Builderall Cost. How Much Does The Platform Go For?

How much does Builderall cost? In this article, we’ll be discussing the different costs for the platform, the different plans, what they include and even how you can get access to the platform for FREE.

Let’s check it out. ?

So if you’re unaware of the Builderall platform, it’s essentially an all in one marketing platform, that was created in 2011 by the brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado, and that has been a force to be reckoned with ever since it’s launch in the North American marketplace, in late 2017.

We’ve gone more in detail regarding the platform, on our other post, but essentially, it’s a platform that allows you to build funnels, websites, videos, membership areas, email automated workflows, webinars, ecom sites, digital products, mobile apps…and a whole array of other things. 

As per the Builderall cost, well…it’s been changing a lot, (exactly the same as the platform has), but the latest pricing plan structure, is as follows:

The Free Plan

This plan, gives you the ability to create websites, with the use of the Builderall exclusive page and funnel builder (The Cheetah builder) on a Builderall subdomain. This means that your URL’s are not brandable, and their destinations, have a structure that is the following: “”.

You’ll also NOT have access to a secure sockets label (SSL certificate) on the pages, which can make it hard for certain users of different countries, to actually enter your sites.

Also, note that this free account, does NOT give you chat support, only ticket support.

Other features of this plan, include:

Unlimited subdomains, unlimited membership area and unlimited visitors! 
✅ The Builderall blogging app
Checkout features. Upsells, crossells, downsells and affiliate checkouts.
✅ Funnel and website share features (really cool).
A/B testers, timers and smart popups.

As you can see, this plan does have some very cool features, although it’s not very brandable and not a very good idea “long term”. Still, for being free, it’s nothing to scoff at. ?

Builderall Cost

The Builder Plan $19.90/month

The Builder plan, is priced at $19.90 per month, and includes all the features from the free plan, plus some additional ones, which are as follows:

✅ Email Marketing platform. With Up to 100 leads capacity (MailingBoss).
✅ Up to 3 Custom Domains.
✅ Secure certificate for websites (SSL).
Email automation, (timers and flows)
✅ High speed CDN servers and Website Backup.
✅ DDOS Attack prevention.

This plan is certainly more functional than the free plan, since it allows for integration of your own domains (that you own), adds the SSL certificate and also integrates email marketing through their own autoresponder MailingBoss.

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Unfortunately, 100 leads, is probably not enough to do much email marketing with, but it’s still enough to get a feel for the platform.

This plan also comes with chat support in addition to the ticket support, and so does every other plan moving forward.

The Marketer Plan $29.90/month

The marketer plan, has the same features as the plans before, with the addition of the following:

✅ Email Marketing platform. Up to 5000 leads capacity (MailingBoss).
✅ Up to 5 Custom Domains.
✅ Integrated Customer Relationship Management CRM.
✅ Builderall Telegram Automation Tool.
SMS marketing app

This plan is probably the one that will be most popular, because a storage of 5000 email subscribers at $29.90/month is a bargain and it makes the Builderall cost for the autoresponder service, worthwhile.

Personally, i don’t think that the additional tools offer too much additional value to the plan, as they don’t seem to bring much more to the table (personally, that’s just what i think), however, it’s obviously good to have extra features. ?

Builderall Cost 2

The Essential Plan $49.90/month

The Essential plan, will have the added features of the plans before it, and in addition to this, it will also have the following:

✅ Email Marketing platform. Up to 15000 leads capacity (MailingBoss).
✅ Up to 10 Custom Domains.
✅ Professional Website Bot.
✅ Facebook Messenger ChatBot.
✅ 3 Click WordPress Integration.

The 3 click WordPress integration plugin feature is pretty interesting to have, but unless your email subscriber count exceeds 5k, i wouldn’t recommend this plan over the Marketer plan simply because you can actually probably find website bots and messenger chatbots (Manychat?) that are an already good alternative.

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The Premium Plan $69.90/month

The final plan is the Premium plan, which includes the previous plan features, with some minor additional ones:

Unlimited autoresponder leads.
✅ Up to 15 Custom Domains.
✅ Builderall custom Webinar Builder
Virgual Assistant Access
✅ Builderall E-learning platform tool
✅ Youtube and Facebook Live streamer
Directory + Magazine Builder

The most out standing feature of this plan, is the unlimited capacity for leads, which is not for everyone anyways. It’s a great option, however, for more established businesses that can maybe save on monthly webinar costs and have virtual assistants.

Evidently it’s a plan that will not be very common, since it’s for experienced marketers and enterprises, but once again…if you’ve got over 15k email subscribers, this plan becomes worth it for the email autoresponder alone, essentially mitigating the Builderall cost.

The Builderall 14 Day Free Trial

Finally, Builderall very recently announced the extension of their trial, from the classic 7 days, that had been established years ago and was considered to pretty much be “set in stone” to a very relaxing 14 days.

The Builderall 14 day free trial, gives you access to all the tools and features, as if you had access to the premium version of the platform, so that you have the time to test everything out and see if the platform fits your needs or not, and if it performs as expected.

To grab a 14 day free trial, you can head over to This Site Here ? or click on any one of the buttons of this page. 

The trial requires no credit card, and you can upgrade from within the dashboard any time (to whichever plan you choose), if you wish to keep using the platform.

Happy building! ?

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