Premium templates

Viddyoze Agency

Viddyoze Agency is the more advanced, more professional version of Viddyoze, and is only for those who are really serious about animation video creation.

So much so that I’d almost not consider Viddyoze Agency to be an upgrade at all.

This is because Viddyoze Agency will give you access to unlimited renders, just like the Viddyoze commercial license gives you access to, from the getgo (albeit while also giving you access to a bunch of other features which I’ll be mentioning).

So do keep that in mind…

With that said. Viddyoze Agency, is their top plan, and doesn’t get any better than that. It’s designed for businesses or agencies who are happy to invest, so it’s not necessarily for everyone.

As a standard Viddyoze user, some actions inside the app, might prompt you to upgrade to the Viddyoze Agency license. 

With just the standard plan, as you know, you:

? Can’t render multiple videos at once
? You’re capped at 30 per month,
? You can’t edit or change the animations

Amongst other things…

To be able to unlock these features, this is where the Viddyoze Agency license comes into play.

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This premium upgrade gives you access to:

✅ More Templates To Choose From.

This is their entire stock of templates, completely at your disposal. 

✅ Multiple Rendering.

As you know, as standard Viddyoze software user, you only get the capacity to render 1 video or animation at a time. With the agency version, you can render multiple videos at the same time (up to 10) which is a huge time saver since the renders do take a few minutes to complete. 

Uncapped Renderings.

Standard Viddyoze members, get 30 renders per month, which is okay… however it’s not enough if you are a video agency or want to have multiple clients or if you want to sell the service “en masse” on Fiverr or Upwork.

Viddyoze Agency, allows you to render more. If you need 200 renders per month, you can, if you need more than that, that is no problem either. You can render as many as you want

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 6

So at this point…Viddyoze Agency, is kind of the same as the Viddyoze commercial lifetime license, right? Uncapped renders and unlimited simultaneous renders. But what else is there?

✅ One Click Watermark.

Want to protect your videos? With the Agency version of Viddyoze 3.0, you can add your logo as a watermark to the animation, to protect your animations with one simple click.

Teams And Sub-Accounts.

Viddyoze 3.0 Agency, allows you to create your own teams inside of the platform, for maximum video output. Multiple users can now log-in and multiple projects can now run at the same time. 

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 7
Viddyoze Agcency features. Remember that if you already have the template club, ou’ll be deducted the expenses for that offer on the Viddyoze Agency pricing.

Custom Animations.

If you want a SPECIFIC animation, a specific font or music… you get access to the Bespoke Animation Service, which, for a small fee, will create custom animations from scratch for you.

✅ Plus MORE Features…

Additionally, upgrading to Viddyoze Agency gives you access to the 10x Agency course by Viddyoze, which gives you over 22 hours of insider marketing advice, 10 resellers license for the Viddyoze platform, access to Viddyoze club (if you already don’t have it), and more.

The cost of Viddyoze Agency is $260/month. And there is also a 14 day Money back guarantee, in case you’re unhappy with the service.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 8
VIddyoze Agency

Viddyoze 3.0 Pros and Cons

Having gotten a Viddyoze 3.0 Template Club membership access and having gone through the app, i’ve obviously gathered my little list of pros and cons, which i’ll be mentioning here.

Do note, that these opinions are my own, and opinions are very subjective, and depends on the person. So take it with a grain of salt.


✅ Very simple to use and super low learning curve
✅ Dashboard looks great, it’s easily navigational
✅ 100% Cloud base app, so no download is needed.
✅ It’s very affordable, and for most people the subscriptions (upgrades) won’t be necessary.


? The video rendering is a wee bit slow, even though it’s a lot faster than it used to be.
? There is no way to see the final product, BEFORE download, so if you’re unhappy with the rendered results, you have to go back, change, and re-render the video.
? If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or if the server is a bit overhauled…you’ll have a bad time.
? Filtering the videos, felt clunky. Sometimes the search query wouldn’t load or the filter would display nothing at all, which was fairly annoying…

 All in all, Viddyoze is an incredibly simple, very quick and pretty cheap solution to a huge problem that personally, i have no idea how i would fix. Hiring an animator? Learning how to animate? Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Viddyoze 3.0 Review 9

Viddyoze FAQs

In this section, we’ll go over some of the frequently asked questions regarding the software platform, as noted by doing a quick Google search. I’ll try to cover as much as I can.

Q: Is There A Viddyoze Trial?

A: Unfortunately, there is no trial for the software available at the moment.

Q: Can I Add My Own Audio To Viddyoze?

A: As of right now, and as a standard user there is no way to add your own audio to the Viddyoze clips.

Some of the templates come with their own audio, which you can then remove or override within your own video editing software. 

The only way that you would be able to add your own audios to the clips, would be by requesting a custom template with custom audio, from within the Viddyoze Agency and through the Bespoke Animation service.

Q: Is Viddyoze Good?

A: Well yes. With over 100 thousand customers worldwide, and new customers joining the software every day…there is no way this could happen without it being any good.

Remember, in the software industry, the “bad weeds” don’t last very long, and Viddyoze has been around for a pretty long time (for a video software program, which appear to be getting created by the day) so I’d say that it fits into the “good software” group.  

Q: Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

A: Yep. You can try out Viddyoze 3.0 for 30 days without risk. If you’re in the bottom percentage of people who for some reason don’t like the Viddyoze software, all you have to do is send an email to their support and request a refund. No questions asked.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee on the Viddyoze Template club, and a 14 day money back guarantee for the Viddyoze Agency license, too. So you’re covered. ? 

Q: Can You Upload Your Own Videos To Viddyoze?

A: No. Unfortunately, you can’t.

Viddyoze is an animation building software and app, that creates short clips that you can then download and use on your own video editing software. Not the other way around. You need to have your own video editing software to add the clips onto.

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Q: How Much Is Template Club Subscription For Viddyoze 3.0?

A: The Viddyoze Template Club costs $37/month, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case you don’t like it.

Q: How Do I Join The Viddyoze Template Club?

A: To join the Template Club, you can head over to the Viddyoze club page, here

Q: Is There Any Viddyoze Discount, Coupon Code Or Promo Code?

A: Not that I’m aware of. Their lifetime license for $77, has been discounted from the regular commercial cost of $127, however, and is the closet thing to a discount, coupon code or promo code that I could find.

Q: What Is The Viddyoze $297 Offer?

A: The $297/month offer is the former pricing for the Viddyoze Agency product. That is no longer the pricing point for the offer, instead, it’s currently $260/month.

Q: How To Cancel My Viddyoze 3.0 Account?

A: If you need to cancel your account, simply reach out to support, from within the app or through email, and they’ll be more than happy to help. You can also reach out to them through the FaceBook group, if need be.

Q: What Is The Best Viddyoze Alternative?

A: Doing a quick Google search, we could see that some of the alternatives to Viddyoze out there are: VideomakerFx, Doodly and Reevio. Note that Doodly is more for creating complete animated videos. Reevio is the one with the most similarity, of the three.

Q: Is There a Viddyoze lifetime deal?

A: Yep. The Viddyoze 3.0 lifetime deal is currently worth $77 one time, which provides you with 30 renders per month. For more flexibility, you’d want to check either of the upgrades.

Q: Are There Any Tutorials?

A: Yup. There is a whole section within the dashboard, by clicking on the “Learn” button, as well as under your profile button. The training is a bit more advanced, and doesn’t go into using the platform itself. But that’s because the platform is not hard to use at all, so don’t worry.

Q: Where Can I Buy Viddyoze?

A: To buy Viddyoze 3.0, you can head over to This Site Here


Well there you have it everyone, that would be the end of my Viddyoze review.

Viddyoze 3.0 is a great solution for anyone wanting to get into video, or any agency looking to sell video services. It can really help a lot in making your videos stand out, which will keep you at the forefront of video marketing, so as not to be left behind.

It’s being used by over 100k users, so if you’re gonna get anything, it might as well be this. ?

Whether you want to make videos for yourself or whether you want to sell the Viddyoze animation templates to your clients, it’s a great, high quality, ever-expanding, evergreen and very valuable product that you can turn to. 

We live in a “time between times”, and right now video accounts for more than 70% of all the consumed content on the web. So if you’re not on video by now…you’re walking on a thin line. 

Personally, I can’t stand making videos of myself, but I don’t want to be the next BlockBuster either!  So it’s best just to adapt, go with the flow, and make use of something as practical and simple as this.

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